23 Of The Biggest LEGO Sets Available To Buy In 2022

The LEGO sets come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of little sets that you can use to pass the time, but big-time LEGO fans know that the best sets can get, well, big. LEGO, thankfully, has indulged its fans by making some sets that are truly massive.

These big sets tend to have a few things in common. First and foremost, they’re big projects – they’ll take hours, if not days, for you to finish. They tend to use very advanced construction techniques and they almost always have a few unique features included. These sets are usually the center-pieces of larger collections and tend to be the most sought-after in collector circles. If you’re looking for big builds, you’ll definitely want to take a look at twenty-five of the biggest sets that LEGO has ever made.



The Largest LEGO Sets for January, 2023 – Comparison Chart

Big LEGO SetNumber of PiecesDifficulty LevelOur Rating
Millennium Falcon (75192)754110/104.9
Hogwarts Castle (71043)60209/104.8
Taj Mahal (10256)59238.5/104.9
Ninjago City48679/104.7
Imperial Star Destroyer47848/104.8
LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827)46009/104.8
Tower Bridge (10214)42958/104.8
Big Ben (10253)41627/104.7
Roller Coaster (10261)41249/104.5
Disney Castle (71040)40808/104.6
LEGO Death Star 7515940167.5/104.4
LEGO Death Star II (10143)34178.5/104.7
LEGO Eiffel Tower (10181)34287/104.6
Sandcrawler (75059)32968.5/104.6
Grand Carousel (10196)32637/104.6
Super Star Destroyer (10221)31528.5/104.3
Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)7/104.9
SHIELD Helicarrier (76042)7/104.6
LEGO Sydney Opera House (10234)29897/104.2
LEGO Statue of Liberty (3450)28826/104.4
Mercedes-Benz Arocs (42043)27936/104.3
Skyline (5526)27767/104
MetalBeard's Sea Cow (70810)27417/104
Mobile Crane MK II (42009)26067/104



The Giants: Over 5000 Pieces


LEGO Colosseum

Number of Pieces: 9036 piece set

Take a look at the speed build video of the LEGO Colosseum!

Coming in at a massive 9036 pieces, LEGO Creator’s Colosseum is only for the die hard LEGO fans. This set features many newly developed LEGO pieces. Once built, users normally customize the piece with lighting.

An absolute stunning set.



LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192)

Number of Pieces: 7541 piece set

Replacing the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon on the list of big builds, the updated Millennium Falcon is a truly enormous build. Checking in at 7541 pieces, the Falcon is every collector’s dream. Incredibly accurate down to the last detail, it’s the most impressive version of a set that’s seen plenty of LEGO revisions over the years. Huge in its own right, it also features a ton of play space – something that’s not always all that common in the big collector models.

One of the coolest things about this set is how it crosses Star Wars generations. It has a host of mini-figures, including two Hans, Leia, Rey, Finn, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Porgs, and even a mynock. You can switch out the radar dish to ensure that you’ve got an accurate version of this build to represent your favorite movie, and it comes with a display plaque. A true giant, it’s the biggest build on the market today.





LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043)

Number of Pieces: 6020 piece set

LEGO definitely has a tendency to make huge representations of its most profitable properties, so it should come as no surprise that the Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter would get a big build. What might be surprising, though, is the sheer size of this one. At 6,020 pieces it’s quite a bit smaller than the Falcon, but it packs in just as much when it comes to playability.

What’s important to note about Hogwarts castle is that it’s not at Minifigure scale. As such, it comes with plenty of microfigures to allow collectors to set up their favorite scenes. The huge build also comes with a few boats and even figures of Hogwarts’ founders, rounding out an incredibly impressive set and really driving home the scope of the build.





LEGO Creator – Taj Mahal (10256)

Number of Pieces: 5923 piece set

At 5,923, the Taj Mahal is the biggest of the already-huge LEGO Creator Expert line. A great representation of the historic landmark, it’s not so much a set with which you play as a challenge to undertake if you really want to put your building skills to the test. When you’re done, you’ll have an excellent recreation of the site that not only feels like it took real effort to put together, but that looks amazingly realistic for a LEGO build.

This is not really a set with which you play. There are no minifigures here, for example – it’s not even at microfigure scale. Instead, it works best as part of a display of other architecture-related builds. If you’re looking for something complex that looks great, you’ll love the LEGO Creator Taj Mahal set.





The Huge Sets: 4000-5000 Pieces


LEGO Ninjago City

With 4867, this is one of the largest building sets that’s really meant to be a toy first and a display piece second. Part of the popular Ninjago line, this three-level set features not only a lot of very cool action features, but also a fairly big collection of unique minifigures. If you’re a fan of Ninjago and really want a chance to do a giant build, this is one of the best that you’re going to find.

The best part about the build is that the three levels are able to be removed from one another with ease. This means that you can put the whole city together, but play with each piece separately without worrying about knocking anything over. When it comes to the big building sets, it’s really hard not to say that this one is the most fun.





LEGO Star Wars – Imperial Star Destroyer

Some of the biggest LEGO building sets ever made are from the Star Wars line. This huge Star Destroyer is definitely one of the bigger display pieces, weigh in at 4784 pieces. That’s a lot of LEGO, and all of it has been put to use trying to faithfully recreate one of the most iconic ships in the Star Wars line.

This is strictly a display piece – there are a few other giant Star Destroyers out there, but this big one doesn’t have any of the action features. In fact, this unit actually comes with its own display stand so that you can show it off on a shelf. The build does include a single mini-figure, as tends to be the case with these sets. Still, it’s an amazing (and colossal) piece of LEGO Star Wars memorabilia.





LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827)

At over a foot tall and a foot-and-a-half wide when opened, the Ghostbuster Firehouse is an absolutely huge build that doesn’t skimp on the details. The exterior is a perfect recreation of the movie’s firehouse, while the interior is filled with recreations of the various rooms seen in the movies and in the cartoon. An amazingly detailed set, it definitely puts each of its 4,600 pieces. Quite possibly one the best LEGO Ghostbuster sets that LEGO have produced.

This build comes with nine minifigures, including all the main members of the classic cast and a host of ghosts. It’s also a rare big build that’s actually at scale with other builds in the line, as it’s actually big enough to fit the related Ecto-1. If you’re a fan of the movie or if you just like detailed builds, this might be the giant set for which you have been on the lookout.





LEGO Creator – Tower Bridge (10214)

The Creator Expert line of LEGO sets is full of big architectural pieces, and one of the real standouts is the Tower Bridge. At 4295 pieces, the only build in the line that outstrips it is the Taj Mahal. This piece stands out not just because it’s a fairly complicated build, but because of all the little pieces that go into making it feel like a real representation of the bridge.

The simple mini-cars included may not take much skill to build, but they give this st a real sense of scale. In fact, the whole thing feels like a great representation because you can get a feeling for the size of the bridge in relation to its accessories. If you’re looking for a fun architectural project, this one is definitely one of the better choices out there.





LEGO Creator – Big Ben (10253)

At 4,162, this London landmark is just a bit smaller than the Tower Bridge set but it’s just as much fun to build. Another one of the very realistic architectural sets in the Creator Expert theme, this one is all about making as realistic a Big Ben as possible while still using the unique building methods that one can only get with LEGO. The great news for all LEGO fans is that this set manages to pull things off very well, even if the build itself may not be one with which you can play.

The real fun here is the complexity of the build. Though it seems simple from the outside, the truth is that this one is challenging enough for any Master Builder. Complete with a few London-based accessories to give it a sense of scale, this piece is another fun giant.





Roller Coaster (10261)

Honestly, the LEGO Roller Coaster is a dream build for a lot of collectors. This big build is 4,124 pieces, but the most impressive part of the coaster is not its size. Instead, it’s the fact that it actually works. If you pair it with the right functions, it’s a fully working, motorized LEGO roller coaster that makes a great centerpiece for any theme park display.

The size of this coaster also ensures that it’s actually on minifigure scale. Not only does it come with eleven great minifigures, but you can use virtually any minifigure that LEGO has ever created with this build. If you’re looking for something that is fun and that’s also functional, you absolutely have to check out the LEGO rollercoaster.





Disney Castle (71040)

This massive Disney castle is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of Disney magic. It is one of the best Disney LEGO sets around. It has 4,080 pieces and stands at over two feet tall, making it one of the biggest sets that have ever been released in the Disney line. Full of great little details that make it really stand out for fans of the parks, it’s a cool centerpiece for any Disney collection – even those that don’t include any other LEGO building sets.

It’s also good to note that this one comes with five minifigures – Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Tinkerbell. They make it possible to recreate some classic park moments and are sought-after minifigures in and of themselves. This castle is the ultimate Disney build and one that’s definitely worth the time of anyone who really loves the Disney theme parks.





LEGO Star Wars – Death Starship 75159

The bigger of the two Death Starship sets, this one is probably best known for being featured in virtually every LEGO Store display in the United States and being dropped during the course of Spider-man: Homecoming. This massive piece is not just a huge build at 4,016 pieces, but it’s also one of the most fun sets that LEGO has ever made.

The piece features two sides – one is a constructed Death Star, and the other features a number of the different rooms featured in the Star Wars series. It also features 25 mini-figures, some of which are from Episode IV and others from Episode VI. Though it’s not quite on scale with the Star Wars vehicles, this is nonetheless a must-have build for Star Wars fans who really want a big building challenge.





The Big Sets: 3000-4000 Pieces


LEGO Star Wars – Death Star II (10143)

While the 75179 Death Star is definitely fun to play with, it’s not exactly a display model. That’s where the smaller LEGO Death Star II comes in – at 3417 pieces, it’s a simple display model that does an excellent job of representing the Death Star II while under construction. There are no mini-figures or action features here – this is simply a complex build meant to provide a challenge to fans as well as a cool piece to display.

The Death Star II really stands out because it manages to fit the aesthetic of the film so well. The model from the movie already looked like it was made of LEGO, so the company didn’t have to do a lot of adjustments to get it to fit the LEGO style. It might not be as feature-rich or as fun as the bigger Death Star, but it’s nonetheless a really good addition to any Star Wars collection. Highly collectible. Grab it if you can!





LEGO Eiffel Tower (10181)

The three-and-a-half foot tall Eiffel Tower seems like it should be one of the simplest LEGO builds out there, but it’s actually one of the more complex. Built at a 1:300 scale, it’s meant to be a faithful recreation of the tower down to its tiniest details. It takes 3,428 pieces to get things done right, but there’s no question that this Eiffel Tower looks the part.

What’s truly impressive about this piece is that it’s built based on the original blueprints of the real Eiffel Tower. As such, it’s definitely one of the most realistic LEGO builds you can find. Made entirely of greys and whites, it’s also one of the hardest piles of bricks to sort through. Consider this one if you want a real challenge that’s going to end up looking really impressive.





Sandcrawler (75059)

At 3,296 pieces, this is probably the biggest LEGO set and most collectible set from the Star Wars series that nonetheless has the least screen-time. Really only appearing in this form twice in Episode IV, it’s one of those collector’s sets that’s instantly identifiable as being part of Star Wars, yet it takes a real fan to really understand its significance. It’s a big build, though, and for good reason – this one is actually built at minifigure scale.

Unlike some of the other giant builds, this is a toy that’s meant to be played with. It includes several minifigures, including Luke Skywalker, 2 Jawas and an RA-7 droid, plus an R5-A2 astromech droid and a medical droid. These are some unique droids that you can’t get anywhere else. It has a handful of neat action features and, best of all, you can actually open it up and poke around inside. This is a fun build that’s going to take you some time to complete.





Grand Carousel (10196)

You wouldn’t necessarily think of a carousel as one of the giant builds, but this one weighs in at 3,263 pieces. Though it seems simple, it’s actually got a lot going on underneath – enough to make it more than just a simple carousel but to make it one of those expert builds for which the major collectors tend to go wild.

The big draw of the Grand Carousel isn’t its size, but rather its functionality. It uses the Power Bricks to not only move on its own, but also to play music. This is really a full-featured carousel, one that works very well with all of its included mini-figures. A cool piece for a park or theme park build, it’s also a great piece of technology in its own right.





Super Star Destroyer (10221)

The 3152 is a smaller version of the Star Destroyer listed above, but it’s also a representation of one of the biggest vehicles in Star Wars canon. Famous for its appearance in Return of the Jedi, this Super Star Destroyer is Darth Vader’s flagship and undeniably one of the coolest ships to be included in the overall canon of Star Wars vehicles. This build is another display, but it’s also another display that works incredibly well on its own.

In addition to looking slightly different, this version of the Star Destroyer does come with four minifigures. Though they aren’t scaled to fit inside the ship, they’re still a nice addition to the set. If you’re looking for a big Star Wars piece to add to your collection, you might want to take a look at this one.

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Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)

The final Imperial Star Destroyer on this list was actually one of the first to be added to the line. At the time, it absolutely dwarfed anything else in the Star Wars theme and it was actually one of the biggest sets that LEGO had aever produced. This makes it not only a really special ship historically, but also one that’s proof of how much bigger the Star Wars vehicles have gotten.

This is probably the simplest of the three Star Destroyer variants as well. Definitely more of a model than a toy, it’s just the ship. The good news, though, is that it is incredibly detailed. Though this piece of Star Wars history is very hard to find these days, it’s still one that you might want to pick up if you manage to track it down.





The Runners-Up: 2500-3000 Pieces


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – SHIELD Helicarrier (76042)

At 2,996 pieces, the SHIELD Helicarrier is a huge set that’s actually not built to scale for minifigures. Just like the Imperial Star Destroyer or Hogwarts Castle, it’s actually scaled down quite a bit so that the massive size of the model can be properly conveyed. It’s a very accurate representation of the flying base used in the Avengers movies, one that comes with plenty of elements to play with and features some cool potential upgrades.

This model comes with trucks, roadblocks, and even miniature Quinjets. It also comes with five minifigures, which fit nicely on the build’s stand but are far too big to actually fit on the Helicarrier itself. It makes for a really nice centerpiece for a bigger Avengers collection and it’s undeniably one of the coolest superhero sets that LEGO has ever made.





LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House (10234)

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in the world. It is honestly one of the most sought-after parts of the LEGO Creator line and at 2,989 pieces, it’s only a little smaller than builds like the Helicarrier. A very nice piece of LEGO architecture, it manages to straddle the line between being a piece that’s just fun to build and one that’s a lot of fun to display.

This is definitely a model for advanced builders, though. It absolutely pushes LEGO to the limit of what can be done with the building system, and you’ll end up using techniques that you won’t use on any other set out there. If you’re looking for one of the most unique LEGO building experiences on the market, this is the set for you.





LEGO Statue of Liberty (3450)

While 2,882 pieces aren’t much compared to some of the other sets on this list, this Statute of Liberty is legitimately huge. Standing at two feet tall and over a foot wide, it’s huge set that really pushes LEGO building to its limits. Not an easy set to build by any stretch of the imagination, this is an amazing project for anyone who wants to undertake a real challenge.

One of the unique things about this set is that it doesn’t really come with anything to give you a sense of scale – it’s the build itself that generates that particular feeling. There are no little LEGO figures or park benches here, just a giant Statue of Liberty that dominates virtually any space in which it might be found.
10224: Town Hall





Mercedes-Benz Arocs (42043)

One of the most complicated vehicles ever made in the world of LEGO, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is really more about all of its features than it is about the nature of the build itself. This two-in-one construction truck doesn’t really stand out as anything special, at least until you begin to realize that many of its 2,793 pieces are actually dedicated to some pretty cool action features.

This truck makes use of a number of powered features, including an articulated pneumatic arm. This is high-level LEGO building at its best, as it makes use of some of LEGO’s greatest features in pursuit of putting together something unique. This a fun set for anyone who wants to push their LEGO abilities.





Skyline (5526)

This big set (2,776 bricks) has a few unique things going for it. First and foremost, it’s a great series of miniature representations that includes some great landmarks and a handful of other buildings that have featured in other sets. The big thing, though, is that this LEGO Factory set was actually designed by a fan.

This micro-scale skyline is a labor of love, and it’s easy to tell when you’re building. It sets right on the edge of being something that anyone could design and something that really took a lot of effort. Definitely take a look at this set to see what fans can do with enough skill.





MetalBeard’s Sea Cow (70810)

You might not expect a set from The LEGO Movie to make it on to the list of biggest LEGO sets, but this very intricate character/ship combo is actually pretty huge. At 2,741 pieces, it’s both the biggest set from the The LEGO MOVIE line and one of the biggest sets that are absolutely just meant to be played with.

Complete with two Micro-Managers, two Minifigures, and a Mini-Metalbeard, this unique pirate ship is definitely a great build from the movie. It’s a little more complex than most of the pirate ship builds that LEGO has made in the past, mostly due to some of the newer action features. If you’re really a fan of the movie, you should also note that you really can take this ship apart to create a full-sized version of the Metalbeard from the movie.





LEGO Technic Mobile Crane MK II (42009)

Throwing the Mobile Crane MK II on this list almost feels like cheating, since it is technically a Technic set. Generally made for more seasoned builders and filled with a lot of unique parts, these sets tend to be a lot more realistic and lot more complicated than what you’ll see in the average LEGO set. This one makes the list, though, because it has 2,606 pieces.

Since this is a Technic build, you can expect some cool extras. This one makes use of the power function to create a fully-functional crane arm. It’s one of the most realistic construction vehicles has ever made, as well as one of the largest.





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