LEGO Yoda – Review 2022 – “Do or do not. There is no try”

LEGO Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda 75255 Yoda Building Model and Collectible Minifigure with Lightsaber (1,771 Pieces)

The partnership between Star Wars and LEGO is one that will go down in history! LEGO has been developing sets modeled after the iconic space opera for decades. Some of the most sought-after collectibles all revolve around the film and TV franchise!

A new set release is nothing new. Though, it always sparks some excitement among brick-builders and Star Wars fanatics alike. With the release of this LEGO Yoda kit, things are a bit different.

Launched in 2019, this set was developed to coincide with the release of “Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.” It marks a momentous film release. From what we can tell, LEGO did not hold back. The iconic toymaker went in a unique direction with this set. Rather than providing pieces to create a familiar scene, vehicle, or location, the LEGO Yoda model is a display piece.

It let you create a bricked-out version of the wise Jedi Master himself! Fully detailed and somewhat posable, the finished build is a departure from standard sets. It’s a true collector’s piece that you will want to put on full display?

But is the set worth the buy? In this review, we’re going to lay down all the need-to-know details to help you decide if the set is a must-have or a pass!





About the LEGO Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda Set

Key Specifications:
Set Number: 75255
1,771 pieces
Ages 10 and up
Stands over 16 inches tall

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this set is unlike other Star Wars builds you might be used to. It’s a highly detailed model that’s all about recreating the organic shapes of the character. Yet, you’re doing so with square and rectangular bricks!

This particular set is modeled after the Yoda we see in Attack of the Clones. There have been many iterations of the Jedi Master throughout the franchise’s long run. But, this version is definitely one of the most recognizable.

LEGO has experimented with these types of sets in the past. Many of them have been wildly successful, so it’s no surprise that the toymaker would release something similar in the Star Wars lineup.

The set clearly uses similar engineering techniques to the BrickHeadz line. You’re going to see a lot of side-studded bricks and familiar elements that are also in the brand’s model-based sets. However, this build also has a ton of unique components. LEGO had to get creative to develop a strong foundation that the three-dimensional figure builds upon.

It’s certainly an interesting build that makes for a welcome addition to the LEGO Star Wars line!


First Impressions

Before we get into the build itself, let’s talk about the presentation a bit. This set is clearly a collector’s piece, so we’re happy to see that LEGO put some special attention to the packaging.

The box isn’t drastically different than other sets. It’s not like one of LEGO’s limited edition set boxes. However, the packaging does include plenty of artwork that will look right at home on your display shelf.

It features the familiar Star Wars branding and all the pertinent information you need to know about the set. Photos of the finished build adorn the back and front. Meanwhile, the sides feature an attractive LEGO Star Wars brick pattern. Like many of the Star Wars set boxes, simulated backgrounds of the Death Star add a nice touch.


What Comes in the Box?

Inside the box, it’s standard LEGO fare. The set comes with full-color detailed instructions. They’re bound nicely in a book, making them easy to follow and understand.

The pieces are also separated to make things a bit easier during the building process. They are split into steps rather than keeping similar parts together. As a result, you can stay organized and mess-free!

One interesting thing you’ll notice is the color of the bricks. The standard browns and beige bricks are all there. So are the bricks colored in that signature green. However, you’ll see a lot of randomly colored bricks, too!

Don’t worry: There wasn’t a packaging error on LEGO’s part. Those colored bricks will play an important role in the build’s foundation!

Building the LEGO Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda Set

Putting the LEGO Yoda model together isn’t too difficult. Thanks to the instructions, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

That said, there are some very unique elements to the build. They’re not any harder to complete than familiar brick sets. But, they do require some patience and a steady hand.


The Foundation

The foundation is, by far, the most “out there” part of the build. To make the three-dimensional shape of the model possible, LEGO had to develop a unique core. The foundation is hollow and sits on top of Yoda’s feet.

Here, you’re going to use most of the unique elements. If you’re familiar with LEGO’s Technic line, you’ll recognize some of the pieces in the framework. The Technic components clip together differently than standard bricks. As a result, they’re capable of providing greater strength and stability to the overall build.

This is key to a brick-based model like this.

The core of the Yoda sculpture is going to look hollow and weird. But be like Yoda and practice patience! The foundation utilizes strange plates to create the textures sides that you’ll build upon in future steps. It’s not going to look anything like the finished build. Just follow the instructions and make sure you’re doing everything right. You can’t cut corners here. The foundation must be strong to make everything else work.

If we had to provide any tips, it would be to make sure every brick and plate is secure. Some builders have had problems with other models in the past. Usually, those issues stem from a weak foundation. Make sure every brick is tight to create a strong core for your Lego Yoda!


The Body

Next up, you’re going to build the body.

This process is pretty unique, too. It’s not that building the body is difficult. It’s just different from other sets.

In most LEGO sets, you’re making distinct elements and putting everything together to complete the build. With the Yoda model, it’s all about layering.

The body features layer upon layer of familiar bricks. As you pile the bricks on, Yoda’s robe and overall form will start to take shape. It’s a pretty impressive feat watching the basic foundation turn into a three-dimensional figure.

Throughout the body build, you’ll notice some randomly colored blocks thrown in here and there. These vibrant bricks are very important and are meant to keep you on track. When you’re layering similarly colored bricks on top of one another, it’s surprisingly easy to get lost. This could result in numerous mistakes you won’t notice until later. LEGO uses those colored bricks to ensure that all of your steps are correct!


The Head

Now, the head of this LEGO Yoda model caused a bit of a stir among fans when the set was first teased. The images just looked strange. Many had problems with the eyes in particular.

We’re happy to say that the set looks much better in person.

The head is rounded and features organic curves, which is a dramatic departure for LEGO. You’re going to build Yoda’s rounded head and his pointed ears. Finer details, such as movable eyelids and a nose, are included, too.

Again, take your time here. Creating rounded shapes with squared-off bricks is never easy. But, LEGO lays everything out well. Just follow the instructions and you should see Yoda’s face appear in no time!


The Extras

In addition to the primary build, you’re getting some cool extras.

The set comes with a nameplate, which you can use to display your figure. The nameplate isn’t central to the finished built. But, it’s a nice little touch.

You’ll need to carefully apply the included sticker. The sticker features the placard and some facts about the character. The set also comes with a small Yoda Minifigure to attach to the nameplate! Set it next to your finished model build and you have a display-ready arrangement!



The LEGO Yoda set is marketed as being posable. It does have a couple of adjustable parts. However, you’re not going to get the full articulation like you would with a pre-made model.

The posable components are found on the head and hands.

The entire head can turn from side to side. You can easily pop it off and reposition it to meet your display needs. Even cooler is the adjustable eyebrows! Give Yoda a serious or gentle demeanor by simply tilting the eyebrows. Those little pieces have a pretty big impact and can alleviate any worries fans had about the appearance of the face.

Down below, Yoda has two hands. The hands themselves are pretty static, which is a bit of a bummer.

The left hand can be moved 90 degrees. But, that requires removing it and turning it. The right hand isn’t movable at all!

We do, however, like the articulating fingers. The model’s fingers move to hold onto the included lightsaber element. Thanks to the movable left hand, you can position the lightsaber as you see fit.


What We Like

There’s a lot to love about this LEGO Yoda set.

The most interesting thing about it is the building process. It seems mundane and boring at first. But, the process teaches you a lot about building techniques. Plus, it gives you some insight into the minds of LEGO engineers!

We also like the movable parts. While limited, having some flexibility in posing is always a plus.


What We Don’t Like

The biggest issue we have with the LEGO set is the limited posing options. There are so many things that LEGO could have done to make this a standout set! Improving the design of the arms and providing a bit more flexibility would have done wonders to improve the set.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a respectable set that’s worth the price of admission! It’s not the most challenging or innovative build. But, it has enough complexity to keep any builder interested. The foundation and resulting layering is an interesting process that you don’t see very often in LEGO sets. So, it’s a worthy addition to any collection.

Plus, the finished build just looks cool! At the end of the day, it’s a display piece. Thanks to its intricate details, it’s a LEGO set that you’ll want to proudly show off.

There are some design quirks and issues here and there. But ultimately, those problems don’t detract from all the good the set has to offer. Pick one up and see for yourself!

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