Lego Releases First Disabled Minifigure

Children are important in any society. A child’s upbringing determines a lot in his or her future life. That is why the society has a great responsibility in creating the right images for children. Companies producing toys are part of the societal framework that shapes perceptions of children. Lego is a brand that has been in the toy industry for long and its work is globally recognized.

Lego released its first disabled mini figures to expand on its source of equality. With its great work to promote disability awareness Lego has also created Lego Tables for disabled users.

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Lego Toys

Lego started with wooden toys but currently, it uses plastics in manufacturing toys. Toys help improve the creativity of children as they assemble and dismantle parts to make a variety of things. Lego Group main location of operation is Denmark. It uses interlocking toy bricks. Apart from toys, children can make models of things such as buildings using the plastic blocks.

Lego has been in the toy industry for a while providing children with amazing items to play with for example setting up a castle. Its toys are safe for children; therefore, there is really nothing to worry about. There is a variety of toys available depending on the field of interest for example robotics and automobiles.

However, in 2016 there was a campaign on social media called ♯ToyLikeMe. It sought to encourage toy firms to produce play items that also include children living with the disability. The campaign was based in the UK. Lego was the main target company of the campaign that attracted over 20,000 signatures. Lego initially showed no signs of making disabled mini figures until January 2016, when its disability set was first identified in Germany at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair 2016.

This move attracted many positive comments from people all over the world. The campaigners and other people applauded the company for its efforts to have an all-inclusive toy collection. The UK campaigners have also been able to convince other toy companies such as Playmobil to offer toys that speak to children with disabilities.


The Lego Disability Mini Figure

Finally, Lego disability section introduced an amazing mini figure. The whole pack or say minifugure set is called ‘Fun in The Park’ and has such an attractive look. It is creatively designed with amazing colors to attract children. It creates such a personal connection with kids. It almost feels like a real playground. It is affordable to ensure children from different socioeconomic backgrounds have fun with the set.

Now, the whole set creates a picture of a family having a good time at the park. There is a boy sitting in a wheelchair with a dog guide next to him. The boy is in a park and is surrounded by a lot of other children and activities going on. There is another minifigure of what seems to be a man pushing a stroller with a baby on it, and next to him is someone who should be a mother. She is holding a feeding bottle.

There is also a female minifigure in the background pushing a lawn mower. This conveys the change in gender roles or say the change of perception regarding gender roles. The other things include a cyclist, a hot dog vendor and children playing. The green surrounding really creates such an amazing scene to marvel at. There is also a road and pines.

The set comes dismantled. A creative child can come up with the perfect picture as portrayed on the packaging of the Lego disability minifigure set. He or she can also create a very different look from that on the pack. It is all about creativity.

It is clear that disabled children are getting the attention they need when it comes to toys. It is easier for a child to associate with a toy that looks like him or her. This way, he knows that he is equal to the other children. Besides, such toys help children without physical disabilities learn to accommodate those with disabilities. With such an upbringing, the world stands a better chance to raise children who are conscious and aware of other people’s abilities no matter their physical shortcomings.


Lego’s Popularity

Lego disability minifigure has since 2016-gained popularity, with media outlets all over the world featuring its disability minifigure. Actually, there are 150million children living with disabilities all over the world. The number could even be higher or lower, but that does not matter because we are talking about millions. That is a big number enough. These children are definitely feeling great when they see themselves depicted in toys.

Lego had another disability minifigure but it was of an old man in a wheelchair. The boy on wheelchair toy adds to the range of disability figures. The UK alone has over 700, 000 disabled children that is why its ToyLikeMe campaign received so much attention, considering the signatures.

The new Lego disability minifuigure helps Lego’s PR efforts as it was receiving negative feedback from different stakeholders especially disability advocates. For one, it released Duplo Community People set with an old man in a wheelchair. People criticized the fact that the set was made for preschool kids yet it was made using an old man disability figure.

The other thing that put Lego in trouble with the public was when it described one of its toys as a part back of the bus widow licker’. This received many negative comments as the phrase insinuates a person with serious learning disabilities. Lego’s defense was that they make whichever toys they want and let children create their own storylines using them. Of course, their argument did not hold.

It is from such experience with its publics that Lego’s management knew something had to be done about the toys. The most recent disability toy makes wheelchair basketball possible for many children who enjoy playing games.

Toys are an essential part of a child’s growth. That is why many people are championing for the right messages to be passed through these toys. There being few books, movies, games, and apps portraying disabled children in a positive way, the Lego disability set is definitely an ad for all children no matter their abilities. It is essential that other companies in the toy industry follow suit and create more diverse toys that take care of the disabled kids. It really does not matter how popular the company is. What matters is the kind of toys children are exposed to in the end.

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