The Next LEGO Game Title Is….

With the final price of LEGO Star Wars DLC just released, LEGO Harry Potter Collection out and LEGO Dimensions continuing it schedule of waved releases, the next big LEGO title is still unknown. But there’s definitely one due in 2017 as it’s been indirectly revealed by SAG-AFTRA aka the union who represent video game voice actors. A number of titles have been outed with many of them having code names, the most interesting title being LEGO Zeus. The list of 4 new titles from WB Games includes:

  • Kraken (WB GAMES INC.)
  • Lego Zeus (WB GAMES INC.)
  • Metallica (WB GAMES INC.)
  • Sabbath (WB GAMES INC.)

Before getting too excited each of WB Games have a Greek/rock metal band vibe to their code names so doesn’t really give an indication as to what the next LEGO Game will be, but they are all new titles currently in production. Earlier this year we popped on our thinking caps and pondered would the next LEGO Games could be (or secretly wish were) you can check that out here.

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