The 10 Best LEGO Nexo Knights Sets – 2023 Guide

Lego is a brand name that has become synonymous with the term “building blocks.” This Danish company has become one of the most prosperous toy makers in the world. Unlike previous building-block sets, Lego created a unique, interlocking system. Their blocks, or bricks as Lego calls them, lock tightly together. This allows children to build more permanent models for long-term display. It can also be used to build toys such as buildings and vehicles that children can then play with. This gives Lego sets a lot of play options that are sure to keep gets entertained for hours.

One great benefit of the Lego design is that all sets are compatible with each other. This is true if you’re talking about two modern packs or even some old hand-me-down sets from the 70s and 80s. Every brick and unique piece can be interlocked with every other piece. Most sets contain instructions for specific builds that children can make. Just like all building-block sets, kids can also use their own creativity with Legos to make whatever their imaginations come up with. Lego has an endless array of themed sets such as pirates, castles and space adventures. Their Nexo Knight series offers a fantasy-based castle theme. Here are 10 of the best Nexo Knight sets available for the line.


Best LEGO Nexo Knights Sets December, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
Nexo Knights: Aaron's X-bow
Dropship model

Rotating blades

Crossbow and dual flick missiles
569 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Berserker Bomber
Includes Macy and Berserker knights figures

Mace, cleaver and a spear

Dual 6-stud tech infection shooter
369 Pieces
3. LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex 70317
Includes Clay Moorington

Aaron Fox, Axl & Ash Attacker minifigures

Chef Éclair & two Scurrier figures
1140 Pieces
Nexo Knights: The Glob Lobber
Affordable set to get started with

Red-skinned, flame-thrower goblin

Royal guard figure
95 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Axl's Rumble Maker
3-in-1 pack

Two drills up front

Unique and creative design
432 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Jestro's Headquarters
6 minifigures

Chef Éclair & two Scurrier figures

Evil jester’s mobile base and stage a daring rescue
840 Pieces
Nexo Knights: The Black Knight Mech
Giant sword

Robin Underwood, Whiperella, a Flame Thrower

King's Bot
530 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Jestro's Volcano Lair
Detachable throne

Seated disc-shooter weapon

10 minifigures
1186 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Axl's Tower Carrier
Rotating, detachable gun turret

4 minifigures

2 cockpits for Axl and an Axl Bot
670 Pieces
Nexo Knights: Tech Wizard Showdown
Clay and Infector Biter

No Suggestions figure

Merlo 2.0 and Monstrox hologram figures
506 Pieces





1. Nexo Knights: Aaron’s X-bow

Aaron’s X-Bow is labeled as Lego set number 72005. It’s important to note here that every Lego set has an identification number. This will help you to always find the right specific set. The Nexo Knight series combines knights, castles and science-fiction technology to form a creative and unique world. This set contains pieces to build a large airship, a small glider and a futuristic cycle. It also contains three Lego minifigures of Aaron, Robin and VanByter. Last of all, it comes with a unique CyberByter figure.

This package contains a total of 569 pieces. Lego has labeled the set as suitable for children of ages 8 to 14. That’s not to say that older children can’t still enjoy these sets or combine the pieces with those from the more complex sets for older audiences. The X-Bow airship is over a foot long once completed. The cockpit can be opened to place one of the minifigures inside. The ship has real working rotors and two flick missiles. These are projectiles that can be fired with a flick of the fingers instead of a spring-loaded mechanism.






2. Nexo Knights: Berserker Bomber

Set number 72003 is the Nexo Knights Berserker Bomber. It comes with the parts and instructions to build a flying airship, a jet pack and a mecha fighter. It comes with Macy and Berserker minifigures as well as a unique MechaByter figure. You also get two scannable shields with this pack. Children can scan them with a smart phone or other mobile device. Each scannable shield gives unique powers to the characters in a video game. The Nexo Knights: Merlock 2.0 app can be downloaded and played for free. This gives the Nexo Knights Lego sets even more play value.

Like most of the sets in this line, this pack is rated as suitable for kids between 8 and 14 years old. It contains a total of 360 Lego pieces. The bomber airship measures in at over 9-inches long once completed. It stands about 3-inches high and is approximately 8-inches wide. The jet pack is around 3-inches high. The mecha suit is also around 3-inches tall. The bomber features a detachable, winged eye to chase after those brave knights. You also get a Mace of Merlok shield holder in this pack.






3. LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex 70317

Set number 70317 is the Fortrex, and it’s one of the largest sets on our list. This pack contains a whopping 1140 pieces. The main construct here is a massive rolling castle for the knights to defend, attack and have all kinds of adventures in. Think of a castle on a tank, that is what the Fortrex is. This build alone will occupy hours of a child’s time. Then, they can enjoy endless hours of imaginative play once their building tasks are done. You get a bunch of minifigures here including Clay Moorington, Ash Attacker, Chef Éclair, Aaron Fox and Axl, as well as two Scurrier figures.

Once completed, the Fortrex castle stands over 9 inches high, 14 inches deep and 14 inches wide. The Fortrex opens up to reveal a play area with a ton of features here. The round table, detachable mini vehicles and a prison make up some of the key features. Included here are a number of the scannable knight shields. This set was created for kids between the ages of 9 to 14.






4. Nexo Knights: The Glob Lobber

Now we move on to one of the smaller sets. This works as a great add-on piece to a child’s Nexo Knights collection. It’s also a nice, affordable set to get started with. This is set number 70318, the Glob Lobber. It contains a total of 95 Lego pieces. The main build here is a small, winged glider that also has rolling wheels. It was designed as an enemy vehicle to attack the brave Nexo Knights. It comes with two Lego minifigures.

You get a red-skinned, flame-thrower goblin who is sporting a mohawk. You also get a royal guard figure with his helmet and spear. Three goblin ball accessories are also included with this pack. The glider features two flick missiles to launch an assault on the Nexo Knights with. This pack is marked for kids between 7 and 14 years of age. It makes a good introduction pack for the slightly younger builders.






5. Nexo Knights: Axl’s Rumble Maker

The Axl’s Rumble Maker set has an identification number of 70354. It is intended for use by kids between 8 and 14. It contains a total of 396 Lego bricks and unique pieces. As always, you get instructions for the possible builds. The main construct this time is a large, fun vehicle that features two drills up front. It’s a unique and creative design that makes one imagine the vehicle plowing through whatever stands in its way. You get Axl, an Axl Bot and Rogul minifigures as well a unique Brickster figure.

This set is actually a 3-in-1 pack. You get the main vehicle, along with it’s rolling wheels and working tank tracks. Those drills can also be rotated. You also get a detachable, second vehicle. Last of all, the Rumble Maker has fold-out wings so it can leave the ground and take to the skies for an aerial assault. The Rumble Maker is around 11-inches long and 9-inches wide once built. This set gives some knight shields that can be scanned as well.






6. Nexo Knights: Jestro’s Headquarters

Jestro’s Headquarters, set number 70352, is another large pack containing 840 pieces. It is designed for use by kids between 9 and 14. Jestro is one of the main villains in Nexo Knight lore, as can be seen on the Cartoon Network cartoon. Lego has crafted a unique world here that is represented across different media for kids to explore. You get a Jestro figure with this set, as well as some heroes to do battle with him. Included are Ava, Macy, Lance, Gargoyle and Stone Stomper minifigures. You get a couple of unique Scurrier figures as well. Five scannable shields come in this package.

The headquarters lair has a number of hidden weapons. An entire vehicle with firing flick missiles can be detached from the main construct. A separate assault vehicle for the Macy figure can be built too. This gives kids a lot of play options here after everything is constructed. The main building stands around 7-inches high. It comes in at over a foot long and is about 8-inches wide once completed.






7. Nexo Knights: The Black Knight Mech

Set number 70326 contains instructions and pieces to build the Black Knight Mech. This giant war machine stands over a foot tall once fully constructed. He features several points of articulation and a giant sword. This pack contains 530 pieces in all and a total of four different minifigures. You get Robin Underwood, Whiperella, a Flame Thrower and a King’s Bot. Each figure has weapons and accessories. The set also includes three scannable shields and a shield holder.

The Black Knight Mech set was made for kids between 8 to 14. In addition to the main construct, you get enough pieces left over to build a small flying vehicle and a lair for Whiparella. The small vehicle has duel, spring-loaded missile shooters. The large mech has a shield and a hidden arrow shooter. The lair has a small jail cell, a catapult and a place to store weapons and accessories.






8. Nexo Knights: Jestro’s Volcano Lair

Jestro’s Volcano Lair is another massive set containing 1186 pieces. As if Jestro’s previously-discussed headquarters was not enough, this evil villain gets a second base here with set number 70323. Once built, this huge lair stands 12-inches high, 16-inches wide and 11-inches deep. This makes it one of the largest constructs on this list. Kids between the ages of 9 to 14 will also get to built Axl’s Hover Horse and Macy’s Mace Slammer vehicles. They will also get a total of eight minifigures, two scurriers and six scannable shields in this set.

Macy’s vehicle measures in at over 6-inches long. Axl’s comes in at half that size at 3 inches. Inside of the lair, kids can have fun with the working trap door and moveable saw blade. There a numerous play features here like shooting missiles for the vehicles, a detachable throne room and a disc shooter inside of this lair. Multiple rooms are decorated to represent bedrooms, jail cells, command centers and even bathrooms with tubs. This set features countless weapons and accessories as well.






9. Nexo Knights: Axl’s Tower Carrier

Axl’s Tower Carrier is Lego set number 70322. It is rated by Lego as suitable for kids between 8 to 14 years old. It contains a total of 607 pieces. Included are four minifigures and four scannable shields. The figures include Axl, two Axl Bots and an Ash Attacker. Also included are pieces to build a larger Burnzie figure. Once built, the Tower Carrier measures in at 7-inches high, 9-inches long and 6-inches wide. The Burnzie figure stands around 5-inches tall.

This large vehicle has six smooth-turning wheels for play. It carries a detachable tower that features a working, rotating gun turret. A disc shooter and two spring-loaded shooters add some fun play value with this set. Two vehicle cockpits allow kids to place the figures inside. There are also hidden storage compartments within the vehicle. Here, kids can place the weapons and accessories that come with the Lego minifigures.






10.Nexo Knights: Tech Wizard Showdown

Lego set number 72004, Tech Wizard Showdown, pairs nicely with set 70326 which was number 7 on our list. This set offers pieces and instructions to build another large mech with a sword. This mech stands over 9-inches tall once completed. Just like the previous set, this one was made for kids between 8 and 14 years of age. This package contains a total of 506 pieces. Included with these parts are Clay and InfectoByter minifigures. Kids will also get Merlock 2.0, CyberByter and Monstrox special figures.

This pack comes with numerous weapons and accessories. There are two build swords, an axe and a scythe. In addition to the large mech, kids will also enjoy building and playing with a small battle suit. A detachable flying vehicle can be separated from the mech and even attached to the smaller suit. The set also comes with three of the scannable shields for the free Merlock 2.0 game app.





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