One Man’s Journey To Becoming A LEGO Mosaic

While looking through Imgur as I do most Friday afternoons, I stumbled across a really cool post about a guy who got himself turned into a LEGO Mosaic!

So I thought I’d share his journey with you guys on my site.


One Man’s Journey To Becoming A LEGO Mosaic

The only LEGO Mosaic Maker photo booth in the world can be found upstairs in the newly-opened LEGO store in London’s Leicester Square.



Heck, even the Mosaic Maker photo booth itself is made out of LEGO bricks.



Before rushing in, 99 pound coins in hand, hold up. You’ll need to buy one of these Mosaic Maker Experience Cards to tap against the booth’s contactless card reader.



You’re in – what next? Well, everything feels like a traditional photo booth. Uncomfortable plastic stool, check. Touchscreen display, check. Handy, easy-to-follow instructions, check.



The key to a good LEGO Mosaic is lining up your eyes properly for the snap – the whole picture will be based around this as its centre. Fortunately, you can move the camera up and down using the touchscreen.



You’ve got three chances to capture the perfect photo. If you try to catch a second or third, all previous images are saved for later browsing. Handy.



Once you’ve settled on the photo you want, you can tweak the contrast of your image to get a picture you’re truly happy with.



Eep, that’s it, decision made. It’s time to exit the booth and wait while a crowd gathers to see your end result – the whole process will catch people’s attention, trust us.



And here it comes…



Once ready, the machine prints your LEGO-inspired photo and feeds you the kit of bricks needed to make it a reality.



Seeing as you’re printing your LEGO image for the first time, it’s spooky how good the resemblance is.



The pre-assembled Mosaic kits feature 4,502 individual pieces spread across five colours. You’ll only need 2,304 pieces to make your portrait, however.



Home time, and time to build. Everything you’ll need is here, now it’s just you and the LEGO bricks.



And so we begin. When everything’s set and ready, the whole process looks pretty daunting, but seriously exciting.



It took about 3 hours to put our masterpiece together. The process was surprisingly fun and therapeutic throughout despite the repetition.



Aaaaand, finito.



Comparing the finished Mosaic with the print out, the LEGO build looks even cooler than the proof.



The finished LEGO Mosaic is seriously cool. Now to construct a frame from standard 2×6 LEGO bricks and hang it on the wall. Who needs a mirror?

Thanks to Tirisal1 for sharing this awesome LEGO experience.

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