Best LEGO Friends Sets Available for 2023

LEGO brand block sets are one of the most popular toys in the world. Sets are made for kids in almost every age group. LEGO even produces building sets for the adult builder and collector. One of the nice things about LEGO sets is that they are all compatible with one another. It doesn’t matter what year the set was produced or even what the theme is. Lego’s special interlocking-block design ensures complete compatibility across the board.

Lego sets always come in a theme. This may be a cityscape theme, an outer-space theme or even medieval castles and pirate ships. Lego also makes sets based on popular movie and cartoon franchises like Ghostbusters, The Simpsons and Pirates of The Caribbean . There are endless options when trying to choose what’s right for your child. Take note of your child’s interests and favorite franchise properties. No matter what they’re fans of, there is sure to be a set that will peak their interest.

The Lego Friends themed sets are made for younger builders. They were also designed to appeal to girls. It’s important to note, however, that the Lego company has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to suggesting all toys should be for all genders. If your boy likes a toy marketed to girls, or your girl likes a toy marketed to boys, this is fine. Lego encourages allowing your kids to select what they like.

Here are 11 of the best Lego Friend sets available today. Every Lego set has an identification number. This helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The I.D. numbers have been added here with the set name for your convenience. We will also note Lego’s suggested age range for each set.


Best LEGO Friends Sets December, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
Lego Friends set 41345: Heartlake City Pet Center
2-level pet center with pet shop

Vet clinic and grooming parlor

Includes Stephanie, Mia and Liam mini-doll figure
474 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41339: Mia’s Camper Van
Toy camper van with opening roof

bathroom, kitchen, folding canopy, upstairs sleeping area

Includes Mia and Stephanie mini-doll figures,
488 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41314: Stephanie's House
dollhouse kitchen, porch, lounge, spiral staircase, bedroom, bathroom

Office for the toy figures

Includes three mini dolls:
622 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41762: Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show
2 mini-dolls: LEGO Friends Stephanie

LEGO Friends Mia, as well as 3 sets of apparatus—the floor

Trampoline and parallel bars
241 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41378: Dolphins Rescue Mission
Includes Stephanie and Kacey mini-doll figures

2 dolphin toys

Shipwreck and 2 hidden treasure chests
363 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41381: Rescue Mission Boat
Swiveling crane, removable deck

Speedboat launcher

3 LEGO Friends mini-dolls
908 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41374: Andrea's Pool Party
2 mini-doll figure

LEGO Friends Andrea and Stephanie

468 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41380: Lighthouse Rescue Center
2 mini-doll figures

5 animal figures including a dolphin, seal, and bird

Sea animal clinic, play area
602 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41383: Olivia’s Hamster Playground
Olivia mini-doll figure

3 hamster figures

Hamster wheel with spinning function
81 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41363: Mia’s Forest Adventure
Mia mini-doll figure

LEGO Friends bear cub toy figure

Frog figure
134 Pieces
Lego Friends set 41359: Heart Box Friendship Pack
2 mini-doll figures

Frog and a poodle toy

Lots of dress-up toys including police toy accessories
199 Pieces





1. Lego Friends set 41345: Heartlake City Pet Center

This set contains 474 pieces and is rated as suitable for kids between the ages of 6 to 12. Pieces and instructions allow kids to build a two-story structure. Downstairs is a pet shop that sells fish, animals and other accessories. Upstairs, there’s a vet clinic for patrons to take their pets to. The pack also contains three of Lego’s mini-doll figures named Stephanie, Mia and Liam. You get some animals as well. There is Mimi the Bunny, Harry the hamster, Lady the Poodle and Bubbles the Turtle.

Lego’s mini-doll figures are different from their standard, classic minifigures. They are slightly taller, have larger heads, and less stylized proportions. This set also gives enough pieces to build a pet-grooming van. Kids will get tons of extra accessories here such as pet supplies, money bricks and an exam table. When completed, the building stands 5 inches high, 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep.






2. Lego Friends set 41339: Mia’s Camper Van

This colorful camper van has smooth-rolling wheels and plenty of space inside for the two included mini-doll figures. You get Stephanie, Mia and Aria the horse. Additional builds include a camping tent, a tree and a picnic table to simulate a rest-stop area. This set contains a total of 488 pieces. Lego rates it as appropriate for kids between the ages of 7-12. The camper measures in at over 8-inches long. It stands 5 inches high and is around 4 inches wide.

The top of the camper can easily be removed to accommodate play with the figures inside. Inside has room for sleeping and a dining area. There is even an outside folding canopy. Stored on top of the camper is a raft for the mini-dolls to have some adventures in. This set comes with a lot of accessory pieces. There are food items, camping supplies and even two walkie talkies.






3.Lego Friends set 41314: Stephanie’s House

This pack gives kids 632 Lego bricks to build with. It was designed for kids between 6 to 12 years old. The main construct here is a beautiful two-story house. Included are three of Lego’s mini-doll figures. You get Stephanie, her father James, her mother Alicia and her pet rabbit. Kids also get to build a small, outdoor rabbit hutch for Stephanie to keep her pet in. The completed house is 8 inches high, 9 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

The outside second story features a balcony for the mini-doll figures. There is also a porch for the outdoor area. Inside, children can play with the figures in the kitchen, bedroom and office rooms. There is a main living space and a ton of furniture such as chairs and a television. This set comes with a ton of household items and other accessories as well.






4. Lego Friends set 41762: Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show

If your child loves gymnastics, this may be the perfect set for her or him. Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show contains a total of 241 Lego bricks and building instructions. It is rated as appropriate for kids 6 years old and up. The pack also contains Stephanie and Mia mini-doll figures. This set includes instructions to access to the Lego Life app with easy instructions for the builds.

This gymnastics set has the floor, the trampoline and the parallel bars all covered. The trampoline has a feature where kids can push a button to launch the athletes into the air. Builders also get a podium for the winners, a locker-room area and a stage with speakers. This set is colorful and the areas are decorated with stickers to simulate a real gymnastics arena.






5. Lego Friends set 41378: Dolphins Rescue Mission

This set allows kids to build a submarine, a sunken ship and small coral reef. It contains 363 pieces and two mini-doll figures. Stephanie and Kacey figures come dressed in their underwater gear. You also get two dolphin figures and a number of accessories such as diving gear and treasure chests. An included treasure chest shows details after being moistened with water. The set is rated for kids 6 years old and up.

The submarine measures 5 inches long and is about 3 inches high. There is plenty of room inside for the Stephanie and Kacey figures. The front clear bubble can be opened and closed to add or remove figures. The shipwreck area is 5 inches high, 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. This is a colorful set that is sure to please fans of the ocean and marine life.






6. Lego Friends set 41381: Rescue Mission Boat

This set is rated for kids ages 7 and up. It’s one of the larger sets on this list with a total of 908 pieces plus the building instructions. You also get three mini-dolls including Olivia, Andrea and Mia. Also included are unique Zobo the robot and narwhal figures. Along with the massive ship, builders can create a small island and a coral reef area. There’s even a small raft for the mini-dolls to go from the yacht to the island in.

The massive ship is over 15-inches long once fully constructed. This makes it one of the largest builds on our list. There is plenty of room for the dolls on the inside or out on the deck. kids can role-play with this set to learn the value of caring for marine life. As usual, this set comes with a ton of accessories for the figures to use.






7. Lego Friends set 41374: Andrea’s Pool Party

Andrea’s Pool Party is for kids aged 6 years old and older. The set is a good size with 468 pieces. You also get Stephanie and Andrea mini-dolls in the package. The pool complex is 5 inches high, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep. There is also a wave machine that can be built in this set. It measures in at 2 inches high, an inch wide and an inch deep.

The pool complex features a massive slide that the mini-dolls can race down toward the water in. There’s even a DJ box with speakers and a microphone to get the party going. There’s even a shower and locker area with a toiler and an aquarium. Kids will enjoy hours of playtime with this set. It can be used with younger children to explore and learn about social settings and interactions.






8. Lego Friends set 41380: Lighthouse Rescue Center

This lighthouse set contains 602 Lego bricks and two mini-doll figures. The figures include Mia and Emma. Also included are numerous marine animals such as dolphins, sea lions, birds and turtles. This set is rated for kids who are 6 years old or older. The main build is a four-story lighthouse with a lab, a rest area, TV room and an observation deck. The lighthouse stands 11 inches high once fully built.

In addition to the massive lighthouse, children can also build a coral-reef area and a small island with a play area for the sea lions. There’s a small water scooter. This pack features some neat play options. The top of the lighthouse lights up when pressed down. There’s a real working crane. Lego seems to always pack these Friends sets with tons of accessories and this one is no different. You get diving equipment, fishing equipment and a whole lot more.






9. Lego Friends set 41383: Olivia’s Hamster Playground

This set is one of the smaller ones on our list at only 81 pieces. It comes with an Olivia mini-doll figure and three little hamsters. This is an easy-to-build set that is a great introduction for younger kids who are new to Lego. It is rated as suitable for children who are 6 years old and up. The main build is a big hamster wheel. Kids will also be able to build a mini car and motorcycle for the hamsters to ride around in.

This is a cute set for kids who love animals. It can be used as tool to teach them about caring for pets too. There are some extras here like a hamster slide and a hoop for Olivia to train those hamsters with. The hamster wheel features real spinning action.






10. Lego Friends set 41363: Mia’s Forest Adventure

Mia’s Forest Adventure is another small pack containing only 134 Lego bricks. You also get one mini-doll, which is Mia herself. Kids ages 6 and up will be able to build a skateboard, a lookout post and a bridge. There’s also a small tree complete with a bees nest hanging off of one of the branches.

In addition to the Mia figure, kids will also get a small, unique bear figure. He can explore the forest areas and possibly go after the honey in that bee hive. Mia also gets a cup, a walkie talkie and other adventure accessories.






11. Lego Friends set 41359: Heart Box Friendship Pack

For the last pack on our list, we have the third small set. This cute set features 199 Lego pieces and two mini-doll figures. Kids get the Vicky and Olivia figures as well as their pets which includes a dog and a frog. Kids can build a large and a smaller heart-shaped box to keep the Lego mini-dolls and pieces in, or whatever else they choose to store in them.

This set is great for kids who like to play dress up. The figures have a wide array clothing items, hats, costume pieces and other accessories. Kids can turn the figures into anything they want, including police officers, fire fighters, doctors or even a witch. Accessories such as treats for the pets, a treasure chest and a story book are included here as well.






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