The Next LEGO Game Title Is….

With the final price of LEGO Star Wars DLC just released, LEGO Harry Potter Collection out and LEGO Dimensions continuing it schedule of waved releases, the next big LEGO title is still unknown. But there’s definitely one due in 2017 as it’s been indirectly revealed by SAG-AFTRA aka the union who represent video game voice actors. A … Read more

Best Lego Sets Under $50 – 2023 Guide

best lego sets under 50

LEGOs are classic and fun for kids of all ages! When they first were introduced they were just the colorful bricks and soon added wheels to make cars, trucks, and busses. Oh boy, have they come far from their beginning. They now have many types of building kits. You can still buy the classic set … Read more

LEGO Storage Ideas For 2023

Since they hit the market in 1949, LEGOs have been a staple in homes across the world. Everybody loves LEGOs! From young kids to creative adults, these simple toys are accessible to everyone. But, they do have one negative aspect. LEGOs are notorious for getting all over the place. The pieces are tiny and very … Read more

Best LEGO Friends Sets Available for 2023

LEGO brand block sets are one of the most popular toys in the world. Sets are made for kids in almost every age group. LEGO even produces building sets for the adult builder and collector. One of the nice things about LEGO sets is that they are all compatible with one another. It doesn’t matter … Read more

Top 9 Best Lego Creator Sets – 2023

Legos provide hours of fun and entertainment to kids and adults alike every day. People love to engage their imaginations as they create items from their favorite movies or make a lifelike scene their minifigures can play in. One type of Lego set available is the Creator series. Creator sets are unique because many of … Read more

10 Of The Best Lego Minecraft Sets – 2023

LEGO Minecraft sets are recognized to be amazing toys for children. You can buy them from different online websites. Over the years, kids have developed a great love for playing the Lego. They have gained high prominence for their durability. They are considered to be amazing series which confer immense enjoyment for the children. They … Read more