19 Of The Best LEGO Sets for Adults – 2023 Guide To The Best Adult LEGO SETS

LEGO sets for adults offer the perfect opportunity transform a childhood pastime into an intricate collector’s item and prized display piece. Whether you are interested in a meaningful weekend project or would like a souvenir of your favorite time or place, a grownup Lego set can be the perfect addition to your personal surroundings. LEGO … Read more

Best Lego Technic Sets – 2023 Edition

Most people agree that sometime back, LEGO sets were the coolest toys a kid could have. That was then. Move over Lego! Lego Technic is here. Unlike classic Lego sets that were made for kids, LEGO Technic is a selection of construction vehicles, cars, and other vessels that are suitable for older kids and even … Read more

Best LEGO Sets Under $200 – 2023 Guide

In the same manner that one Lego after another adds up to some pretty amazing plastic sculptures, when trying to purchase Legos, one dollar after another quickly adds up to a fairly big dent in your gift budget. That said, LEGO are like apple pie and baseball–they are an American institution. To let price stand … Read more

Best LEGO City Sets – 2023

LEGO bricks and playsets can be used for structured and unstructured play. First, consider LEGO bricks as something fun that lets children and adults be children just having fun and relaxing. Then, look at the benefits gained from playing with LEGO building sets and bricks. LEGO bricks help develop fine motor skills. LEGO had three … Read more

Best Christmas LEGO Sets 2022 Reviews

As one of the most recognizable toys in the world, LEGO have a place in everyone’s home. Lego has been around since the middle of the 20th century and continues to captivate people of all ages. While many associate these plastic building bricks with creative kids, Lego hold a lot of sentimental value to adults … Read more

The 10 Best LEGO Nexo Knights Sets – 2023 Guide

Lego is a brand name that has become synonymous with the term “building blocks.” This Danish company has become one of the most prosperous toy makers in the world. Unlike previous building-block sets, Lego created a unique, interlocking system. Their blocks, or bricks as Lego calls them, lock tightly together. This allows children to build … Read more

Best Star Wars Lego Sets For 2023

Whether you are a child or only a child at heart, Lego has many sets that are great to invest in. This is especially true for Star Wars fans because there are a number of different sets that any fan would love. There are Lego sets for all of your favorite Star Wars ships, locations, … Read more