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No LEGO build is complete without some minifigures! LEGO’s minifigure collection has grown massively since the toy line’s infancy. Today, you can find a myriad of characters to suit any creation.

Custom-create your own figure by mixing and matching components. Or, pick up a minifigure modeled after your favorite action hero or cartoon character. Either way, a sizable collection of minifigures will add new depth and role-playing capabilities to your builds!

Whether you’re looking for the best Star Wars minifigures or want to learn more about LEGO’s Ninjago characters, we have you covered! Check out our buying guides and discover some of the best minifigures to add to your growing collection.

LEGO Minifigure Trump

Whilst looking for unique LEGO collectables, as I do most days, I stumbled across a range of different Donald Trump mini-figures which made be chuckle. Donald Trump is fair …