Best LEGO Super Heroes Sets – 2022 Reviews

Thanks to the popularity of films such as “Avengers: Endgame,” superheroes are now a billion-dollar industry. It’s not just the films that are popular either. You can turn on The CW and see famous characters like Supergirl and The Flash chasing bad guys and saving their cities. Whether you’re a fan of DC or Marvel characters, you can find some great LEGO sets that let you live out your fantasies of saving the world. These sets come in sizes and options that are suitable for a range of ages too.

The smallest of hero fans can find sets designed just for them. These LEGO sets come with minifigs of their favorite characters and larger bricks that small hands can easily put together. They can build sets that look like those found in films too. The sets designed for adults are on the larger size and come with small pieces that the kids’ sets lack. Not only can you recreate movie moments, but you can make new sets at home. All the LEGO super hero sets come with bricks that are compatible with each other. You can mix and match Marvel and DC sets too. Find out which of the sets are best for you with a look at the best LEGO super heroes sets.


Best LEGO Super Heroes Sets January, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man Bike Rescue
Tech spider shooter and (non-shooting) web gun

3 superhero minifigures

Stop Carnage blowing up the power generator
235 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Royal Talon Fighter Attack
LEGO Marvel Black Panther figure

Nakia figure with disc weapons

Killmonger figure with a flick missile shooter
358 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack
Wakandan wall, with an opening gate

Tower with 2 rotating, dual stud-shooting turrets

5 Infinity War figures
416 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Outrider Dropship Attack
Opening dual minifigure cockpit

Infinity Stone element, foldout sides

2 stud shooters, then battle for the future of Wakanda
124 Pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase
Big wheels with rubber tires

2 rotating stud shooters

weapon holders for the Batman's Batarang and grapple-hook gun
224 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Avenger's: Infinity War Thor's Weapon Quest
Opening cockpit, detachable roof

2 stud shooters, plus a space station

3 Infinity War figures
223 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Captain America vs. Hydra
3 minifigures with assorted accessories

Motorcycle with working suspension wheels

Hydra battle vehicle with wheels, rotating turret

172 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Avengers Captain America Outriders Attack
Minifigure cockpit, Captain America shield shooters

Detachable blasters and attachment points for minifigures

4 Marvel Universe minifigures
167 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up
Opening minifigure cockpit and bashing arm function

Gun turret with a ball shooter

4 Infinity War figures
375 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Iron Man vs. Ultron
Iron Man's iconic helmet, thrusters

Super Jumper, 2 stud shooters

The Ultron Sentries' thrusters
90 Pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes
2 minifigures: Armored Batman and Superman

Rotating and exploding Bat-Signal

Armored Batman minifigure launch stick function
92 Pieces




LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man Bike Rescue

Spider-Man is one of the top Marvel characters of all time and also one of the most iconic. He comes to life in this LEGO set, which lets the character save the world and stop some of the bad guys in a miniature size. The set comes with two minifigs. Not only do you get a Spider-Man minifig in his classic red and blue costume, but you also get a Miles Morales minifig. This is the same character who took center stage in the film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and comes wearing his standard black and red costume.

Also included is a minifig of Carnage, one of the top Spider-Man villains of all time. Designed for kids six and up, the set features 235 LEGO bricks and accessories. Those bricks include everything needed to build the bike that Spider-Man rides and a scene of Carnage attacking.





LEGO Marvel Royal Talon Fighter Attack

With 358 bricks and accessories as well as minifigs included in the box, this LEGO set allows Black Panther fans to recreate one of the top battle scenes from the film of the same name. The Royal Talon Fighter serves both a ship and a playset in this box. Most of the included parts create the boat, which measures eight inches long and more than two inches tall when fully assembled. The exterior of the boat creates a surface that lets you attach the included minifigs too.

LEGO gives you a Black Panther minifig that shows the hero dressed in his classic black costume. You also get a Nakia minifig to give the hero some back up as he encounters the two villain minifigs of Ulysses and Killmonger. To make sure that you enjoy all the action of the flick, LEGO gives you small weapons for each one of those minifigs too.





LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack

“Avengers: Infinity War” is one of the top films of all time and one of the highest-grossing movies too. One of the top scenes from that film showed the beloved characters coming together in Wakanda to stop Thanos. You can now recreate all of that action with this LEGO set. It comes with 416 bricks, many of which fit together to form the wall outside the country that protected the heroes.

When you put the bricks together correctly, you’ll find that the wall features a section that opens and a tower with two turrets that you can spin. It also has a hidden shooter that lets you shoot LEGO discs at the villains and an Infinity Stone element that matches the elements included in other sets. Thanks to the five included minifigs, you can battle with the good guys against the bad buys. LEGO includes Vision, Black Panther and Shuri as well as an outrider and Corvus Glaive.





LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Outrider Dropship Attack

Captain America and Black Widow are two of the top characters from the Marvel hero films. Both of those characters are represented in this LEGO set with minifigs that resemble their looks from the Infinity War saga. This set picks up on the action as a ship dropped out of the air and an outrider attacked. Most of the included 124 pieces create the dropship, which has a cockpit that can accommodate an Infinity War element as well as the included outrider minifig.

This ship has a small shooter that releases two studs sides that fold out. Each of the two outrider minifigs has six arms that can hold weapons and other accessories. You also get a Captain America minifig that comes with two guns and a Black Widow minifig that holds batons in each hand. When you buy all the Infinity Wars LEGO sets, you can recreate the whole film and collect a full set of Infinity Stones.





LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase

Whether you love the excitement of DC cartoons, live-action shows or films, you can use this LEGO set to recreate some of the fun that you see on the big or small screen. The more than 200 included pieces create the Batcycle, which is the black and yellow motorcycle that Batman rides through the streets of Gotham. Some of the other pieces create the colorful cycle that Harley Quinn rides too. That cycle includes a large working hammer that she can bring down on Batman to stop him and get away.

The cycle that Batman rides includes some realistic and working weapons too, which he can use to stop Harley. Both cycles have attachment places designed for the included Batman and Harley Quinn minifigs. To help Harley on her quest, LEGO includes a Deadshot minifig too. Deadshot comes with a backpack that helps him take off and a large gun that he can fire at Batman.





LEGO Marvel Avenger’s: Infinity War Thor’s Weapon Quest

During the Infinity War saga, Thor found himself floating through space and meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He later split off with Rocket Raccoon and Groot to track down the one weapon that would stop Thanos. If you loved the scenes of those three characters working together, you’ll love this LEGO set. It comes with three minifigs of those popular characters, including Groot as a teenager and Thor with his new eye.

You also get a Rocket minifig who can pilot the escape pod and get all three to another world. Multiple weapons come with the set and let each character have at least one. With the included Power Burst parts, you can put a custom spin on the escape pod and build new vehicles too. As this set is for kids six to 12, all the included parts are on the larger side but not suitable for use around younger children.





LEGO Marvel Captain America vs. Hydra

Fans of both Marvel flicks and the adventures of Captain America in the comic books will like this set, which lets Cap battle against the evil forces of Hydra. The 172 included bricks and accessories are suitable for kids as young as seven. They can build a tank that moves across the floor with those bricks and four wheels. Also included are red bricks and wheels that create Captain America’s famous motorcycle.

The motorcycle is just the right size for Cap and comes with an attachment that keeps him securely behind the wheel. With the tank, you’ll find attachments for both the Red Skull and henchman minifigs. This tank has pieces that add the Hydra logo in two different places. You can use it to run over Cap’s motorcycle and stop him in his tracks. Though Marvel designed the set for kids six to 12, it provides hours of fun for all ages.





LEGO Marvel Avengers Captain America Outriders Attack

Fans of Captain America will get a kick out of this LEGO set, which comes with bricks that fit together to form his classic bike. Not only does this bike have wheels that roll across the ground, but it also comes with shooters that let you set Captain’s shield on the bike and shoot it at bad guys. It also features blasters that come loose for attacks and attachment points that can support other minifigs.

The cockpit of the bike lets Captain America sit behind the steering wheel too. Your Captain America minifig comes dressed in a white costume with a blue mask covering his face. This minifig fights against the three included outrider minifigs that each hold weapons in their hands. With 167 included pieces, this set lets you have fun with one of the top Marvel characters. LEGO recommends the set for those who are at least six years older.





LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up

It’s almost impossible to think about “Avengers: Infinity War” without thinking about Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster suit. Tony Stark designed that suit after Hulk went crazy in a previous film on the off chance that he might need to bring him down. LEGO lets you build the suit from small bricks. It has a small flap that lifts to place the Bruce Banner minifig inside. Also included are other minifigs from that film scene. You get both Proxima Midnight with her blue hair and red and white costume and Outrider in his black and gold costume.

Both of those minifigs wear their costumes from the film. The included Falcon minifig comes dressed in his black costume with two wings that stick out from the sides. You also get bricks that form a gun turret you can set one of the villains on to attack Bruce Banner. This turret has space for a hidden Infinity Stone and shoots LEGO balls.





LEGO Marvel Iron Man vs. Ultron

While “The Avengers” was a hot film, “Avengers vs. Ultron” was even hotter because it brought together a number of characters and had them fight together against a major villain. In this Iron Man. vs. Ultron LEGO set, you can now recreate the scene from that hit film where the hero went one on one against the bad guy. The Ultron minifig fits into the included vehicle that you build from LEGO bricks.

That vehicle can fit other minifigs from LEGO hero sets too. Suitable for ages six and up, LEGO recommends this playset for users of up to 12, but it’s a good choice for fans of the film series. In addition to the Iron Man minifig, you get accessories that work with that figure, including weapons that shoot LEGO studs and a Super Jumper that makes him fly. LEGO also gives you a removable Iron Man helmet and accessories that go with both Ultron and his vehicle.





LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes

“Batman vs. Superman” was a popular Hollywood blockbuster that showed what happened when these two heroes met for the first time. This LEGO set includes bricks and other parts that let you make a version of that scene in your home. The included Superman minifig comes dressed in his costume from the film, which uses red and blue with the yellow logo on his chest. Also included is a Batman minifig dressed in the armored costume as he fights Superman.

To make the scene really pop, LEGO also gives you a variety of weapons that each minifig can hold in its small hands. Batman holds both the Batarang and a bazooka that you can put together in three different ways. You can even make the bazooka fire LEGO studs at Superman. Also included are the bricks needed to build the Super Jumper, which helps Superman fly through the air. LEGO even includes bricks that let you build the iconic Bat-Signal.






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