LEGO Storage Ideas For 2023

Since they hit the market in 1949, LEGOs have been a staple in homes across the world. Everybody loves LEGOs! From young kids to creative adults, these simple toys are accessible to everyone. But, they do have one negative aspect.

LEGOs are notorious for getting all over the place. The pieces are tiny and very easy to lose. Thanks to ongoing releases of themed sets and massive builds, you can easily accumulate thousands of pieces.

If you’ve ever stepped on a stray LEGO piece, you know how frustrating a lack of proper storage is! So, how do you keep your LEGO collection organized and ready for play?

Here are some effective LEGO storage ideas and tips worth trying out.


LEGO Organization Techniques

LEGOs are designed to be entirely modular. While they are often sold in sets, you can easily mix and match pieces to create the ultimate build. But, that can make things a bit confusing when it comes to staying organized.

If you want to keep your LEGO pieces on hand and easy to find, try these storage methods on for size.

Color Sorting

LEGOs come in a wide range of colors. The iconic brand continues to release new colors that you can use to create eye-popping builds. As of 2020, there are over 150 different finishes available!

These include solid colors, metallic finishes, and even translucent pieces. Plus, there are many screen-printed or sticker-covered pieces available.

Chances are, you’re not going to have all of them! But, you might have several colors with similar shades.

One storage option is to keep similar colors in one place. This is a good choice for kids, as they often use the pieces to create buildings or playthings is a specific color.

Group up similar hues to create a definitive color palette. Then, group up specialty colors or rarer pieces so that they’re easier to find. Using this method, you can easily locate the pieces you need to create your masterpiece.


Sorting by Piece

If you’re a seasoned LEGO builder, sorting your collection by element may be a more suitable option. But, it can also be a challenge! There are over 3,700 different LEGO pieces in existence!

Of course, some are rarer than others. Some pieces are custom-made for specific kits, so you won’t find them in the wild. Whether you own a basic building set or a themed kit, there’s a good chance that you have several similar pieces.

You can keep all of those pieces together to make finding bricks a breeze. Think of the pegs on top of the bricks as a grid system. Store all of your 2×2 pieces in one container, your 2×4 pieces in another, and so on so forth.

Then, collect all of your odd-ball pieces or mechanical components into one storage container. You can keep all of your figurines, vehicle parts, or specially-molded parts together for easy organization.


Storing Full Sets

Most LEGO connoisseurs choose to keep their sets together. It’s not hard to see why. As we mentioned earlier, many themed sets have specialty bricks that you won’t find in standard kits. These pieces might have a unique color or shape. Losing them would ruin your entire build! So, it makes sense to want to keep everything in one place.

The good news is that storing your sets is pretty easy. Most come in sturdy boxes with huge images of the finished build. Think of them as collector’s pieces! When you want to construct the kit, everything you need is all in one place.


LEGO Storage Containers

Once you figure out what kind of storage technique you’re going to use, you still need containers to fit everything in. Many LEGO bricks are oddly-shaped. They don’t always take on a uniform shape when tossed into a container.

That’s not a bad thing. It makes digging through the pile far more satisfying! Here are some good storage ideas that promote play while still keeping everything in one place.


Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are one of the easiest solutions to try out. Plastic bins are readily available at most stores. They’re durable, light enough for kids to use, and stackable for easy storage.

You can get bins in a wide range of sizes and finishes, too. Pick up a multi-gallon bin to store your entire collection. Or, utilize smaller bins for easy organization. Use clear plastic bins so that you can see what’s inside without popping the lid open. Alternatively, you can apply some labels.

Plastic bins are quite versatile. They’re a simple solution that will keep your floors brick-free.


LEGO Drawers

Want something a bit more functional? LEGO drawers let you gain quick access to all your bricks during a build. You can find basic plastic drawers to get all of the benefits of bins.

However, specialty drawers are also available. Opt for stackable drawers to expand your storage solution as your collection grows!


LEGO Tables

LEGO tables are a great solution for young kids. LEGO builds can get big in no time. Rather than having your child build on the dirty floor, you can provide a buildable foundation for all of their projects. These tables often feature tops covered in pegs. So, young builders can use the table as a foundation for their buildings.

As for storage, there are a couple of design elements to use. Some tables have drop-in bins. Others utilize sliding drawers. Whatever the case may be, these tables do a lot to keep LEGOs contained in one space and off the floors.


Shoe Hangers

An economical and easy storage solution, shoe hangers are great for smaller collections. Plastic shoe hangers only cost a few dollars. You can easily secure them to a wall, hand them behind a door, or prop them up in a closet.

The numerous clear pockets are perfect for storing bricks by color or type. Just grab the pieces you need and start building!

This is the one I use which you can buy on Amazon.


Tool Drop Boxes

Tool drop boxes are often used by craftsmen and mechanics. You might see them at a hardware store holding hundreds of screws or bolts. If they’re good enough for heavy metal hardware, they’re good enough for LEGOs!

Like plastic bins, drop boxes are available in a range of sizes and colors. Choose smaller boxes for a modest collection. If you’re storing your bricks by color, choose a matching box for simplicity. If you’re storing by type, you can utilize colors to designate size or shape! Get creative and use these boxes to your advantage.


Ziplock Bags

Smaller collections don’t need huge storage bins. Smaller ziplock bags work just fine. Use as many bags as you need and pop them into a larger container or drawer. You can even hang them on clips in the closet!

Many brick builders like to use ziplock bags to group specific set pieces together. This can make things easier when you’re ready to conquer massive builds.



Why disassemble your builds when you can put them on full display? Perfect for themed sets and larger builds, display cases let you enjoy your hard work. Not only that, but they make it impossible to lose the bricks!

You can use larger furniture pieces with glass covers. Or, you can opt for standalone displays that protect from dust.



It’s not just the bricks you must stow away. If you have multiple LEGO sets, you have literature to hold onto. All build kits come with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the build.

Use a simple filing cabinet and folders to keep your instruction manuals in one place.


LEGO Storage Ideas

Still looking for the right storage solution for your LEGOs? We have curated a collection of effective storage products that can keep your LEGOs organized and out of the way. Some of these products are specifically designed for LEGOs. Other are multi-functional tools that work for any small object. Either way, they get the job done!

Seville Classics 10-Drawer Rolling Utility Cart

Here’s a compact storage solution with plenty of space for a larger LEGO collection. The cart measures about 12.8 inches wide and 15.3 inches deep. So, it has a relatively compact footprint. But, it stands more than three feet tall to maximize space.

There are a total of ten polypropylene drawers. They all sit in a metal channel for smooth sliding action. Each drawer is brightly colored and features a sturdy pull handle for easy access. On top of the cart, there’s a shallow tray to store oddball bricks or finished builds.

The best part of this cart is its mobility! Thanks to its lockable caster wheels, you can roll the cart out during playtime. When you’re done, roll it into a closet so it stays out of sight.

Key Features:
Includes 10 pull-out drawers
Four caster wheels with locks
Durable steel frame
Smooth sliding action
About 38.2 inches tall


Room Copenhagen, Lego Desk Drawer

Perfect for a LEGO-themed playroom, these drawers from Room Copenhagen are a builder’s dream. They’re modeled after two of the brand’s most iconic bricks. The smaller size is the standard 2×2 brick. It measures roughly 6.2 inches long, 6.2 inches deep, and 4.4 inches tall. The larger one is the 2×4 brick. It has the same depth and height of the smaller unit but measures about 12.4 inches long.

Stack these drawers up. With many colors available, you can easily create a larger-than-life display in your playroom. Best of all, these drawers offer plenty of themed storage.

The slide-out drawer will keep all of your bricks contained and dust-free.

Key Features:
Made of PVC-free plastic
Two sizes available
Multiple color options


Akro-Mils 10124 24-Drawer Plastic Cabinet

Want to stay extra-organized? This drawer set from Akro-Mils has you covered. Built out of durable polystyrene, this set comes with a larger frame and 24 small drawers. The drawers all have their own little compartment to sit in, ensuring that the unit holds its rigidity for years.

Each drawer is about 6 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep, and a smidge over 2 inches tall. They’re perfect for unique bricks or color-sorting.

This unit is part of a larger organization system. You can mix and match units to create the perfect LEGO storage arrangement. Stack them up or hang them on the wall of your build area!

Key Features:
Includes 24 clear plastic drawers
High-impact polystyrene frame
Wall mountable
Finger tip drawer pulls


LEGO 3-Piece Organizer Cubes

Check out these nesting cube bags. Made out of flexible fabric, the cubes are easy to fold up or flatten. However, the rigid framing ensures the cubes can still hold their shape when filled with LEGO bricks.

You’re getting a total of three cubes. The two smaller cubes fit into the larger one, giving you plenty of storage flexibility. Each bag is equipped with a durable zip-top closure system. The top doesn’t have the same flexible fabric as the sides and bottom. Instead, it’s sporting a clear EVA window so that you can easily see what’s inside.

Key Features:
Three-piece set
Lego-themed prints
Nesting design
Durable zip-top closure


Alimto Large Play Mat

Store your LEGOs and create a contained play space with this unique product from Alimtois. It does double-duty as a storage basket and playmat. When stowed away, the basket only takes up about a square foot of space.

When your child is ready to start building, open up the top and spread out the mat. Then, dump out all of the legs! The mat is designed to contain the LEGO bricks in and out of storage. It’s sewn onto the basket portion, so everything stays in one place.

The mat is round and measures about 59 inches across. It takes only seconds to clean up. The basket has some extra security, too, ensuring that your LEGOs won’t spill out if it’s knocked over.

Key Features:
Massive 59-inch mat
Storage and playing surface
Can accommodate roughly 17 pounds of bricks
Compact storage


Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat

Here’s another two-in-one storage solution. Like the previous product, this basket features an attached playmat that you can spread out to keep the LEGO bricks contained.

The mat is about 52 inches across. It features a durable lip that rises about three inches. The lip ensures that stray bricks don’t tumble out of the mat.

When you’re ready to clean up, simply gather up the mat with the bricks and place it into the basket! The basket has reinforced handles on the side, making it easy to pop this unit into a closet or toy chest when not in use.

Key Features:
Storage and playing surface
Three-inch lip on mat
Mat measures 52 inches wide
Sturdy side handles
Rugged tear-resistant material


LEGO Storage Head

Give your building station a fun LEGO-themed makeover! This storage bin is molded to look like the iconic LEGO figurine head. It’s bright yellow and features a familiar face! There are several designs available, so you can mix and match faces to create a cool display.

Of course, these bins aren’t just about looks! They can hold a lot of bricks, too! The largest size is spacious enough to fit upwards of 500 bricks. The miniature size will hold up to 100 for those with smaller collections.

Key Features:
PVC-free plastic
Stackable design
Multiple sizes
Several faces available
Large size holds up to 500 bricks


Humble Crew Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer

If you or your child has a massive LEGO collection, this toy organizer may be the solution you’re after. It’s a large furniture piece that comes with 12 different bins. Each bin is colored and formed from thick plastic for ultimate durability. You’re getting four large bins and eight smaller bins to help you customize your storage arrangement.

Keeping the bins together is a wooden frame. The frame contains hand holes for easy moving by adults. There are also tilted rods, which lets you access your bricks without having to remove the bin entirely.

Key Features:
Wooden frame
Includes 12 durable plastic bins
Angled frame for easy access
Flexible storage options


LEGO Brick Drawer

Get a handful of these LEGO-themed drawers to create the ultimate building station! Available in two sizes, these drawers are built to look like jumbo-sized bricks. You can single-drawer units that look like 2×2 bricks. Larger 2×4 brick drawers are available, too. They have two separate drawers.

You can stack these drawers up. Thanks to the several colors available, you can easily organize by brick color or shape. Each drawer has a simple hand cutout for easy operation. There isn’t any complex metal hardware, so it’s safe for kids’ rooms.

Key Features:
Stackable design
Available in two sizes and several colors
Durable plastic construction
PVC and BPA-free
Smooth sliding drawers



No matter how long you’ve been playing with LEGOs, keeping your bricks organized and out of the way when not in use is easier said than done! Keep our tips in mind and try out some of our recommended storage solutions.

When your LEGOs are organized, you can easily pick and choose which bricks to work with. Instead of being overwhelmed by a mass of pieces, you can approach your project strategically and creatively. The right storage solution will let you take full advantage of your collection so that your inner LEGO architect shines through!

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