The Lego Movie (2014) Review

lego movie review

When The Lego Movie was first announced in the early 2010s, expectations were kind of mixed. Several recent toy and game franchise movies had come out around that time with dismal results (but the worst, 2015’s Pixels, was yet to be suffered). Which made this movie all the more delightful, as it surprised everyone by … Read more

The Lego Ninjago Movie Review

Ever since The Lego Movie first released in 2014, the Lego brand has exploded in popularity, especially with the creation of Lego Movie Sets. The releases of multiple Lego video game series and television series, even before the movie came out, also expanded the Lego name into the video game and television industries. Alongside the … Read more

LEGO Movie 2 Review

“,” fully titled “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” is a 2019 family comedy built upon the foundation message of the first film while expanding upon the idea of communication and interaction between family members. Now I enjoyed the first LEGO Movie a lot and it was among the most funny and clever films … Read more