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When it comes to childhood play and learning, nothing is as fundamental as the Lego. Individually, each Lego brick is fuel for the imagination. Collectively, the multi-colored pile of Legos is a play feast and learning opportunity for any young, creative mind. However, Lego mech sets give shape to Lego’s infinite possibilities, prompting kids to learn, snap, and create while rewarding their efforts with some of the most awesome contraptions ever devised.

Piece count

The primary consideration for choosing any Lego set is in the piece count. For younger children, you should select a piece count of around 200 to 500. However, for very young children, it might be better to find a set with 100 to 200 pieces. For older children, higher piece counts allow for more interesting complexity and greater challenges.


Many Lego sets come with pieces smaller than the average Lego block. In order to ensure your child’s safety, read the package warnings. Things such as missile projectiles are guaranteed to be small beads that a young child can swallow or choke on.


All Lego Mech sets come with extras, but not all mech-set extras are equal. You should look for ones that include such things as a large assortment of weapons and a variety of Power-Burst elements.


This is a main feature for mech sets. However, not all mechs allow for the same variety of poses. For instance, some mechs allow for just arm and leg poses while other mechs include torso, shoulder, and finger poses. To ensure the most enjoyment, you should look for sets that allow the final build to be posed in a variety of flying, attack, and running poses. Multiple poses allow for your child’s play time to incorporate multiple story lines as the mech hero flies or fights or rescues other Lego characters.


Mobility does not only refer to being able to pose a character. Mobility in a Lego set involves a degree of interactivity not possible with sets that have no moving parts. For instance, the best sets have cockpits that open and close as well as wheels that rotate. Cogs might turn, and levers might move up and down. Wings might adjust for soaring or fold for ground fighting. Finally, weapons might cock and fire and offer real functionality. When it comes to Lego mech sets, fun is synonymous with moving parts.




1. LEGO Ninjago Legacy Samurai Mech 70665 Building Kit

Your child will have endless hours of fun battling the Skulkin generals against the hero, Samurai Mech. The posable arms and legs allow for a variety of battle positions, and the mini-figure cockpit opens to allow a mini pilot.

In terms of weapons, this set comes equipped with a double katana and big katana. Combined, they offer maximum fun and sword-battle versatility. Additionally, the stud shooter adds an extra element of excitement for all-out, Ninjago combat.

One of the best aspects of this set is that it is perfect for both boys and girls, and at 154-piece, it will challenge, but it will not frustrate. Finally, because this set can be combined with any original Lego set or Lego brick, young imaginations are never limited.


  • includes Nya, Kruncha, and Nuckal
  • ninja mini-figures include sword and bone axe
  • mini-figure cockpit


  • for children aged seven or older





2. LEGO DC Batman: Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech 76117 Building Kit

Boys and girls alike can help Batman save The Flash from the dastardly Firefly and Poison Ivy. Batman Mech is posable and includes a mini-figure cockpit designed for the mini-Batman figurine. Batman Mech also comes with a saw blade that actually spins and a dual stud shooter.

Similarly, Poison Ivy Mech is equipped with her own mini-figure cockpit, a collapse function, and a stud shooter, making all battles exciting. Additionally, both Batman and Poison Ivy Mechs have powerful grips capable of holding onto a mini-figure.

Customizable builds provide your child the ability to design multiple scenarios that spark imagination. This set includes 10 power-burst elements and a variety of weapons, which take super-hero-versus-villain role-play to a whole new level.


– miniature Batman, Poison Ivy, The Flash, and Firefly
– mini cockpits
– 10 power-burst elements
– Firefly miniature comes with stud shooter


– some customers report difficulty with pieces staying together while building





3. LEGO DC Super Heroes Lex Luthor Mech Takedown 76097 Building Kit

The Justice League is needed to stop Lex Luther. However, this powerful super villain requires all the heroes to take some extra care and caution. For instance, the Lex Luther Mech has posable fingers and limbs. With this type of functioning, he can wield a giant axe. Additionally, he can be easily equipped with a stud shooter with rapid-fire capabilities.

Once this mech is built, Lex Luther contains three sections where your child can attach such equipment as energy infusers. Additionally, Lex Luther is capable of carrying the adjustable, rapid-fire shooter.

Just as exciting, your child will have to help the heroes keep an eye out for Lex’s crafty getaways as he has a detachable cockpit that doubles as an escape pod. Fortunately, the Bat-Glider is fortified with a stud shooter to handle any escape attempts.

Finally, the power burst elements and energy blasts help to customize this fun, exciting build.

In total, this building set comes with 406 pieces. Once completed, Lex Luther Mech stands 7 inches high. The Bat-Glider and escape pod are both over 2 inches high.


  • compatible with 76096 Superman
  •  compatible with Krypto team-up
  •  includes characters from Justice League


  • There are some small parts that present a choking hazard to children under three years of age.





4.LEGO Ninjago 70737 Titan Mech Battle Building Kit

Your child can prepare for battle with Blade Master Bansha’s Ghost mech, the powerful, four-armed, Mech-enstein. Luckily, with Zane in the cockpit, your child can maneuver the arms, legs, and torso for a variety of poses in an all-out battle for good.

Titan Mech comes ready for battle with fire-stud shooters. To help out, Jay and Nya can operate spring-loaded, hook shooters. The Titan Mech also features a cockpit that opens.

Accessories include a rocket-booster backpack and titanium-style swords. Finally, there is a dual jet pack for mid-air crashes and awesome air battles.


– rocket-booster backpack
– assorted weapons
– mini-figures
– Samurai X Cave
– computer barrel
– storage barrel
– transparent ghost legs
– armor on Bansha mini-figure


– does not contain all the Ninjago figures





5. MyBuild Mecha Frame Robot

This is a sci-fi Lego Mech that will provide endless, imaginative play possibilities. The ingenious bricks system, for instance, allows you to build on each side of the mech. The result is a moving-joint frame with a range of motion that helps boost imagination while creating a variety of posable positions not possible with other mechs.

Additionally, this mech set has a variety of camouflage components that can be assembled in a variety of ways. Doing so helps him blend in with his background and other Lego accessories.

In terms of weaponry, the set also includes a sub-machine gun and a playtime assault rifle. Accessories include a bayonet and an armor shield. Simply put, this mech is ready for battle.


– compatible with all building bricks
– sci-fi theme
– moving-joint frame
– accommodates a mini-figure
– extra pieces allow creation of Type A and B


– for ages 10 and older



6. LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard 70836 Building Kit

This kit is a pirate-themed kit that will inspire hours of open-ended play. It consists of 168-pieces, which make it just the right size for builders new to Lego building kits. Of course, since it is based on the Lego Movie 2, your child can create entirely new adventures based on the movie characters and scenarios.

In terms of functionality and design features, the MetalBeard Mech is posable and includes a built-in mini-figure head, respectively. In terms of functioning parts, the crow’s nest flips down, and the treasure chest lid pops up. The Maddox mini-is included, and it fits right into the crow’s nest. Once positioned, Maddox can keep watch for the brick-built Star figure.

For a little added humor, the Batman’s throne includes a “You’re Welcome” sign. Finally, this building kit includes a mech treasure chest that holds the internal organ elements of MetalBeard.


– brick-built Star figure
– Maddox and Batman mini-figures
– two Batarangs for Batman
– spear for Maddox


MetalBeard’s legs are not very stable.



7. LEGO Ninjago Legacy Samurai Mech 70665 Building Kit

Disguised as Samurai X, Nya is perfectly poised to do battle with Nuckal and Kruncha. This Samurai Mech features two stud shooters, a double katana, and a big katana. In preparation for battle, your child can pose Samurai Mech in a variety of poses.

This Lego Ninjago set comes with a variety of weapons for Nya, the samurai warrior. It also includes the Skulkin generals for the Samurai Mech to battle.


– mini-figures: Nuckal, Kruncha, and Nya
– a sword for Kruncha
– a bone axe for Nuckal
– Samurai Mech measures over 5 inches high
– compatible with original Lego sets and Lego bricks


Note: small pieces are a choking hazard. This set is not recommended for young children.



8. LEGO 6251077 Marvel Spider Mech Vs. Venom 76115 Building Kit

You can now team up with Spider-Man and Ghost Spider to save Aunt May from Venom’s hideous claws. The huge Venom Mech is a powerful villain, but with your child’s help, Spider Mech will be victorious.

For instance, Spider Mech comes with a web shooter that shoots actual web elements. Additionally, Spider Mech is posable, allowing for a variety of battle scenarios.

This 604-piece building set is fun to build, and the mini-figures, web elements, and weapons provide endless opportunities for imaginative play. Finally, Aunt May even comes with an ice cream cone.


– two stud shooters on Ghost Spider’s hover board
– includes four mini-figures
– variety of web elements


– no architectural building elements for Spider Man



9. LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon 70612 Building Kit

The Green Ninja Mech Dragon features awesome, articulated, snapping jaws. To make this mech even better, it comes with a wheel-activated tail covered in spikes. this particular mech dragon also has two stud shooters located on each of its front legs. Finally, it is posable.

With the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, your child will be prepared to do battle with Garmadon, the wicked father of the Green Ninja. Additionally, assembling the 544-piece building set is sure to bring a feeling of pride and accomplishment.


– includes mini-figures Charlie, Lord Garmadon, Master Lu, and Lloyd
– Garmadon’s laser-style pointer included
– Green Ninja’s sword included


– not many shooting weapons



10.LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DC Egghead Mech Food Fight 70920 Building Kit

One of the larger mech toys, the Egghead Mech stands over six inches high. This super villain can easily grab the Batman mini-figure in its eggbeater-style claw. You can then simply turn the gear and Batman will experience a dazzling, dizzying spin.

The Egghead Mech includes a cockpit for Egghead to ride in, giving this mini-figure extra-ordinary control and power. The arms and legs are posable, making battles even more fun. This mech also has an egg-tank power source, which is located on its back.

Finally, food fights have never been so much fun. You can use the pressure-activated launcher to fire fried-egg discs at Batman. However, the fun does not stop there. You can also use the Condiment King’s stud shooters to send yellow-and-red Lego pieces (simulated mustard and ketchup) sailing through the air.


– claw grabs and spins whisk
– for boys and girls
– food fights without the mess
– mini-figures Batman and Condiment King included


– may promote food fighting with real food


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