Best LEGO Disney Sets & Minifigures – 2023

When people think of building blocks, they are often thinking about the LEGO brand. LEGO has been one of the best-selling building-block manufacturers for decades. Their blocks, or bricks as the company calls them, can be solidly locked together to build just about anything a child can imagine. All LEGO sets feature pieces that are compatible with every other set that the company offers.

Most sets come with instructions to build specific constructs. Children are also free to use their imaginations to make their own creations. This makes LEGO toys educational and beneficial in a number of ways. Children will learn logic and how to follow directions. There is a certain amount of fine-motor skills that are exercised when manipulating the small bricks. Last of all, it’s always good for children to express themselves with creativity.

LEGO has picked up the rights to build toys based on a number of different properties over the years. One of their popular properties is the Walt Disney brand. There are countless sets based on the classic Disney animated films. LEGO minifigures have been made of just about every Disney princess and cartoon character. Here are 10 of the best LEGO Disney sets available.


Best LEGO Disney Sets December, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
LEGO Disney: Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace Adventures
2 mini-doll figures

Palace measures over 7-inch

Can be built together with all other original LEGO sets
193 Pieces
LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie
2 new-for-April-2019 minifigures

LEGO boat toy measures over 5”

Mickey Mouse’s parrot figure
751 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Elsa's Magical Ice Palace
Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna mini-doll figures

Olaf, Marshmallow

4 Snowgie minifigure
701 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Cinderella’s Dream Castle
5 LEGO figures

Cinderella mini-doll figure

Prince Charming mini-doll figure, a foal and 2 mice
585 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration
3 Disney Princess mini-doll figures

Plus squirrel, dolphin

Dolphin and a frog LEGO animal figures
282 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Ariel and The Magical Spell
Sliding door, a treasure ches

Hideout for Flounder

Includes Ariel with switchable mermaid tail
222 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Rapunzel's Traveling Caravan
Rapunzel and CASSANDRA mini-doll figures

Maximus the horse figure

Sleeping space on the floor
323 Piece
LEGO Disney: Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle
Aurora and Maleficent mini-doll figures

Good fairy and a bunny figure

Modular Fairytale Castle with a balcony
322 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Toy Story 4 RV Vacation
Starter Brick chassis, removable roof

Interior with bed, toilet and sink

4 Toy Story 4 figures
178 Pieces
LEGO Disney: Disney Castle
5 minifigures

Detailed facade with a stone bridge

Large arched doorway
4080 Pieces





1. LEGO Disney: Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace Adventures

This set is based on the Disney movie “Aladdin.” Its LEGO set number is 41161. The set was created with young builders in mind and is rated for children aged five-years old and up. This means that building the set will be a bit easier than usual. The set comes with a total of 193 pieces. Jasmine and Aladdin mini-doll figures are included. Mini-dolls are a bit different from the standard LEGO minifigure. They are slightly taller and meant to be more realistic representations of characters as opposed to the regular, stylized LEGO figures.

With this set, children can build an accurate representation of the palace from “Aladdin.” Once completed, the palace will stand at around 7-inches high, 5-inches wide and 2-inches deep. Multiple rooms, furniture pieces and a ton of accessories add to the atmosphere and to the play possibilities. Also included is the magic lamp and a small bird figure.






2. LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie

LEGO Disney set number 21317 is something truly special. The Steamboat Willie set is based on a 1928 animated short by Walt Disney. This cartoon is historic for its first appearance of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie. Both Mickey and Minnie figures are included with the set. The figures and all of the bricks are in black, white and gray colors. This is to stay accurate to the appearance of the black and white cartoon.

The boat, known as the S.S. Willie, is lovingly recreated here. This set makes for a great display piece. It also offers a lot of play value with its working crane, moving smoke stacks and rotating paddle wheels. This set is sure to be popular with children and adults alike. LEGO rates the set as suitable for anyone over the age of 10. The package contains a total of 751 pieces and instructions for the build.






3. LEGO Disney: Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace is set number 43172. It is rated as okay for kids age 6 and up. This set contains a total of 701 pieces and is based on the popular Disney animated film, “Frozen.” Elsa and Anna mini-doll figures are included. You also get a unique Olaf figure and four Snowgie minifigures. Pieces are even included to build a large Marshmallow figure. A small playground, teeter-totter and three-seat sled can be built as well.

The main construct for this set is a giant palace which has been faithfully recreated in LEGO form. Kids will have plenty of fun building the castle and then playing with all of the pieces once it is completes. Once built, the castle stands nearly a foot high and 11-inches wide. It is about 1-inch deep and features numerous levels and rooms. LEGO also includes a number of small accessories such as a teapot, glasses and food items.






4. LEGO Disney: Cinderella’s Dream Castle

Cinderella’s Dream Castle has a LEGO identification number of 41154. The set was made for children ages 6 to 12 and contains 585 pieces. Cinderella and Prince Charming mini-doll figures are included in this set. The two characters are dressed in their ballroom costumes from the animated film. Two little mice figures and a foal are included as well. There are pieces in the set to construct a carriage and a horse-jumping obstacle.

The main build for this set is the famous castle from the Cinderella movie. Once completed, the structure stands 13-inches tall and 9-inches wide. The interior goes 4-inches deep for a lot of play room. The castle has three stories and an outdoor pumpkin patch. Some of the room highlights include a revolving dance floor, a lounge area and a kitchen. There are a lot of extras here including the famous glass slipper, pumpkins, dishes, pots, pans and food items.






5. LEGO Disney: Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration

LEGO Disney set number 41162 contains no less than three Disney Princesses. Here, you get Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty,” Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” and Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog.” All three figures are done in the LEGO mini-doll style. The set also offers some animals figures such as a squirrel, a dolphin and a frog. Each princess gets an animal that fits in with the environment of their individual movies.

The centerpiece of this set is Aurora’s castle which is constructed of pretty pink and purple LEGO bricks. Builders can also construct a kitchen for Tiana and a small underwater scene that contains accessories for Ariel. The castle stands at around 9-inches tall once it is constructed. This set is perfect for Disney Princess fans of age 5 and up. It contains 282 LEGO bricks and a set of instructions.






6.LEGO Disney: Ariel and The Magical Spell

Disney LEGO set number 41145 allows builders to recreate scenes from “The Little Mermaid.” This pack was made for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. It contains 222 pieces and an instruction booklet. Ariel and Ursula mini-doll figures are included. The Ariel figure is of the princess in her full mermaid form. You also receive a tiny Flounder the fish figure.

The scene depicted is from the movie when Ariel makes her deal with Ursula. Once the deal is made, Ariel can grow legs and is able to walk on land. The main builds consist of Ariel’s room and Ursula’s lair. There are a ton of small accessories here that represent objects and items straight out of the film. Kids will enjoy playing out the scenes from the movie or creating their own unique stories with these beloved characters.






7. LEGO Disney: Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan

LEGO set number 41157, Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan, is based on the Disney film “Tangled.” It contains 323 pieces and is meant for children between 6 and 12 years of age. The set gives you Rapunzel and Cassandra mini-doll figures. You even get Maximus the horse so he can pull along the carriage. Some of the extra, small builds included are an archery target, a stove and a food stand.

The carriage measures in at 5-inches high and 5-inches long once it is all pieced together. Both figures can easily ride in the carriage at the same time. The inside is about 3-inches deep for plenty of play space. Kids can remove the roof or one of the side walls for better access. Inside, you’ll find several rooms, a treasure chest and a pull-out bed. There are many extras here such as bottles, dishes and food pieces. Rapunzel and Cassandra have everything they’ll need for a long adventure.






8. LEGO Disney: Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle is LEGO set number 41152. This kit was designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. It contains a total of 322 LEGO pieces and a set of instructions. Pieces included can build Aurora’s castle, Maleficent’s lair and a woodland tree complete with a tiny rabbit figure. The iconic spinning wheel from the movie is included as well.

LEGO always supplies some great accessories for play. You get a magic wand, flowers, cakes, a vanity and a bed. The heroic Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, is included in the form of a LEGO mini-doll figure. You also get the villainous Maleficent. That is, unless you’re a fan of the movie “Maleficent,” which gives you an understood, heroic version of that character. The main castle playset is made up mostly of pink bricks and has two stories plus a rooftop for a variety of posing and play options.






9.LEGO Disney: Toy Story 4 RV Vacation

The Toy Story franchise has been going strong since 1995. This set number 10769 is a recent release and is based on the 4th installment of this popular Disney property. This set gives you a total of 178 pieces. It is intended for children who are 4 years old and up. The builds here are smaller, simple builds that can easily be done by a younger LEGO fan.

This packages contains two LEGO minifigures. You get Jessie and an Alien. You also get unique LEGO Forkie and Rex figures. Pieces allow children to build an RV with rolling wheels. The removable roof allows for figures to be placed inside of the vehicle. Inside, you’ll find a toilet, bed and sink. Numerous extras such as a skateboard, mugs, camera and food pieces are thrown in as well. A crossroad gate and rest-stop area give the characters some interesting places to visit.






10.LEGO Disney: Disney Castle

The Disney Castle set, which is set number 71040, is simply a masterpiece. This is rated by LEGO as suitable for builders aged 16 years old and up. It’s a more complex build for those master builders. The castle is a highly detailed replica of the iconic Walt Disney World Resort Cinderella Castle. It contains a whopping 4080 pieces and stands over 29-inches tall once completed. It comes in at 18.8-inches wide and is a foot deep.

This massive LEGO structure is a brilliant display piece that also provides endless play possibilities. There are almost too many rooms and features to list here. One thing that will excite Disney fans is the inclusion of 5 great minifigures. You get Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinkerbell. This set is a great choice for older LEGO fans who enjoy the thrill of the build as much or more than they do the play functions of a completed piece.






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