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Universal bricks offer a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. But, LEGO sets give you the chance to live out familiar fantasies and create iconic scenes that you love.

LEGO sets come in a wide variety of themes and styles. There’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the best LEGO sets for girls or you’re a comic fan wanting to add a new Marvel set to your collection, there are countless options to enjoy!

Our editorial team has curated several collections based on in-depth testing and reviews. We have taken a look at everything from Christmas-themed sets to LEGO’s own franchises, such as Ninjago and LEGO City.

Check out some of our buying guides and discover your next great build!

Best LEGO City Sets – 2022

LEGO bricks and playsets can be used for structured and unstructured play. First, consider LEGO bricks as something fun that lets children and adults be children just having fun …