The Very Best Toy Story 4 LEGO Sets – 2023

The LEGO® company is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. The brand name has become practically synonymous with building blocks. Their patented, interlocking bricks, however, are not your everyday, ordinary building blocks. LEGO bricks are made of high quality materials and make up extremely well-designed building sets. One of the great things … Read more

Best LEGO Winter Village Sets – 2023

LEGO® is a Danish company that first began manufacturing construction toys in 1949. Their modern, plastic bricks lock securely together so that solid structures can be built. This allows users to create vehicles and toys that can be played with, or models and sculptures that can be displayed long term. Builders can follow directions to … Read more

Best LEGO Train Sets – 2023

best lego trains

A Lego train set is an ideal project for kids and adults who enjoy building. No matter what age you are, immersing yourself in a Lego build can give you the feeling of great accomplishment. Starting kids young on Lego helps them build STEM skills that they will use later in life. Family involvement can … Read more

History of LEGO

Thanks to Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark, just about everyone is familiar with Lego. In 1932, Christiansen started out developing wooden toys in an effort to make a living during tough economic times. In fact, it was a few years into the Great Depression that created desperation and economic calamity worldwide. Despite the … Read more

Best Harry Potter LEGO Sets – 2023

best harry potter lego set

Harry Potter LEGO sets bring movies and books to life in a hands-on way. There is nothing like watching a Harry Potter movie while you are in the middle of building the Hogwarts Lego castle with friends! Spend an evening around a table sorting through all the pieces to a new Harry Potter Lego creation … Read more