History of LEGO

Thanks to Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark, just about everyone is familiar with Lego. In 1932, Christiansen started out developing wooden toys in an effort to make a living during tough economic times. In fact, it was a few years into the Great Depression that created desperation and economic calamity worldwide. Despite the … Read more

The Internet Makes Fun of Trump and His Wall

donald trump wall

Could Donald Trump Build His Wall With LEGO? As the entire United States impatiently awaits the final decision on President Donald Trump’s border wall, a Canadian ironworker has started to construct the barrier alone. Instead of using reinforced steel or slabs of concrete, this 40-year-old lego enthusiast is using color blocks. Chris is an avid … Read more

The Most Amazing Custom LEGO Trump Creation

You know how much we at Bricksfans love a LEGO Trump. Well I stumbled across this simple, yet genius creation of Donald Trump in LEGO form! What I love most about this is that the creator has completely nailed the posture! It’s an example of how even with LEGO, you can still achieve outstanding levels … Read more