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Using our expertise in all things LEGO, we’ve hand-picked a variety of unique LEGO games to discover.

While we all associate the brand with physical brick-building, there are countless ways to enjoy everything that LEGO has to offer. In the last few decades, LEGO has branched off to bring creative worlds and limitless imagination to other formats.

In this section, you’ll find reviews and buying guides for the latest LEGO video games. Whether you’re looking for the best LEGO games for Nintendo Switch or Xbox, you’ll find out favorites here! You can also learn about up-and-coming titles, new Create the World trading card releases, and more!

The Next LEGO Game Title Is….

With the final price of LEGO Star Wars DLC just released, LEGO Harry Potter Collection out and LEGO Dimensions continuing it schedule of waved releases, the next big LEGO title is …

Best Lego Video Games For 2022

The LEGO brand is much more than just building toys for children. It is a concept that captures imagination in a fundamental way that few other properties can claim. …