Best LEGO Winter Village Sets – 2023

LEGO® is a Danish company that first began manufacturing construction toys in 1949. Their modern, plastic bricks lock securely together so that solid structures can be built. This allows users to create vehicles and toys that can be played with, or models and sculptures that can be displayed long term. Builders can follow directions to craft specific models or use the bricks and a little imagination to make something unique.

LEGO has grown into one of the largest brands in the world. Their products are designed to grow with the builder too. There are DUPLO® sets for children ages 2 and up. There are LEGO Juniors sets for children between the ages of 4 and 7. The regular LEGO line is truly for all ages. They are collected, played with and displayed by both children and adults alike.

For the advanced LEGO builders, there is the Creator series. These are expert-level sets that provide large, complex builds. Building is a big part of the fun here, and these sets should entertain for hours. LEGO makes themed sets based on licensed properties or concepts such as City, Space and Architecture. The sets on our list here all have a Winter Village theme.


Best LEGO Winter Village Sets December, 2023 – Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Gingerbread House
Colorful candy buttons

Candy-cane columns and walking sticks

Glittery windows and a tall chimney stack with a fire that glows

1,477 pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Santa's Workshop
Beautiful sleigh with red and gold detail

Dark green padding

4 reindeer

Baby reindeer
883 pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Fire Station
2-level fire station

Fire truck

Ice skating rink

Christmas tree with Christmas decorations
1,166 pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Holiday Train
Train track wraps a full circle around your Christmas tree


5 minifigures

Buildable micro toys
734 pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Station
5 minifigures

Snowy train station with a clock tower


Coffee shop
902 pieces
LEGO Creator Expert Winter Toy Shop
8 minifigures

Complete family set

Snowplow driver

Spinning wheels and room for the driver inside
1,490 pieces
LEGO City: Ski Resort
Rescue base


Grind rail

Ski shop
806 Pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Market
9 minifigures

Functioning carousel and operator's booth

Baker's stand
1,261 pieces
LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Post Office
7 minifigures

Dark-green split roof with snow


Light brick
822 pieces





LEGO Creator: (Expert) Gingerbread House – LEGO set number 10267

The Gingerbread House set contains a total of 1,477 pieces and also includes building instructions. Lego rates this set as being appropriate for ages 12 and up. The Gingerbread House comes with two LEGO minifigures of a Gingerbread Man and a Gingerbread Woman. There is also a special brick for a Gingerbread Baby. This is a delightful set that will look fantastic in any holiday display.

The house features a working door and a staggering amount of exterior details. Colorful candy pieces adorn the outside of the house. The interior is just as detailed. There’s a glowing fireplace, candy-styled furniture and a ton of accessories. Furnishings include chairs, tables and dishes. There is even a bathroom with a bathtub and a toilet.

The light-up fireplace glows at the touch of a button. There’s a baby carriage for the little one. There is also an included baby bottle, a frying pan for cooking and an axe for when the family needs some more firewood. When fully constructed, the Gingerbread House stands 8-inches tall, 10-inches wide and 5-inches deep.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Santa’s Workshop – LEGO set number 10245

No festive winter scene is complete without Santa’s Workshop. This set contains a total of 883 pieces plus instructions. It is designed for builders 12-years-old and up. It comes with six different minifigures. These include Santa with his red gift sack, Mrs. Claus with a tray full of cookies and four elves with their pointy ears and elf hats.

The set also has bricks to build Santa’s sleigh and four reindeer to pull it. There’s even a smaller baby reindeer. The sleigh is highly detailed with red and gold accents and green padding on the inside. There’s a work-station conveyor built for those elves to man. There is also a North Pole sign, a Christmas Tree and the Workshop building itself.

The Workshop stands 6-inches high, 9-inches wide and 3-inches deep. It features two doors and a window that open and close. There is also a shop sign and a clock tower. Accessories include four wrapped presents and some classic toys. The toys are a spaceship, a car and a magic wand. There is even a strand of Christmas lights for the shop roof.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Fire Station – LEGO set number 10263

Every Winter Village needs a firehouse to keep the residents safe. The Winter Village Fire Station is a set containing 1,166 LEGO bricks and instructions. There are six LEGO minifigures. These include three firefighters, an ice-hockey player, a girl with a scarf and a musician with a saxophone. There is also a Dalmatian figure for the firehouse mascot. This is a set for ages 12 and up.

There is a classic firetruck to build with rubber tires, hoses and a ladder that lifts for rescue operations. For added scenery, there’s a skating rink and an outdoor spot with a snowman. There is also a large Christmas tree complete with LEGO brick decorations and a star for the top. The real star of this set, though, is the firehouse itself.

The firehouse stands 9-inches high, 9-inches wide and 5-inches deep. It is highly detailed both inside and out. Giant doors can be opened to let the firetruck through. There are multiple rooms and levels on the inside. The garage area has a fire pole. This set features a ton of accessories. There are tools, tool boxes, beds, tables, a coffee maker and more.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Holiday Train – LEGO set number 10254

The Winter Holiday Train Set would look great as a display piece beneath a Christmas tree. This set contains a total of 734 pieces plus instructions. It is designed for ages 12 and up. The set comes with five LEGO minifigures and a special figure of a toy robot. The standard figures include a locomotive driver, a ticket collector, a grandma, a young girl and a young boy.

There’s a full circular track to build and a spinning Christmas tree that turns as the train moves. The train engine can be upgraded with LEGO Power Functions pieces. It can be made to run along the track automatically. This is a fun additional feature that increases the display or play value of this set.

Along with the train, track and figures, there’s also a boarding platform, a lamp post and a bench. There are three cars behind the engine. There’s a flatbed with the spinning tree. There’s also a bright red caboose on the end. Extra pieces include festive wreaths, decorative holiday lights and assorted accessories for the minifigures.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Station – LEGO set number 10259

This Winter Village Station set pairs perfectly with the previous Winter Holiday Train. The set contains 902 pieces with instructions for the build. It is made for builders ages 12 and older. There is a total of five minifigures here including a ticket agent, a barista, a bus driver, a grandma and a child.

The station includes a piece of railway track. The station itself has a working door and an exterior platform where passengers can board the train or wait for their ride. The station is adorned with festive decorations such as holiday wreaths. There is a crossroad section with gates that come down to block traffic when the train goes through. Builders can also construct a bus.

The bus has plenty of room inside for the driver and some passenger minifigures. Trees and lamp posts add some more details to the scenery. Inside of the station, there are a lot of details on the walls and furnishings. There’s also a coffee shop with accessories and a cash register. Outside of the station stands an attractive clock tower.






LEGO Creator Expert Winter Toy Shop

The Expert Winter Toyshop contains 898 pieces plus instructions. It is rated as appropriate for builders ages 12 and up. Not only are there tons of pieces for a large building, there is also a total of eight minifigures here. There are carolers, children and skiers, as well as lots of wreaths and buildable micro toys. There are lots of little pieces and well thought out features in this set.

There are pieces to build an intricate toys shop, inside and out, the detail is fantastic. In addition to the main toy shop, there are pieces to build a holiday tree complete with bauble decorations. This set also comes with a light brick, that can shine a warm light on your completed set up.






LEGO City: Ski Resort – LEGO set number 60203

A Winter Village just isn’t complete without a Ski Resort. This set contains a total of 806 pieces plus the instructions. The set is actually part of the LEGO City series of sets. It was designed for builders ages 6 and up. It fits in perfectly with the LEGO Winter Village themed sets. There are 11 minifigures here. You get three ski patrol members, a shop clerk, helicopter pilot, skier, snowboarder, two children, a shop clerk and a customer. Special figures include a buildable dog and a snowman.

The main build is a two-level rescue station for the ski resort. There is also a ski shop, a large-screen TV, a snowboard and a ski rack. There are enough bricks to build a number of fun vehicles in this set. You can make a helicopter, a rescue truck and a snowmobile with an attached trailer.

The truck features a removable snowplow. A stretcher can be attached to the snowmobile for rescue missions. This set contains a ton of extra accessories such as skis, snow shoes, hats and food items.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Market – LEGO set number 10235

The Winter Village Market contains a total of 1,261 pieces along with the build instructions. This set is for builders who are 12-years-old and up. You get nine different minifigures here including three female adults, two male adults and four children. The main construct to build is a beautiful carousel that really spins. Minifigures can be snapped securely to the horses to go for a ride. The horses even rock as the carousel spins.

There is a bench seat with a tree and a lamp post. This set also includes an operator’s booth, a small baker’s stand, a candy stand and a grilled-food stand. Everything is decorated in an attractive winter-holiday motif. There are numerous food items and other accessories.

The carousel itself with the operator’s booth measures about 7-inches high, 10-inches wide and 6-inches deep. It spins with the turn of a handle. Most of the booths stand approximately 3-inches high and are 3-inches wide and 1-inch deep. Also included are a teddy bear, scarf, purse and small cat.






LEGO Creator: (Expert) Winter Village Post Office – LEGO set number 10222

The Winter Village Post Office contains a total of 822 parts along with the build instructions. This set is intended for builders who are 12-years-old or older. It includes seven different minifigures. There is a female postal worker, a male letter carrier, a standard female, two children and two musicians. There is also a small dog figure.

The Post Office features a clock tower, lattice windows, a functional door and numerous details on the exterior. The interior is just as finely detailed. There are tables, service desks and a fireplace that lights up with the help of a LEGO Light Brick. Outside, there are snow scenes, mailboxes, a bench and a gazebo.

Builders will also be able to construct a bright-red, classic delivery truck. The truck features spinning wheels with real rubber tires. The vehicle doors open and close, and the post-office workers can be placed inside. There are also numerous letter and package bricks. These can be loaded into the truck for delivery.

These Winter Village sets make beautiful display pieces once completed. The sets would be especially nice to display during the winter-holiday season. LEGO fans will have a lot of fun collecting and connecting the sets to make their own complete village. If you know a builder who enjoys the construction process more than anything else, these sets are perfect for such a person. They all contain a high number of bricks. This means hours of building fun. The building process is challenging so that completion is that much more rewarding.





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