The Best LEGO Sets For Girls – 2023

LEGO has been making its famous building blocks since 1949. They have produced over 600 billion LEGO pieces in the decades that followed. Modern sets often have pieces to build specific toys or models. Included instructions let the builder know how to construct these builds one brick at a time. Builders can also let their imaginations run wild and use LEGO bricks to make creations of their own. This leads to endless play possibilities. All LEGO bricks and unique pieces are compatible with those from other sets too.

LEGO has always been a brand that can be enjoyed by girls or boys of all ages. Some sets, however, have been created with girls mind. That’s not to say that they’re exclusively for girls, but they are designed to appeal to that market. These sets fall under different subset names such as LEGO Friends and LEGO Juniors. LEGO Friends sets feature unique figures that are different from the standard LEGO minifigure. Disney sets showcase Disney Princesses and scenes from their animated movies. LEGO DC Super Hero Girls feature female super heroes from the DC Comics Universe. These Disney and DC sets feature the unique figure types found in the Friends sets.


The Best LEGO Sets For Girls June, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
LEGO Friends: Mia’s Tree House
Zip wire, attic

Opening roof

Climbing net.
351 Pieces
LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace 43172 Toy Castle Building Kit with Mini Dolls (701 Pieces)
Bunch of minifigures

Magical Ice Palace

With some additional pieces,
701 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Lighthouse Rescue Center
Sea animal clinic, play area

V room, office, look-out deck

2 mini-doll figures
602 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Cinderella’s Carriage Ride
Iconic LEGO Disney Princess carriage

Cinderella mini-doll figure

3 LEGO animal figures
91 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Emma’s Art Studio
Art gallery selling paintings

Art supplies, a studio space

2 mini-doll figures
235 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Heartlake Pizzeria
Emma and Oliver mini-doll figures

Compatible with all LEGO construction sets
289 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
Toy truck for rescue missions

Removable roof with room inside

5 mini-doll figures
223 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Horse Jumping
2 mini-dolls

2 toy horse figures

Horse-washing station, winners’ podium
337 Pieces
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High School
Characters from DC Super Hero Girls

Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Lena Luthor mini-doll figures

Poison Ivy’s plant Frankie
712 Pieces
LEGO Friends: Heartlake Puppy Daycare
Andrea and Mia mini-doll figures

Husky and pug puppies

Pet toys and accessories
286 Pieces
LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party 10873 Building Blocks (21 Pieces)
Easy-to-build preschool building toy

Minnie Mouse LEGO DUPLO figure

Buildable toy car and a Figaro
21 Pieces
LEGO Ariel's Dolphin Carriage Playset 10723Princess minifigure and her cat

Accessories include a food bowl, grooming brush

Castle with slide
150 Pieces





1. LEGO Friends: Mia’s Tree House

One important thing to note is that every LEGO set has an identification number. This makes finding and collecting sets a bit easier, since LEGO has produced so many of them. Our first set is Mia’s Tree House set # 41335. This set comes with a total of 351 pieces. It also includes two figures, a girl named Mia and a boy named Daniel. A couple of small outdoor critters are thrown in for good measure. LEGO has named them Mimi the Bunny and Cinnamon the Bird. Also included is a skateboard for Mia and Daniel to enjoy riding around on.

Once the build is completed, you will end up with a fun tree-house playset. There’s a folding ladder for the figures to enter and exit the tree house from. A climbing net gives the characters yet another option for getting in and out of the place. Located up top is a lookout spot for the figures or animals. There’s even a zip line for the characters to use. This is a great little set with a number of play possibilities. When completed, the tree house will measure just over 6 inches tall. It’s approximately 6-inches wide and 6-inches deep as well. This set was designed for use by children ages 6 to12.






2.LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 43172 Toy Castle Building Kit with Mini Dolls (701 Pieces)

The Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace is a nice big set, with lots of playability. It is a full 701 pieces and in that, you get a bunch of minifigures, including Elsa and Anna mini-doll figures, as well as Olaf, Marshmallow and 4 Snowgie minifigures. The standout feature in this set is of course the Magical Ice Palace, which stands at 12-inches  high, 11-inches wide and 7-inches deep.

In addition to the Ice Palace, this set also comes with some additional pieces. There is the playground with snow fort and the sleigh with carriages which are both substantial parts of the set. There is lots to build and plenty of pretend lay to be had with this Lego set. It is suitable for kids aged 6 and over.






3. LEGO Friends: Lighthouse Rescue Center

If you’re looking for LEGO sets for girls who love marine animals, then set # 41380 is for you. This is the Lego Friends: Lighthouse Rescue Center. This LEGO building kit contains a total of 602 pieces. It is designed to be used by children of ages 6 years old and up. The main build in this set is an 11-inch tall lighthouse. The lighthouse is made of colorful pastel bricks and it doubles as a marine-life rescue base. The building has four stories with a TV room, office, observation deck and lab. There are tons of accessories included to fill out this aquatic research center such as scientific instruments and fishing equipment.

The Lighthouse Rescue Center comes with two mini-doll figures. There are also several animal figures such as a dolphin, bird, turtle and some sea lions. Small island constructs can be built for exploration while the included seas-scooter vehicle gives your figures a way to get there. This set features a special “light brick,” that really lights up to give the lighthouse an authentic look. Two LR41 batteries are included to power the light-up feature. This colorful set should preoccupy young girls as they build the constructs. It will also inspire hours of imaginative play once they’re finished with the build.






4. LEGO Disney: Cinderella’s Carriage Ride

Our first LEGO Disney Princess kit of this list is the Cinderella’s Carriage Ride building set. This LEGO kit is a 91 piece set with one figure. The figure is, of course, Cinderella herself. Also included are several animal figures such as Gus Gus the Mouse, Lucifer the Cat and the carriage horse. Any little girl of age 4 or more will love the simplicity of this set. It was designed to be an easy build for younger children who are new to the LEGO brand. The main build here is Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage. You also get a small castle that makes for a great background piece in a display.

The carriage measures in at around 7-inches long and 3-inches high. The included Cinderella figure can be placed in the carriage. The castle is approximately 5-inches high and 2-inches wide. A number of additional accessory pieces are included here as well. Some of these include the pumpkin that becomes the carriage and the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. Children who are already fans of the animated Disney classic will have hours of fun recreating the iconic scenes. As always, this set is compatible with all other LEGO sets, so you can combine it with other Cinderella kits for even more fun.






5. LEGO Friends: Emma’s Art Studio

One of the best LEGO sets for a 6 year old is Emma’s Art Studio. This set, numbered 41365, is rated for kids 6 and up and contains 235 pieces. It comes with two figures named Emma and Andrea as well as an animal figure called Chico the Cat. Kids get to build Emma’s two-story studio workplace. Upstairs is an art studio. Downstairs is an art-supply shop that also sells some of Emma’s fine paintings. The Andrea figure works as a potential customer for play purposes. The exterior looks like a typical studio-shop with a fire hydrant in front, a sign hung on the side and even some ivy on one wall.

The downstairs shop is decked out with supply and artwork accessories. There’s a cash register and even money bricks for the customers. Upstairs, children can place Emma’s easel, spinning wheel and other tools of her trade. One neat play gimmick is that the paper on Emma’s easel can be painted with water to reveal an image. There’s an outdoor cafe on top of the roof complete with a table and umbrella. Cookie and cup pieces give the patrons something to snack on. A second stand-up sign beckons sidewalk pedestrians to come on in to the shop.






6. LEGO Friends: Heartlake Pizzeria

One of the great things about the LEGO Friends sets is that they can be joined together to build a whole city for play. Set # 41311 is the Heartlake Pizzeria. This set contains 289 pieces and is rated for use by kids ages 6 to 12. Emma and Oliver figures are included. In addition to the main building, there are pieces to construct a delivery scooter. The scooter even has a rear storage area with an opening door. LEGO bricks that look like pizza boxes can be stashed in the scooter for pretend deliveries.

Once completed, this classically styled pizza shop stands about 5-inches high. It is approximately 4-inches wide and 4-inches deep. The outside has a quaint look, a clear door and windows that open and close. Red, white and green canopies overhang each window to give the building an authentic, Italian-eatery look. On the inside, you get even more details. There is a cash register, stoves, a pizza oven and a phone for those delivery orders. Two dining tables sit atop the balcony complete with chairs, glasses and other accessories. A classic pizza-restaurant sign sits on the top of this pizzeria. Even in a large Heartlake City display, everyone will know exactly what this place is all about.






7. LEGO Friends: Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle is LEGO Friends set # 41333. It comes with 223 pieces and is intended for children ages 6 to 12. It comes with Olivia and Vega the Cat figures. There are also enough pieces to build Zobo the robot. Pieces for a small ladder and tree are also included. The ladder can help Olivia to rescue cats like Vega who may just end up stuck in that tree. The highlight of this set is the mission vehicle that can fit up to five figures plus the cat and robot in it at the same time. The top can be removed for inside play or just to easily add and remove the figures.

Each construct here comes in its own plastic bag. This way, kids don’t have to build every part of the set to start playing. The vehicle is a large 5-inches long, 3-inches high and 1-inch wide. The tree stands at around 1-inch high. This set partners perfectly with any LEGO Friends Heartlake park set. The top of the rescue truck carries tons of equipment. There are a number of neat accessories such as a walkie talkie, a smartphone and a map.






8. LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Horse Jumping

If you know someone who loves horses as much as she does LEGO toys, then set # 41367 should be on your to-buy list. Stephanie’s Horse Jumping set includes 337 pieces. LEGO rates this product as suitable for kids aged 6 years and older. The main structure to build here is a large and colorful horse stable. The stable is 6-inches high, 9-inches wide and about 3-inches deep. It comes adorned with a horseshoe sign and a number of tools and accessories for care of the horses. Speaking of horses, this playset includes two of them. You get a black horse and a brown horse.

Also included with this set are two figures. Stephanie and Zack come dressed in riding gear and ready to win a trophy. A trophy and winners stand are even included here. The figures can sit on the horses and stand at the winners podium. There is also a balcony area on the stables where figures can be posed as they watch the jumping events. Parts to build two jumping obstacles are included with this set. You also get some additional accessories such as hay stacks and a pitchfork.






9. LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High School

Super hero popularity seems to be at an all-time high right now. If you know a girl who loves super heroes as much as she loves building blocks, this girls LEGO set would make the perfect gift. This is a large set that contains 712 pieces. It’s aimed at girls between the ages of 8 to 12. The LEGO set number for this Super Hero High School is 41232. It comes with Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Lena Luthor mini-doll figures. Also included are two Kryptomites and Poison Ivy’s pet plant Frankie. Lena’s jet and Ivy’s motorbike vehicles can be built with the included pieces as well.

The main build for this set is the massive high school. Once completed, the school is about a foot wide and 11-inches tall. It is also 3-inches deep with interior rooms and spaces to play with the included figures. There are three complete levels inside of the school building. Some of the notable play features include disc shooters, a climbing chain and swiveling classrooms. The school and character designs are based on the DC Super Hero Girls animated show. Kids will have endless fun recreating scenes from the cartoon or role-playing with the figures in story lines that they create for themselves.






10. LEGO Friends: Heartlake Puppy Daycare

The LEGO Friends: Heartlake Puppy Daycare set comes with 285 pieces. The official LEGO set number for this kit is 41124. It was designed for use by children between 6 and 12 years old. It fits in nicely with other Heartlake sets in this series. The main build is for the animal daycare center. This building is 7-inches wide, 3-inches tall and 4-inches deep. It also comes with Andrea and Mia figures as well as a husky and a pug for them to take care of. You even get a bunch of accessories such as bones, dog toys, food dishes and more.

Two smaller constructs consist of a hole for the dogs to jump through and a platform with small ladders. These pieces make up a small obstacle course where the puppies can be trained. The main building has a side yard and plenty of space inside for play with the human and puppy figures. This interior has spaces for dog grooming and plenty of grooming tools and accessories to complete the look. This set is a great choice for LEGO fans who are also animal lovers.






11. LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party 10873 Building Blocks (21 Pieces)

A truly lovely LEGO set for girls and boys aged between 2 and 5, this is an ideal set for all those young Disney fans. You can build an amazing Minnie Mouse birthday celebration house with a buildable birthday cake!

This is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift and an easy to build toy for toddlers to get stuck into. It comes with a Minnie Mouse LEGO DUPLO figure, a buildable toy car and a Figaro the cat DUPLO figure, which will no doubt encourage creativity and fun role playing games for kids.

The party house measures over 5-inch (13cm) high, 4-inch (12cm) wide and 2-inch (6cm) deep and in total consists of 21 pieces.






12. LEGO Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage Playset 10723

LEGO Juniors sets were created with the younger builder in mind. They are intended for kids ages 4 to 7. They use standard and unique LEGO pieces that are compatible with bricks from all other set types. Most Juniors sets use the standard-style minifigure as well. The main difference is that the builds were designed to be easier to construct for those younger fans. The Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage playset is numbered as set 10723. It comes with a total of 70 pieces and instructions.

The main builds here are the dolphin carriage which measures around 1-inch high, 3-inch long and 1-inch wide, and the Castle, which measures 4-inch high, 2-inch wide and 3-inch deep once constructed. Accessories in the set include starfish hair flowers, a crown and a hairbrush. The castle is made up of pastel blue, yellow and purple colors. You get Flounder and Ariel micro figurines, as well as a dolphin.






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