The Best Lego Pajamas For Your Kids – 2020

The only thing better than feeling comfortable and cozy is feeling that way in some Lego pajamas! The best Lego pajamas are the ones that make your kids feel connected to the movie, game, or Lego characters they love the most! Here is a list of pajamas that will make your kids feel cozy and ready for bed or Sunday morning Lego builds!


LEGO Boy’s Ninjago 2-pc Pajama Short Set

This Ninjago pajama set is top-rated by builders’ size four to 12. They are machine washable and pull on for a snug fit. The top has short sleeves and features Lego ninjas ready to battle Lord Gramadon! These pajamas go great with a Ninjago Lego set as a gift.

100% polyester pajamas.
Officially licensed sleepwear.
Easy for young children to dress themselves.
Bright colors and characters!

They are great for summertime. You will need a warmer set for the winter months.
The shorts may be a little long on some kids.




LEGO Ninjago Boys Pajama Set, 4 Piece PJ Set with Glow in the Dark

The only thing kids like better than Lego pajamas are Lego pajamas that glow in the dark! This is two sets of long sleeve pajamas. They are sized starting at four up to size 10. The pajamas are cotton and comfortable for winter, spring, and fall. The glow in the dark prints are great to get kids in bed early! There is nothing like watching your pajamas glow all night long. One set has print all over it, and the other set is primarily blue with Ninjago characters on the shirt. The characters are set and ready for battle!

Two sets for a low price.
Glow in the dark pajamas!
Cuffs at the angles and end of the sleeves to keep them in place all night.
You can machine wash these pajamas.

While attractive, users recommend buying a size larger.



LEGO Ninjago Boys Coat Pajama Set

This Lego Ninjago pajama set is great for kids learning to button clothing. The set features pull-on pants and a button top that looks like a button-up jacket. The pants have Ninjago characters and print while the top has the same print with larger characters on the front. These pajamas are sized for children size four to 10. They are good pajamas for year-round wear and comfortable enough to wear for pajama day at school or a late evening movie on the weekend.

These pajamas are made from 100% polyester.
This set of Lego Ninjago pajamas is stylish and soft.
Pajamas that are fun to wear any time!
The pajamas feature Kai, Jay, and Lloyd!

They may be sized small. Be sure to check the size chart!




LEGO Boys’ Little Star Wars 4-pc Pajama

Lego Star Wars is very popular among Lego builders of any age. These Lego pajamas are a great set to go with a Lego movie and some evening family time with Legos! There are cuffed long sleeve shirts and pants. There are two sets of Lego Star Wars pajamas. One set has Lego Star Wars characters in small print while the other is blue, yellow, and grey with Lego Darth Vader on the front of the shirt. This is a great set of pajamas for a kid that is growing up in a house that loves Lego and Star Wars! The pajamas are for sizes four to 10.

Glow in the dark prints on the pajamas.
Bright colors!
The designs aren’t too busy, and they look fun to wear!

Check the size charts prior to making your choice!




LEGO Boys Blanket Sleeper Good Cop

These footed Lego pajamas are cozy and great for sleepovers! They zip up and are one piece. The sizes offered in these pajamas are from size four to size 12. They are 100% polyester and you can machine wash them. The pajamas have characters from the Lego Movie on them. The cop characters start at the chest of the pajamas and go down to the ankles. These characters have fun expressions and are sure to get a laugh out of anyone that sees them on these pajamas. The back and sleeves of the pajamas are red. These pajamas are easy for kids to get into while they are tired.

Colorful design.
Big Characters.
Sized for big kids too!

The pajamas are one piece so fitting into them perfectly in the legs and feet may be hard.




LEGO Batman Big Girl’s Batgirl Nightgown

Lego Batgirl is featured on this nightgown for kids sized four to 12. The nightgown has flutter sleeves with a layer of blue and a sparkly yellow top layer. The back of the nightgown is baby blue while the front is multi-colored with Lego Batgirl. This sleep dress features stars and at the bottom the word “POW!” What a great idea for a kid that dreams of superheroes! The nightgown is comfortable and made of 100% polyester material. Batgirl is fierce and she shows it on these lovely pajamas.

Vibrant pastel colors are featured on these pajamas.
Cap sleeves make the pajamas look like a cute sleep dress.
A nice nightgown for hot summer months.

These pajamas are probably not warm enough for the really cold winter months.



Lego Ninjago Boys Fleece Hooded Union Suit Pajamas

These Lego Ninjago pajamas are great for sleeping and costume play! The hood is oversized and pulls down with Kai’s face. Kids sizes four to 12 can pretend that they are getting ready for battle in full sleeper pajamas. These pajamas are great for winter and even to slip on during chilly storms. They are a great conversation starter at sleepovers, and everyone will smile when your child walks into the room wearing these.

These pajamas double as a costume!
Micro-fleece for warmth.
One-piece design
Knit cuffs on the sleeves and pants make them easier to stay put while resting.

These pajamas are not footed. This does give them room to stretch and grow a little!




LEGO Big Batman Boys’ Onesie Pajamas

The Lego Batman pajamas come as a one-piece. They are not footed so there is room to grow. Choose between two styles. One style has a Lego Batman on a grey printed background while the other style looks like a Batman costume! Let your child choose which one is the best in sizes 4 to 12. If your kid is a Batman and Lego fan, these are the perfect pajamas for fun and then a good night’s rest. These one-piece pajamas are made of 100% polyester and are licensed Lego sleepwear.

These pajamas are great for little kids who want to be Batman!
Good pajamas for sleepovers!
Chilly nights are a great time to wear this onesie!

The hood is a not a mask. It is a hood that pulls down to cover the face and look like Batman.




LEGO Batman Big Girl’s Batgirl 2 Pc PJ Short and Sheer Sleeve Top

This Lego pajama set has short sleeves and shorts with ruffles at the legs. They are pull-on for easy dressing and are 100% polyester. The shirt features slightly ruffled cap sleeves with sparkles! The sleeves and back of the pajama shirt are purple. The front of the shirt has a baby blue background and features Lego Batman and other superheroes from the Lego Batman movie. The shorts have a blue background and bats in purple, yellow, or pink. The shorts also feature stars! This pajama set is great for summertime and comes in sizes four to 12.

Cute and light style.
Great for the summer months!
Quality polyester fabric.

Not sufficient for cold months.



LEGO Boys Ninjago Ninja Eyes 2-Piece Pajama Set-Long sleeve – Pants

Kids will enjoy this versatile pajama set! It features a long sleeve t-shirt and pants. The color theme is red, green, orange, black, and grey. The Ninjago characters are featured on an orange background on the pants. The characters are also featured larger on the shirt with a two-tone grey background. One side of the shirt has Ninjago printed down the side of it. The shorts are solid black. This is a great set for warm weather and seasons that change. These pajamas are easy for children to pull on.

Sizes 4-12.
2-piece set
100% polyester
Machine washable
Soft and comfortable!

Follow the instructions on the tags so the material doesn’t fade!


These Lego pajamas are great for kids to enjoy during a lazy day of building with Legos or a comfortable sleepover. Many of the pajamas are from movies and characters in the Lego sets kids may have at home. Kids love getting gifts they can relate to!

Lego pajamas are a great gift because it is more exciting than receiving standard clothing. Kids love playing with Lego toys and seeing the characters they enjoy on sleep clothes is always fun! Many of these best Lego pajamas are the top picks among young builders everywhere!

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