The 12 Best LEGO Speed Champions Sets – 2020

LEGO Speed Champions sets are a great gift for kids who love cars. Each set features an authentic recreation of a real racing car. Some of the cars are modern, and others match classic vehicles that are famous in racing history.

Each Speed Champions set comes with at least one car, one minifigure, and a few accessories. Some sets come with racetrack pieces; if you collect multiple sets, you’ll be able to build a fully fledged racing set on your kitchen table. As with all LEGO sets, the parts can be swapped around. Once your kid has built the original car, they can put together a different design to show off their creativity. Minifigure parts can also be swapped to create the racer of their dreams.

These sets are intended for kids ages seven to fourteen. The cars are slightly more difficult to put together than some LEGO sculptures; every set comes with instructions to help your kid get started.


LEGO Speed Champions 75888: Porsche 911 RSR and 911 Turbo 3.0

This two-car set is a great way to introduce your kids to the Speed Champions series. The set comes with everything you need to build a lime-green Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 and a classic racing-themed Porsche 911 RSR. You’ll also get to build a miniature wall pit that comes with a checkered flag, a fence for figurines to lean over, and an adjustable scoreboard to track the progress of your race.

This set comes with three racecar driver minifigures; two are boys, and one is a girl. Two of the drivers are wearing 911 RSR racing gear, and the other is wearing a lime-green outfit that matches the 911 Turbo. The drivers also come with two racing helmets, a race marshall’s hat, and a wrench accessory for car maintenance.

This set is incredibly interactive. The minifigs can hold the checkered flag, and any of the figurines can be placed inside the cars. Your kids will have a blast as they conduct tabletop races and count both the laps and the score.



LEGO Speed Champions 75890: Ferrari F40 Competizione

This Speed Champions kit only comes with one car, but it’s a car that your kid will definitely want to add to their collection. LEGO’s version of the Ferrari F40 Competizione is sleek, red, and speedy. The tires are rubber, and your kid will be able to choose from multiple different hubcap styles.

What makes this particular set unique is that you can transform the F40 by changing out the spoilers and hood; at any moment, your kid could either be driving a Competizione or a traditional F40 road car. This rebuild only takes a few moments, so your kid might even swap the car around in the middle of their LEGO races.

This set also comes with a minifigure driver wearing a Ferarri racing outfit. This minifig features a stubbled beard, a white suit with red stripes, and a bright red racing helmet. A black wrench prop is included for car maintenance.



LEGO Speed Champions 6175226: Mercedes-AMG GT3

If your kid likes the color yellow, the Mercedes-AMG Gt3 might be the perfect LEGO racer for their collection. This single-car kit includes a sleek black Mercedes-AMG with bright yellow stripes and trim. The rear wing has bright yellow sides, and the wheels even have yellow rims.

This set comes with racing accessory stickers that your kid can put on the car after they finish building it. The rear wing is both adjustable and removable; your kid can tilt it to the perfect angle or simply remove it for a more standard-looking car. The front splitter is also removable and easy to swap out.

The minifigure driver for this set is wearing a black and yellow Mercedes racing outfit. He has a wry smile on his face, and his helmet is jet black with a liftable visor. The set also comes with a black wrench.



LEGO Speed Champions 75880: McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720s Speed Champions set is a great choice for the kid who wants to be an engineer or a designer. This set comes with a dusky orange McLaren 720s with an easy-to-open cockpit. Like other Speed Champions cars, it has rubber wheels and detailing stickers to get the authentic McLaren look. There are two hubcap styles to choose from.

As cool as the car is, your kid’s attention might be drawn to the included design studio. This buildable LEGO desk features an easel with a sketch of the car, a task light, a minifigure-sized chair, and a red coffee cup. There’s even a golden 3D-printed model of the car that the designer figurine can hold or show off.

The minifigure included with this set is a designer, not a racer. The character has glasses, floppy hair, and a collared polo shirt with khaki pants. In case the designer wants to take their finished car for a test drive, the set comes with a white racing helmet and a black wrench.



LEGO Speed Champions 75879: Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H

The Scuderia Ferarri SF16-H racer is slim, low, and fast. This car has a classic racing design with an open cockpit and a large rear wing. The design is a warm red with white and black accents and Scuderia racing stickers to decorate with.

This set also comes with a buildable finish line. This small piece of racing wall includes both a stoplight and a checkered flag that can be moved up and down. There’s also a place for your minifigure to store their wrench while racing.

The Scuderia minifigure racer is wearing a red and white uniform with sponsor logos. He has a stubbled face with a confident smile. Both black and white racing helmets are included; if your kid has another minifigure, they can join in the fun. As a final touch, this set comes with a bright red walkie-talkie accessory for the racer to use.



LEGO Speed Champions 75889: Ferrari Ultimate Garage

The Ferarri Ultimate Garage is one of the largest sets in the Speed Champions series. The set comes with three cars, so your kid will have everything they need to start racing.

With this set, your kid will be able to build the red Ferarri 250 GTO, the blue-and-red Ferarri 488 GTE, and the low-to-the-ground Ferarri 312 T4. The cars have features like interchangeable wings, swappable hubcaps, and removable windshields so that minifigures can be placed inside.

The garage itself features three hinged walls with a trophy display cabinet, a maintenance area complete with minifig-sized tools, and a liftable workshop ramp. A roped-off display area can be used to extend the garage. Finally, your kid can use the race carbs and racing arch as part of their kitchen-table racecourse. The race curbs are decorated with the colors of the Italian flag.

The Ferrari Ultimate Garage set comes with seven minifigures, three of which are racecar drivers. Multiple small accessories, including a camera, a trophy, and a checkered flag, will add to the racing atmosphere. In total, the set comes with 841 pieces.



LEGO Speed Champions 75885: Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC

The Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC is made for racing in rough weather conditions. The LEGO version of this car is navy blue and white with white hubcaps and black details. Stickers are used to give the car an authentic racing appearance.

This Speed Champions car comes with two interchangeable hoods; one is normal, and the other features large spotlights to help the racer see in the dark. Your kid will enjoy imaging snowstorms and late-night tundra races with this realistic rally car.

The minifigure included with this set is wearing a white and blue uniform with white gloves. He has a smiling face, a white racing helmet, and a black tool wrench.



LEGO Speed Champions 6175279: 2016 GT and 1966 Ford Gt40

Cars from two different eras come together in this Speed Champions racing set. Your kid will get to build the 2016 Ford GT and the 1966 Ford GT40. The 2016 car is blue and red, and it features a racing wing on the back. The 1966 car is sleek black with white racing stripes and visible exhaust pipes.

This racing set also features a gold trophy and an authentic victory podium. After your kid has completed a few laps with their newly-built cars, they can choose a champion from one of the drivers.

Three minifigures are included in this set. One racer is wearing a classic khaki racing uniform from the 1960s; it has red and blue stripes and comes with a white helmet. The other driver is wearing a modern white uniform with blue accents and a bright blue racing helmet. Finally, a racing marshall with a bearded face and a blue hat is included to wave the checkered flag.



LEGO Speed Champions 75887: Porsche 919 Hybrid

This LEGO Porsche Hybrid is a great addition to your kid’s Speed Champions collection. The white car features red and black accents with authentic graphic stickers. Compared to other racers in the series, the shape of this car is quite unique; your kid will enjoy building the connection between the racing wing and the cockpit.

The theme of this set is a speed test, so it comes with a stoplight accessory for your kid’s miniature race track. An included minifig-sized laptop will let the driver track the speed of each imaginary lap.

The driver for this set is wearing a white Porsche racing uniform with black gloves. He has a wry grin on his face, and he comes with a bright red racing helmet.



LEGO Speed Champions 75871: Ford Mustang GT

Add an iconic car to your LEGO collection with the Speed Champions Ford Mustang GT. This car is bright blue with a thick white racing stripe and an authentic Ford Mustang pony logo on the grill. Stickers are used to add shiny headlights and bright red taillights.

The Ford Mustang GT takes 6.26 minutes to cross a quarter of a mile. This set includes a lap tracker with this time on display; it has a red-and-white base that fits in well with your kid’s other race track accessories.

The minifigure in this set is wearing a Ford racing uniform in blue and white. The helmet is white with a blue stripe, and the driver has a bright and cheerful smile on his face.



LEGO Speed Champions 75883: Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team

Start your kid’s LEGO racing career in style with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team set. With 941 pieces, two cars, and a host of accessories, your kid will be entertained for hours on end.

The Mercedes AMG Petronas cars included in this set are white and green with open cockpits. The set includes a pit garage with a working car jack, miniature computer screens, a “stop” sign, and several car maintenance accessories. The minifigure grandstand has a large media screen that rotates, seats for the minifig audience, and a victory podium,

Eight minifigures are included with this set. There are two drivers in white uniforms, a pit crew, managers, a cameraman, and a racing fan. There is also a hotdog vendor with his own cart. Accessories include a camera, hotdogs, tools, and a checkered flag.



LEGO Speed Champions 75893: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

Show your kid the difference between a classic Dodge Charger R/T from 1970 and a modern Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from 2018 with this dual Speed Champions racing set. The 1970 car is jet black and features a removable supercharger on the hood. The 2018 car is canary yellow and has a removable rear spoiler.

This set also comes with a buildable Christmas tree-style staring light. When it’s put together, the starting light is four inches high with green and yellow “bulbs” all around.

Two racers are included in this set. The Charger driver is a boy; he’s wearing a hoodie, a Dodge shirt, jeans, and a black helmet. The Challenger driver is a girl, and she’s wearing a black uniform with the Demon logo and a white helmet. Finally, a race marshall with a red ponytail and sunglasses is present to wave the checkered flag.

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