LEGO Cake – Amazing LEGO Themed Cake Designs

We all love cake. If you’re human and you have tastebuds, then you love cake. If you’re viewing this website then you obviously love LEGO. Well what other combination can top LEGO CAKE!!!!

I have gathered up all of the yummy and amazing LEGO themed cakes and put them all in one place.

They have to be pretty special to be included on this page, so if you have an image that you want to include, email them over to me and I’ll add them!


LEGO Construction Site Wedding Cake 🍰

To have this as your wedding cake must mean that both the bride and groom have a very special place in their hearts for LEGO. I can’t see the bride sanctioning this cake if it was the Groom’s idea! Anyway, what an amazing cake! Love the little mini-figures rolling out the icing! Apparently the LEGO bricks aren’t real and are actually made from icing!


Here’s another one similar in design but with 5 cake tiers and a crane!!



Kids 4th Birthday Cake Made from Chocolate LEGO Bricks

10 and of 10 for effort. Not as polished as the wedding cake above, but this would have made this 4 year old kid’s year seeing this in front of them on their birthday.


Hungry LEGO guy cake

This cake was made by an employee of a company who bought it in for their fellow colleagues to eat at break time.


Round LEGO Box Cake


Star Wars & Indiana Jones Themed LEGO Cake


LEGO Themed Engagement Cake

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