Best Lego Elves Sets 2020 – Buying Guide & Review

Over the years, LEGO has been perceived by many people as mere children’s toys. However, there are millions of adults who also enjoy playing and building with LEGOs. There are entire LEGO sets that are geared towards adults and some that are geared towards children. In this article, you’ll find 10 of the best LEGO elves sets.

These sets are meant to transport the builder into the world of Elves giving them many options to take up with the good elves or steer towards he darker elves that enjoy the darkness. Each box set has its own unique characters and builds, and you can add them all together to build your perfect LEGO Elven paradise.


1. LEGO Elves Emily & Noctura’s Showdown 41195 Building Kit

This LEGO Elves set centers around Emily Jones and Noctura. Each character has their own little figures. You can summon Nocturas bat figures from the cauldron in Noctura’s laboratory, and you can build Lumia the wolf, that allows Emily to ride and fight from.

Each individual building and figure come in separate bags, which makes it easy for kids to keep up with what they want to build first, and it means that they don’t have to worry about building the entire set all at once. They can take their time enjoying their creation before they add it too their world of LEGO elves community!

Key Features:
650 Pieces
Can be built along with any other original LEGO building
Includes 2 mini-doll figures, a spider figure, and 2 bat figurines
Includes bright and lively color schemes
Includes a bat laboratory, a buildable wolf figure, and a carriage with flapping bat wings




2. LEGO 6212146 Elves Aria and The Song of the Wind Dragon Building Kit

This LEGO Elves set introduces the lovable characters, Lumia and Aira, and their two little companions, Phyll the shadow bat and Sebastian the bird. With this set, you can build a fully posable wind dragon, Cyclo, and it also comes with a bat airship that is able to shoot and spin its propellers. It has extensive instructions that are easy to read, which makes putting this set together simple.

This set is full of hidden treasures like the secret plans to the Cyclone bow and a movable floating island that moves with the simple twist of a lever. The colors are vibrant and fun, and after building the set, you can join Lumia and Aira on their extraordinary adventure of saving Cyclo the Guardian Wind Dragon from the evil shadow bats!

Key Features:
451 Pieces
Discover the secret plans for the Cyclone Bow
Bright and lively color schemes
Includes Lumia and Aria mini-doll figures
Build fully posable Cyclo the Guardian Wind Dragon




3. LEGO Elves Azari & The Fire Lion Capture Building Kit

This vibrant LEGO building kit is set in the realm of elves, and it will send your child into their imaginations as they put together the buildable Rowan Guardian Fire Lion that will fight side by side with Azari to beat back Vespe and Molo, the shadow bats of their area. Each part of the set is bundled by itself to make putting it together easier.

Plus, you can pick and choose which part of set you wish to start with first. Do you wish to give the shadow bats their home and catapult first or assemble Rowan to give him and Azari an advantage against the veil shadow bs that are plaquing the kingdom?

Key Features:
360 Pieces
Includes Azari mini doll
Includes Moly and Vespe shadow bat figures and a spider figure
Easy to follow directions
Includes a buildable figure of Rowan the Guardian Fire Lion




4. LEGO 6212148 Elves Noctura’s Tower and The Earth Fox Rescue Building Kit

Join Farran and Liska the Guardian Earth Fox in their attempt to save the magic Earth diamond from the grasp of Noctura and her evil shadow bats! In the Tower of Shadows, you can remove the bat wings and the head to reveal the top floor of Noctura’s secret layer. However, beware Noctura’s spiders! They have sprung a spider trap to hold Farran prisoner.

To reveal the hidden treasure of the shrine, you just must turn a knob after assembling the Tower of Shadows to reveal the elemental treasures that await. The full size Liska is completely buildable and designed with bright and vibrant colors worthy of the Guardian Earth Fox.

Key Features:
646 Pieces
Includes Noctura and Farran mini-doll figures
Build Liska the Guardian Earth Fox
Features the Tower of Shadows
Includes a spider figure and Hippo and Molo, Noctura’s shadow bat figures




5. LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack Building Kit

Defend the Elvenstar Tree! With this LEGO Elves building kit, you can build up your forces to fight Noctura and her army of shadow bats. You can gaze the stars and craft with the Volcano Hammer in the forge. When Lumia, Naida, and Azari get tired, you can turn a knob and switch the shelves into beds to give them a good night’s rest.

However, you should beware! Noctura and her buildable bat figure may swoop down with the shadow bats to try and unleash an army of bats from the buildable hidden portal. Each area of the Elvenstar Tree has hidden features that will provide hours of play time and imagination.

Key Features:
883 Pieces
Includes Naida, Azari, and Lumia mini dolls
Includes bonus two spider figures, two bat figures, and a bear figure
Multiple hidden treasures
Vibrant and fun colors




6. LEGO Elves Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase

With this building kit, you can craft Aira the Wind Elf’s airship. It has spinning propellers and a balloon, and it is big enough to carry to mini-dolls. Once it has been built, it has extending wings and extra storage space.

This building set can be used with any other LEGO construction sets, and it will give hours of fun time playing and building with LEGOs. It can be used by boys and girls, and the vibrant colors will add to the creation of their Elvenstar world.

Key Features:
342 Pieces
Includes Aira the Wind Elf and Emily Jones mini-dolls
Includes extra Dukelin the Goblin figure
Aira’s airship with spinning propeller and other features
Compatibility with other LEGO construction sets




7. LEGO Elves Breakout from The Goblin King’s Fortress Building Kit

Join Emily Jones in her adventures through Elvendale to rescue her sister, Sophie Jones, from the evil Goblin King and his minions. With this extensive LEGO building kit, you can build up the Goblin King’s Fortress to help keep Sophie from Emily. The fortress has a lot of bonus features to make the adventure more exciting.

For instance, in the Goblin King’s fortress, you can fire the catapult, lower and lift the drawbridge, and a secret door that hides the King’s crystals. This set can be combined with any other LEGO construction kit to make the world of Elvendale come to life with easy to read and follow building instructions.

Key Features:
695 Pieces
Includes four mini-doll characters: Emily Jones, Sophie Jones, the Goblin King, and Tufflin
Easy to follow instructions
Includes Goblin King’s Fortress build
Extensive features to add extra fun playtime to the set




8. LEGO Elves Naida & The Water Turtle Ambush Building Kit

In the world of Elvendale, Naida the elf joins forces with Cory the Guardian Water Turtle and Calypso the baby turtle in protecting the water diamonds from the evil shadow bats. This kit comes with a fully buildable Cory and a Naida figure that can ride on Cory’s back in a fight against the shadow bats. The magic water diamond is on Cory, and the shadow bats are determined to steal it.

They have come equipped with a buildable catapult to help knock the water diamond off the turtle to give the Shadow bats a chance to steal it from them. However, Naida is there to help protect the water diamond from the shadow bats.

Key Features:
205 Pieces
Includes Naida mini-doll
Includes Calypso the baby turtle and Furi the shadow bat figures
Easy to follow building instructions for the buildable Cory the Guardian Water Turtle
Vibrant and fun color schemes




9.LEGO Elves Rosalyn’s Healing Hideout Building Kit

This set is meant to bring healing to the world of Elvendale under the watchful eye of Rosalyn and her Healing hideout. The hideout consists of two floors, and the branches unfold showing intricate detail to the inner workings of the hideout. On the bottom floor of the hideout, you’ll find a cauldron to mix potion ingredients and bottles to help heal her friends.

The set also includes a cart and a buildable dragon that has translucent wings for Rosalyn and Naida to ride around on and deliver their healing potions to the injured people of Elvendale. This set also comes with several other small animal figures ad accessories, like two cookies, a baby dragon, a wheelbarrow, and a torch.

Key Features:
460 Pieces
Includes Naida, Rosalyn, and Rimlin mini dolls
Includes each to build instructions
Includes buildable dragon with translucent wings
Detailed colors and art in the set




10. LEGO Elves The Capture of Sophie Jones

This building set revolves around Sophie Jones and her ventures into Elvendale to check out Mr. Spry’s grocery store. The kit contains a full version of the grocery store that comes attached to a tree, and it has a bed and candle inside. In the store part, the imagination can run wild with the boxes in the store, a counter, and a barrel.

This kit includes the magic portal that Sophie and Emily Jones use to venture into Elvendale, but beware, the goblin king’s minions is already on a rampage with their capture-mobile that is designed with space for Barblin, the goblin, to lower the net and capture Sophie.

Key Features:
226 Pieces
Includes Mr. Spry’s grocery store
Easy to follow building instructions
Includes Sophia Jones mini-doll
Can connect to any other LEGO building set

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