Get The Most From The Lego Create The World Cards

The new LEGO Create the World collectable trading cards are proving extremely popular so we thought we would put together a handy little guide to help you get the most from your collection plus how you can complete your collection but getting extra cards. The LEGO Create the World cards are more than just a collectable trading card collection, you can also use them to play a number of fun games, perfect for any spares you may have already amassed.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Noticed those symbols on each of the cards? These allow you to play the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The GREEN symbol represents ROCK, the YELLOW represents PAPER and the BLUE represents SCISSORS. Each player selections an equal amount of cards, then draws a card at random and depending on what each player has the winner gets the other players card. ROCK beats SCISSORS | PAPER beats ROCK | SCISSORS beats PAPER.



On the back of each LEGO Create the World card, you’ll notice a strip of 1×3 LEGO bricks. There are four different colours BLUE, RED, GREEN and ORANGE. Starting with 20 cards per player, place a card with all four coloured bricks down. Then each player can connect other cards to one another to create a full coloured 2×3 LEGO brick. Connected cards cannot overlap. Full details on how to play can be found in the Create the World Collector’s Album, available from Sainsbury’s stores for £2.



There are a number of special Create cards, these offer build challenges for you to tackle. Grab your LEGO bricks and attempt to build what the card says. Build against others and whoever has the best LEGO build can called themselves a Master Builder.



Completing Your Collection

You’ll get a pack of 4 cards with every £10 spend* in larger Sainsbury’s supermarkets and Sainsbury’s online orders. Plus a pack of 2 cards with every £5 spend* in Sainsbury’s Local stores. You can also also purchase additional Booster Packs which contain 4 cards. These can be found at selected Sainsbury’s stores. Full details on the LEGO Create the World Trading Card Collection from Sainsbury’s can be found here. *exclusions apply.

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