LEGO Ideas: The Flintstones – Review

The LEGO Group started out way back in 1932. This is a family-owned company with humble beginnings in a carpenter’s workshop. Since that time, the company has become one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. They are known for their patented, interlocking blocks that the company refers to as “bricks.” The famous bricks have remained largely the same since 1958.

LEGO sets often come in themed packs. There are numerous themes such as Castles, Pirates and City. LEGO also creates sets based on different licensed properties. This allows builders to create scenes from their favorite movies, TV shows and video games. Most sets contain LEGO mini-figures that are great for collecting or play.

Every set can be used to build items that can then be played with like regular toys. These include buildings, vehicles and mini-figures. Sets can also be displayed like works of art. Builders can follow the included instructions or create their own unique pieces. The constructs can be taken apart and then rebuilt again for endless play value.

Building with LEGO bricks helps foster creativity. It can also teach children useful problem-solving skills. Focus, concentration and patience can all be improved with the use of LEGO products.


LEGO Ideas

No matter how many LEGO licensed sets there are, someone’s favorite property will always be missing. LEGO fans are a creative bunch and often come up with brilliant ideas on how to build pretty much anything. This is where LEGO Ideas comes in. LEGO has an online community where creators can share their unique constructs. They can even submit ideas for new sets, enter contests and vote for their favorite builds.

All ideas and original designs must be completed with current, official LEGO bricks. Winning sets, once licensing rights are approved, may then see commercial production. The original creator will even get to share in the profits from the sell of their set. This process is how a set based on “The Flintstones,” became a reality.


The Flintstones

“The Flintstones,” was the first animated series to be broadcast in a prime-time slot on American television. The show had a sitcom style and tone like popular live-action shows of the day. It had many similarities to the classic “The Honeymooners,” show and appealed to both children and adults. It was the forerunner of popular modern cartoons that are marketed towards older audiences.

“The Flintstones,” was first broadcast on ABC from 1960 to 1966. A total of 166 episodes were produced for six seasons. The cartoon was a Hanna-Barbera production and saw heavy play in reruns for decades after the last original episode aired. This lead to multiple generations of fans, spin-off cartoons, reboots and even live-action movies.


LEGO Ideas: The Flintstones Set# 21316

“The Flintstones,” was always a popular franchise to use for licensed merchandise. The characters were turned into toys and could be seen on shirts, lunch boxes and more early on. Now, thanks to the LEGO Ideas program, there’s an official LEGO set too. The set number is 21316. LEGO has a unique number for each set produced to help fans to find and identify the different products.

LEGO rates this set as appropriate for builders ages 10 and up. It contains a total of 748 pieces. Four mini-figures are included here. Fred Flintstone and his wife Wilma are included. The set also contains their favorite neighbors, Barney and Betty Rubble. The main construct is the iconic Flintstones’ home. Pieces are also included to build the family car that was prominently showcased on the classic cartoon.

The Flintstones’ Bedrock house stands 4-inches tall and 6-inches wide once completed. The inside is around 2-inches deep. The vehicle measures in at 4-inches long, 2-inches high and 2-inches wide. The mini-figures can be snapped securely into place inside of the car. The car also features real rolling wheels. The house scene even contains the palm tree and mailbox as seen on the cartoon.

Saber-toothed-tiger skin curtains can be seen in the windows. The slab roof can be removed to accommodate play. The interior has a sofa and a TV for the characters to interact with. There is a fireplace in the living-room area and a kitchen complete with a sink. There is even a coffee table with bowls and fruit pieces for some added decor. The set also contains a floor lamp and a green garden base plate.

There’s plenty of room on the inside of the house for play or display options. There are a number of additional accessories as well. Fred gets his bowling ball and a crate full of pins. There’s a large dinosaur rib that can be attached to the car to recreate the opening scene from the cartoon. The exterior has a number of flowers and plant pieces for decorations that are accurate to the show.


Final Thoughts

Once constructed, The Flintstones set from LEGO Ideas makes a beautiful display piece. It would look great on a kid’s shelf or on an adult’s desk. Younger builders will enjoy putting this set together and then playing with mini-figures of the beloved characters. Adult fans of the Flintstones cartoon will love adding this piece to their collection. It truly makes a great gift for Flintstones fans of any age.

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