LEGO Dinosaur Fossil – Review

If you’re a fan of all things dinosaurs, this unique build kit from LEGO is right up your alley. The LEGO Dinosaur Fossil set is a bit of a departure for the toy-maker.

Typically, LEGO is known for producing extravagant kits modelled  after buildings and vehicles. This particular set is certainly impressive in its own right, but it’s more focused on creating display pieces rather than functioning toys! You can put the finished builds on a shelf or include them as part of a larger project. LEGO makes it easy to create on your own terms.

Whether you’re a palaeontology  junkie or you’re a diehard LEGO builder looking for a unique set to add to your collection, this one has a lot to offer. It offers an interesting take on dinosaurs of the past, allowing you to recreate their fossilized remains in all their bricky glory! The finished builds are more complex than many think. While not totally anatomically correct, the set is detailed enough to identify specific bones and elements.

So, is the LEGO Dinosaur Fossil set worth your time and money? In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at what this set entails.


About the LEGO Dinosaur Fossil Set

The Dinosaur Fossil set includes a total of 910 pieces. Those pieces aren’t used to create a single museum-ready display. Instead, you’re getting enough pieces to create three fossilized dinosaurs. These include the Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon.

Each dinosaur is pure white to represent their fossilized skeletons. However, the three models sit on top of a staunch black base for some nice contrast. The base supports the entire skeleton and features a small nameplate for easy identification. In the case of the Pteranodon, the base also includes a tall vertical structure to make the skeleton look like it’s in flight!

The fossils are very well-made and represent true displays you see in museums. However, the LEGO variants are at a 1:32 scale.

Interestingly enough, the Dinosaur Fossil set was not made by one of LEGO’s in-house designers. This set belongs to the LEGO Ideas line, which is an innovative program that’s lead to the creation of some of the brand’s finest products.

With LEGO Ideas, dedicated brick-builders can submit custom creations that they would like to see turned into an official set. The community then votes on their favorite creations. If the idea is good enough, LEGO will manufacture it en masse and award the original creator with a small percentage of the sales!

This Dinosaur Fossil set happens to be the 28th fan-created idea that turned into a reality! It’s an interesting little factoid that makes the set that much more special.




First Impressions

The LEGO Dinosaur Fossil set is impressive before you even get into the box. The packaging is well-designed and features all of the finished pieces on full display on the front of the box. Like many of LEGO’s more whimsical creations, the backdrop of the images is a computer-generated scene. In this case, the box artwork is modeled to look like the inside of a spacious museum!

Inside, the box is standard LEGO fare. All of the pieces are placed inside clear bags to keep the building process simple.

One thing we like about the set is that each build has its own bag. So, you could easily complete one dinosaur fossil and save the rest for a later date. You don’t have to open each bag and risk losing some pieces to complete one of the fossils, which is a nice touch.


The Building Process

Like most of LEGO’s products, building the Dinosaur Fossil set is a pretty straightforward process! LEGO includes a full-color booklet with all the step-by-step instructions you need. Once again, the separate dinosaurs are split up, making it easy to build the full set in phases.

From a LEGO standpoint, these fossilized remains are very unique! They are full three-dimensional figures with very little uniform geometry. The only square-shaped elements are the display bases. Everything else looks organic and realistic.

Just how true-to-life are the fossils? Well, they’re not exact. At a 1:32 scale, you can’t expect every bone to be modelled after the real thing! That said, there are many cool elements that palaeontology  enthusiasts can identify.

For example, the tail of the Tyrannosaurus rex is segmented and features identifiable vertebrae. Meanwhile, the Triceratops has its iconic horns and spiky back. The dinosaurs even have claws and teeth for more definition!

There are several unique components in this set. However, LEGO adopted shapes from other lines, too. Many of the feet and lower appendages, for example, use pieces that you only typically find in the LEGO Technic line! These small creative touches make this set very unique, especially to collectors.

The finished builds are gorgeous and worth displaying. The Tyrannosaurus rex measures about 15.4 inches long and 6.7 inches tall. The Triceratops is roughly 10.6 inches long and 5.3 inches tall. Lastly, the Pteranodon skeleton is the smallest at 5.1 inches long and 5.1 inches tall.


Fun Extras

In addition to the fossilized skeleton models, you’re getting a couple of fun little extras! LEGO decided to make this set as versatile as possible. As mentioned earlier, you can put the pieces on display once you’re finished. Or, you can make them part of a larger museum project.

For the latter option, LEGO made things a bit easier with some smaller builds. It comes with a palaeontologist  Minifigure. He looks like your stereotypical museum curator and explorer; complete with the moustache  and magnifying glass. The Minifigure comes with a small crate of decorative items. You get things like standalone bones, an egg, and a book.

Finally, the last extra is a Minifigure skeleton display, dubbed “LEGO Sapien.” It comes with its own display stand and nameplate. The figure is very unique. While it has the same overall footprint and shape as a standard Minifigure, it has an open skeletal chest!



The LEGO Dinosaur Fossil set is a special product that offers a different building experience than other sets. Perfect for collectors, the set comes highly recommended from brick-builders the world over! It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge dinosaur fan or not. You’ll find some joy in completing the build and putting the finished product on display. Don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself!


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