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It’s not all collectible sets and flashy new builds!

LEGO-building is a lifelong hobby that continues to inspire millions across the globe. Thanks to the toy brand’s rich history, there are tons of fun facts and unique projects to learn about.

Our editors have curated a collection of fun LEGO pieces for fans of this iconic toy line. Read up on the history of LEGO to learn how these toys became the cultural phenomenon they are today. Or, discover something new with our list of 100 fun facts you probably didn’t know about LEGO.

We even have some quirky creations made by some of LEGO’s most diehard fans. From LEGO-themed cakes to brick-built mosaics, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy!

History of Lego

Thanks to Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark, just about everyone is familiar with Lego. In 1932, Christiansen started out developing wooden toys in an effort to make …