Best Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO Sets – 2022

Pirates of the Caribbean wowed Disney fans for decades as a popular amusement park ride before becoming a hit film series. Released in 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl made more than $650 million at the box office and introduced the world to the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp. Four other films came out between 2006 and 2017, all featuring some of the same characters. So many people associate Johnny Depp with Sparrow that he now dresses up as the captain and visits hospitals to chat with children.

Whether you’re a fan of the film or the ride, you’ll love some of the LEGO sets that are now available. You can choose from sets that let you build Sparrow’s ship and recreate his adventures on the high seas and sets that mimic some of the popular scenes from the film series. Most of these sets come with minifigs of classic characters that include Will Turner and Jack Sparrow as well as bricks that function as accessories for those characters to hold and use. As you shop for the best Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets, you should look at the number of included parts and what ages can build those sets.



Best Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO Sets January, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
Silent Mary Ship Kit
Hinged bow section

Opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing

Movable rudder, three masts including a collapsible main mast
2294 Pieces
LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle
Brick-built cork and wax seal

Ship with a captain’s quarters, cannons,mast, crow’s nest,

Sails, flag, display stand with a nameplate and ‘compass’
953 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Mill
Includes Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Admiral Orrington and Hadras

Mill features detachable wheel and tower with bell rope

Palm tree and Dead Man's Chest also included
365 Pieces
LEGO Jack Sparrow Custom Pirate Minifigure
Jack Sparrow Minifigure set parts are 100% Lego Parts

Custom made figure from ThemToys

The Jack Sparrow Minifigure set arrives unassembled
42 Pieces
LEGO Pirates Soldiers Outpost
Features an outpost, pirate's raft and a giant octopus

Outpost features a flag, lantern, plants, spring-loaded cannon

Weapons include a musket and a cutlass
164 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Whitecap Bay
Jack Sparrow, Philip, Scrum, Pirate, Syrena and 1 extra mermaid minifigure

Lighthouse and boathouse feature net-shooting cannon

2 rowboats with oars, 3 anchors and various weapons
746 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides The London Escape
Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs, horse coach driver

King George’s soldiers minifigures

2 wagons with horses and various weapons
463 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain of Youth
Features Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard

Barbossa with wooden leg minifigures

Set features Fountain of Youth with skeleton figure and waterfall

Reach the spring and receive the gift of eternal life
128 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne's Revenge
Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, Angelica, quartermaster, chef

2 pirate minifigures

Ship features large sails, fire, lanterns and bone detailing, cannons
1097 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Captains Cabin
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 4191

The Captain's Cabin

94 Pieces
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl
6 minifigures

2 feet long and more than 20-inches tall

Minifigs include Bootstrap Bill and Davy Jones
804 Pieces



The Ultimate Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO Set – Silent Mary Ship Kit

As far as I’m concerned, this is the very best when it comes to Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO sets. The Silent Mary ship kit is for the more experienced LEGO builders ( aged 14+ ) and contains 2000 pieces.





The Best Of The Rest – Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO sets.


LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

The Ideas line from LEGO includes sets designed for older kids and adults who can handle the small included bricks and pieces. Though this set is not from the Pirates of the Caribbean line, it does let you build a decorative item that mimics something you might see in Captain Jack Sparrow’s cabin. Though building a traditional ship in a bottle can easily take weeks of hard work, you can put this LEGO version together in a fraction of the time. It comes with large clear pieces that you snap together to form the bottle around the ship.

Before you get to the bottle though, you can work with the smaller bricks to create a ship. LEGO includes tiny parts that make the decorative parts of that ship too, including cannons on the outside and a crow’s nest that rises high above the ship’s deck. Measuring three-inches tall by 12-inches wide by three-inch deep, this ship in a bottle might become a focal point in your office. It even comes with LEGO bricks that make a display stand that looks like wood for the bottle. A small plaque sits on the front and displays the name of the ship.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Mill

One of the classic scenes from the film franchise features Captain Jack and Will Turner racing away from the mill on a runaway wheel. This LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set comes with everything you need to build that scene in your home. If you have any problems putting the set together, you can turn to the instructional booklet. That booklet also includes tips that might inspire you to put the bricks together in new ways or to use this set with others from the Pirate’s line. There is also a poster inside that you can put together with other posters from this line.

Designed to help you work with your characters to get the Dead Man’s Chest from the film, it comes with a chest made from LEGO bricks. Some of the other accessories include cups and weapons that fit in the hands of the minifigs. LEGO includes both minifigs of Will and Jack as well as Hadaras and the Admiral. Each minifig comes with accessories that fit on their bodies. You also get the bricks that make up the mill and the wheel, which detaches from the mill.




LEGO Jack Sparrow Custom Pirate Minifigure

Custom minifigs make great gift ideas for LEGO fans. Though the products use LEGO bricks and licensed products, they include designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and especially those who like Captain Jack Sparrow will like this set. The main focus is the Jack Sparrow minifig. When you compare this to the minifigs that come in the licensed sets, you’ll notice that it’s a little different. This one recreates the look that he has later in the films. He comes clad in a white shirt that is open at the chest with a scarf painted over the top. Captain Sparrow also carries a large sword in one hand and has a classic scarf wrapped around his head.

To help the captain live out all of his adventures, the set also includes a small chest filled with pirate’s treasure. Gems and gold pieces practically fall out of the chest. You also get a ship’s wheel that you can place in front of the minifig and an anchor that you can set to one side. The maker of this custom set includes a treasure map, table and other accessories made from LEGO bricks too.




LEGO Pirates Soldiers Outpost

No matter how much you love the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets, there are only so many things that you can do with those sets. When you’re ready to expand your horizons and release your creative side, you might invest in the Soldiers Outpost set, which is part of the Pirates line of products from LEGO. Suitable for kids as young as five, this set can get older children up through the age of 12 excited about building designs with LEGO bricks. It includes 164 bricks and minifigs for hours of fun.

LEGO gives you everything needed to build the type of outpost that pirates would use to stay safe and keep an eye on their enemies. In addition to the bricks that make up the outpost, you get bricks and parts to create a cannon to set on top of the outpost and flags, plants and lanterns. The cannon has a spring-loaded design that lets you fireballs at attacking enemies. You get materials to build a pirate raft that can hold a pirate minifig and some other accessories too. LEGO also gives you a ship in a bottle, fish and weapons for the minifigs.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Whitecap Bay

Captain Jack Sparrow is just one of the minifigs included in this Whitecap Bay set from LEGO. You also get two mermaid minifigs that come complete with weapons for attacking him and other figs that feature classic characters such as Philip and Scrum. With 746 pieces, this isn’t a set for the faint of heart. The pieces are on the large side, which makes them easy for kids in the seven to 14 range to handle. While younger kids may need some help putting everything together, older kids and adults shouldn’t have any problems. You can view the finished design both on the box and in the instructional booklet.

This is a good set for creative thinkers because so many of the parts work. Both the lighthouse and the boathouse included cannons that shoot out nets when you press a button. The lighthouse has a small light that you can turn on with the press of a button to search the bay. It also features a section that breaks away to mimic a scene from the movie. Some of the included accessories you can use to decorate the bay include weapons, barrels, rowboats and anchors.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides The London Escape

One of the most thrilling moments from the sequel On Stranger Tides is when escapes through the crowded city streets of London. This set takes all of that action and shrinks it into a small set that can fit in any home. Not only do you get minifigs that depict Captain Jack and Gibbs, but you also get two minifigs of the soldiers who chase them and a third fig that drives the coach. Also included are two adorable horses made in the LEGO style that pull those coaches along.

Though you can have loads of fun with the carts that attach to those horses, you’ll have even more fun with the included weapons. LEGO gives you enough weapons to equip each one of the minifigs and still have a few leftover. Each of the coaches has plenty of space inside for at least one minifig and room on the outside for a driver. You also get many parts that create the building that the captain escapes from and the landscape around that building. With more than 460 parts included in the box, this is a nice option for Pirates of the Caribbean fans.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain of Youth

No matter how old you are, this Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO set can make you feel like a child again as you venture into the Fountain of Youth. Designed to work with other sets from the On Stranger Tides line, it comes with 128 pieces of varying sizes. Though LEGO recommends the set for kids between the ages of six and 12, some younger children may have problems following the instructions or deciding how to put the parts together. It’s helpful to have an adult nearby for any necessary help.

As you put this set together, you can remember all the fun and excitement of the scene where Captain Jack locates the Fountain of Youth. The included parts create the Fountain and the surrounding area. You get LEGO bricks that create the nearby waterfall and the skeleton that serves as a warning for visitors. The set includes minifigs of both Captain Jack and Blackbeard as well as one of Barbossa. LEGO even includes a fake wooden leg made from plastic for that minifig. When you open this box, you’ll also find a poster that includes Pirates of the Caribbean scenes made from LEGO bricks.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge

You can recreate one of the top scenes from On Stranger Tides with the Queen Anne’s Revenge LEGO set. This set will leave you fighting for control of the ship as you sail the high seas with Captain Jack and all your other favorite characters. Designed for kids up to 16, this set is also suitable for older teens and adults who love the movies. Not only can you build the whole ship from the film, but you can create a section that detaches from the ship to take the captain on even more adventures.

Included in the 1,097 pieces are seven minifigs that depict Captain Jack, Blackbeard, Angelica and some of the workers on the ship. As LEGO stopped making the set, now is a great time to get it before the price jumps. This set comes loaded with accessories that your pirate minifigs need, including lanterns and flames. It also includes bone details for use around the ship’s deck and large sails that attach to the top.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Captains Cabin

Do you prefer all the action and adventure that takes place below the deck rather than what happens on top? With The Captains Cabin set, you can recreate Jack Sparrow’s adventures as he fights to retain his hold on the ship. As this set comes with fewer pieces, it’s a good choice for young fans of the films. They can put together the pieces without any help from adults. There are only 95 pieces in the box, including three minifigs. LEGO gives you a Captain Jack Sparrow figure dressed in his iconic costume with a pirate hat perched on his head. It also comes with two pirate minifigs that can function as his trusty mates or his fiercest competitors.

The other included bricks and parts serve as the backdrop for the cabin. Some of those bricks snap together to form a small shelf that sits against the wall. This shelf can hold the two ships in a bottle and the globe that you make from other parts. Suitable for kids as young as six, this set is also appropriate for kids up through age 12. It includes a poster that features the captain too.




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl

Anyone who ever watched one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films knows that the Black Pearl is the name of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship. With this LEGO set, you can put together a replica of that ship from colored bricks. One thing to keep in mind about this set is that it doesn’t come with all the colorful bricks that other sets do. Most of the bricks are either black or gray. That can make the experience of putting the ship together frustrating for young children. Though LEGO recommends this set for ages eight to 14, some older kids might find the set boring as they put together bricks of the same color.

The 804 pieces included create a pirate ship that measures more than two feet long and more than 20-inches tall. It comes with a pirate flat that attaches to the top with the skull and crossbones logo in white. You also get six minifigs that match the story from the first film. Captain Jack Sparrow looks just as he does on the big screen and can work with Will Turner to block the bad guys. Those minifigs include Bootstrap Bill and Davy Jones. This LEGO Pirates set comes with a free poster inside the box too.




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