Best Star Wars Lego Sets For 2023

Whether you are a child or only a child at heart, Lego has many sets that are great to invest in. This is especially true for Star Wars fans because there are a number of different sets that any fan would love. There are Lego sets for all of your favorite Star Wars ships, locations, and characters. Let’s take a look at eight great options that are worth considering so that the next time that you are looking for a set of Lego’s, you will be able to wow any Star Wars fan.


The Best Star Wars Lego Sets September, 2023 – Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
Lego Star Wars Death Star
Two laser towers that are movable

Turbo laser that has a seat and spring-loaded shooters

Laser control room

Trash compactor room
4016 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter
Five unique characters

Cockpit of the fighter does open up

Turning gear wheel

Rotating ion cannon
691 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Starfighter
Folding wings

Front-and-top-opening mini figure cockpit

Space for R2-D2 behind

Two laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters
262 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon
6 minifigures

Kessel Operations Droid

Plus a DD-BD droid

This set also includes Star Wars blaster weapons
1414 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter
Four spring-loaded shooters

Opening wings

Episode VII The Force Awakens

Poe Dameron
717 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter
Imperial Pilot

Tobias Beckett (in Mimban Stormtrooper disguise)

Mimban Stormtrooper

Han Solo figures
519 Pieces
Lego Star Wars Episode VIII First Order Heavy Assault Walker
Posable legs and head

Opening minifigure cockpit and spring-loaded shooters

Aimable rapid-fire stud shooter on top

1376 Pieces
Lego Star Wars VIII BB-8
Authentic detailing

Wheel activated rotating head

Opening hatch with non functioning welding torch

Display stand
1106 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle
6 Star Wars Minifigures

TIE fighter starship

1,060 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars Snow Speeder
Airbrakes that open and close

Cockpit that you can open to place a minifig inside

rear gun that rotates

2 minifigures
309 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition
Bonus minifig of Lando

Gun turret

4 LEGO Star Wars minifigures

Spring-loaded shooters
309 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder
Two first order imperial stormtroopers


444 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer
Display stand

Unique bricks
423 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter
5 LEGO Star Wars characters

Opening cockpit

Firing spring-loaded shooters

Bomb elements that can be dropped
578 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars Hoth Attack
Foldout Echo Base with a rotating tower with opening hatch

Flick missile


Imperial Probe Droid

233 Pieces
LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Sandcrawler
4 LEGO Star Wars minifigures

Removable panels


Prison chamber and a lowering ramp
1239 Pieces





1) LEGO Star Wars Death Star

The first LEGO Star Wars set that we are going to look at is a model of the Death Star. It is complete with 4016 pieces, and plenty of minifigures that you can display on the Empire’s evil battle station. Overall, the Death Star is about 16 inches tall and 16 inches wide when it is built, so it is plenty big enough to recreate some of your favorite scenes from Episode IV and Episode VI.

In this set, you will be able to build two laser towers that are movable, a turbo laser that has a seat and spring-loaded shooters, and a laser control room. There is also a trash compactor room, a detention block, an Imperial conference chamber, and Emperor Palpatine’s throne room. There is a Tie fighter that is actually large enough to have Vader inside. Weapons are also included with this set, which includes blasters, lightsabers, pistols, rifles, and more.

This set comes with the characters:

Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker (duel outfit)
Obi-wan Kenobi
Han Solo (disguised)
Luke Skywalker (disguised)
Imperial Astromech
Death Star Droid
Two Storm Troopers
Two Death Star Gunners
Two Death Star Troopers
Imperial Officer
Imperial Navy Officer
Grand Moff Tarkin
Darth Vader
Two Emperor’s Royal Guards
Emperor Palpatine






2) Lego Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter

The next Lego Star Wars set that most fans will love is a 691-piece set that features a Y-Wing from the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Even though the starfighter is the main part of the set, you will notice that it comes with a rotating gun loader, a turning crane, and extra ammo to use. The fighter stands at about two inches high, 16 inches long, and seven inches wide, so it is not a tiny toy that can easily get lost.

Some of the other features that are included on this set are a turning gear wheel that you can use to drop bombs from the bomb release, a rotating ion cannon, and two spring-loaded shooters. These shooters are located on the front of the ship and can be used when you are playing a rebel character. The cockpit of the fighter does open up, and there is plenty of space for a pilot to seat inside. The landing gear on the fighter is also retractable, which makes it easy to fly it and land it.

Included in this set, you will find five unique characters to really immerse yourself in playing with the Y-Wing.

A Y-Wing Pilot
Admiral Raddus
A Rebel Astromech
A Stormtrooper






3) Lego Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

The next Star Wars Lego set that we are going to look at is one that is a little bit smaller. It is designed with about 262 pieces, and it is the design of Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter. Measuring at about two inches tall, five inches long, and seven inches wide, it is a very realistic looking fighter that Yoda would have used during the Clone Wars. This craft has a classic design that features folding wing that you can easily adjust; there are also two laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters on the ship.

The fighter is just like it was designed in the movies; it has a cockpit that can be used by Yoda, and an outside cockpit that is ideal for a droid. Yoda and R2-D2 come with this set, and it also comes with additional lightsabers that you can exchange out as well as ammo for the cannons on the ship. This gives you the option to fight as the famous Jedi master as you travel to different locations in the galaxy.






4) Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is a great starship that you can craft out of the Lego pieces that are in this set. It is a relatively large ship, which stands at five inches tall, 18 inches long, and 12 inches wide. This set has 1,329 pieces, so it may be a challenge to put together for younger fans. This is a ship that was featured in Episode VII, and it is a great option to use to explore the galaxy.

The features that are included with this set are removable gunner seats that you can put a character into. There are also secret compartments, a main hold, and two detachable cockpits that you can use. There are also spring-loaded shooters as well as laser turrets on the top and bottom of the ship. In addition, the hulls and the hatch on the ship can open up so that the characters have easy access.

There are six mini characters that come with this set, and they all come with weapons that you can use as well. There are pistols, blasters, rifles, and a bowcaster included as well as the six characters and a cute little astromech.

A Kanjiklub Gang Member
Tasu Leech
Han Solo






5) Lego Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

This next Lego Star Wars set is one that is designed to build Poe Dameron’s famous X-Wing fighter. This is a fighter that is seen in Episode VII. The fighter is not very large, but it is identical to the fighter from the movie. It is four inches high, 12 inches wide, and 14 inches long. When the wings are closed, the fighter is a bit smaller, but it is still over three inches tall.

In total, this is a set that has 717 pieces, so it should not be too difficult to manage to put it together. This starfighter has a lot of features that will be usable as well including four spring-loaded shooters and two stud shooters. The fighter has wings that open up and close, a cockpit for a minifigurine character, and a cockpit that is designed for an astromech droid to use. The landing gear for the fighter can also be retracted.

Weapons are also part of this set as well as the characters that come with it, which include:

Poe Dameron
A Resistance Ground Crew Member
A Resistance X-Wing Pilot






6) Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter

When you are at the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, you will see plenty of TIE fighters when the members of the Imperial army are attacking. This set is designed to create this ship out of 519 pieces. The Tie fighter is designed to be about nine inches tall, seven inches wide, and seven inches long.

The ship looks complicated to put together, but it is not all that tough. It comes with an access shaft and a cockpit that opens up so that the characters that you are playing with can enter the vehicle. It is also designed with spring-loaded shooters that can be fired from the ship as it flies.

When you purchase this TIE fighter set, you will get four characters to help you recreate the scenes from the movies. These characters include:

Han Solo
A Pilot
A Stormtrooper






7) Lego Star Wars Episode VIII First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Another great Star Wars Lego set that any fan would enjoy is this Heavy Assault Walker that can be seen in Episode VIII. These vehicles are commonly used by the first order to attack. The entire set is designed to be 13 inches tall and 13 inches long when it is fully built. The width is only four inches.

This is an excellent set because both the walker and the character that come with the set can be moved. The legs can be positioned in any way that you want them to be, and the cockpit can easily be opened so that you can reenact realistic scenes from the movie. There are ammo stores on the sides of the legs that open up easily, and there are also weapons that you can use on the vehicle. The spring-loaded shooters on the front of the unit can really shoot, and there is a rapid firing gun that has a handle that you can use to aim your shots.

When it comes to the characters that come with this set, there are five options that you can use, which include:

A Resistance Trooper
Captain Poe Dameron
A First Order Walker Driver
A First Order Storm Trooper






8) Lego Star Wars VIII BB-8

The Final set that we are going to look at in this guide is BB-8. He is an astromech droid that we have all come to love. This is not an easy set to put together; in fact, the droid alone is 1106 pieces, which means that it could be difficult for younger enthusiasts. The droid also comes with a stand that you can keep him from rolling on your desk as well as a plaque that tells you a little bit about BB-8.

The droid stands at about nine inches tall, five inches wide, and 10 inches long. The droid does not roll very well because of the blockiness of his design, but he does have a head that is designed to move around. This is controlled with the wheel on the side of his body. There is also a hatch on the front of him that holds a welding torch that can be extended. No other characters come with this set, but if you are looking for a desk figure, then this is a great option to consider.






9 – LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle

Fans of the “Dark Side” will get a kick out of this set, which recreates Darth Vader’s castle from the film series. It comes with five minifigs that include Darth Vader in two different positions and an Imperial Transport Pilot. The LEGO set stands more than 16-inches tall when completed and comes with more than 1,000 blocks. Designed for those who are nine and older, this set also comes with the blocks needed to build a tie fighter from the films. Users can put together different things with the blocks or follow the included instructions.






10 – LEGO Star Wars Snow Speeder

Many of the popular scenes from the film series take place in the winter months. Fans of the films can now create a snow speeder from LEGO blocks thanks to this set. Made to look exactly like the vehicle, the set includes airbrakes that open and close, a cockpit that you can open to place a minifig inside and a rear gun that rotates. Once built, you can use the included stand to display the snow speeder, which includes some facts about the vehicle. This LEGO set also comes with two minifigs.






11 – LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition

Released in honor of the 20th anniversary of the second film in the series, this LEGO set lets you build one of the snow speeder vehicles spotted in the movie. Included with the set is a bonus minifig of Lando, one of Han Solo’s closest allies. You can open the cockpit of the speeder and place Lando behind the wheel. Suitable for kids seven and older, it comes with 309 pieces that you can use to build the speeder, a gun turret and a few other objects. The instructions show you what blocks you need for each one.






12 – LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder

Another LEGO kit that lets you build a snow speeder vehicle is this one, which mimics the look of the vehicles used by the troopers in the series. Measuring eight-inches long when completed, this set comes with 444 pieces and is designed for those between the ages of seven and 14. You can use the vehicle to recreate the thrilling chase scene featured in The Force Awakens. It comes with three minifigs too: two first order imperial stormtroopers and an officer. You won’t find these figures available in other sets.






13 – LEGO Star Wars Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer

Star Wars fans between the ages of seven and 14 will appreciate this LEGO set because it lets them build one of the imperial star destroyer vehicles used by the Dark Side. Though it lacks any minifigs, it comes with a display stand that lets you easily display your hard work later. At over 12-inches long, this LEGO vehicle is perfect for fans of the films. It comes with unique bricks that aren’t available in other sets, which you use to build the exterior of the destroyer. You can open some of the parts on the vehicle too.






14 – LEGO Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter

One of the best Star Wars LEGO sets for those who like the new trilogy of films, is the Rise Of Skywalker Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter. It comes with five minifigs, including Poe Dameron, Zorii Bliss and First Order Snowtrooper, as well as D-O and astromech droids. All of the included 578 parts fit together quickly when you follow the included instructions. Those instructions also let you make sure that you have all the necessary parts.






15 – LEGO Star Wars Hoth Attack

Fans of Star Wars know that one of the most iconic scenes is the attack on Hoth. You can now recreate all the excitement of that scene in LEGO blocks. The Hoth Attack set comes with a Han Solo minifig and two other minifigs of an imperial snow trooper and a rebel trooper, all of which come complete with LEGO weapons. You can let Han escape from the bad guys chasing him down when you put this set together. The echo base opens up to reveal other areas and objects inside, including a tower that rotates and has an attached missile that moves and a large trench.






16 – LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Sandcrawler

You can’t think of Star Wars without thinking of A New Hope, the first film from the original series. This LEGO set comes with everything needed to build the Sandcrawler that Luke uses. It features a ramp on the back that you can lower, a prison chamber and panels that come off the sides. Luke himself comes with the set as a minifig, but it also includes minifigs of two droids and other characters. With more than 1,200 blocks and parts included in the box, this set is best for those who are nine or older.






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