Best LEGO City Airplanes – 2021 – The Best Airplane Based LEGO Sets

LEGO is one of the most popular building toys in the world. It’s a great tool for building the imagination, as well as creating some immediately-identifiable models. It’s beloved by adults and children alike, both for its ease of use and the amazing things that one can build when he or she achieves a certain level of mastery.

LEGO has been split into a variety of themes over the years. These themes encompass a number of genres, ranging from fantasy to historical fiction to sci-fi and horror. Perhaps the most enduring theme, though, is the City theme. One of the very earliest themes, City has grown and changed quite a bit over the years.

One of the most common elements in this theme is airplanes. A natural fit for a building set like LEGO, planes come in several shapes and forms. In fact, most of the different sub-themes of the City theme have their own special models of airplane ranging from sci-fi inspired jets to more mundane cargo planes. What unites them all, though, is that they are all very fun to play with.

If you’re looking for LEGO planes, you’ll have quite a few sets to dig through. Instead of doing all that research on your own, it’s best to get a quick look at the best of the best. Below are some of the best LEGO airplane sets available today.


Best LEGO City Airplanes Sets July, 2021 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces 
LEGO City Sky Police Air Base 602106 LEGO minifigures

3-level Sky Police air base

Sky Police Air Base measures over 9-inch
529 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Fire Plane 60217awesome dual-propeller Fire Plane

3 LEGO City minifigures

Fire Plane measures over 3-inch
363 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Airport 60101Sturdy cargo plane

Includes a pilot and an airport worker

Cargo Plane measures over 3” high, 9” long and 10” wide. Airport
157 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal 601043-level Sky Police air base

6 LEGO minifigures: 2 crook figures

Sky Police Air Base measures over 9-inch
529 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol 60206Sky Police jet plane with opening cockpit

2 LEGO City minifigures

Turning searchlight
54 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Arctic Air Transport 60193Quadrocopter with rotors, winch, all-terrain vehicle

helicopter toy includes 2 explorer minifigures

A sabre-tooth tiger toy
277 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208Super-fast Sky Police toy jet plane

Opening cockpit and extending hook

4 LEGO City minifigures
218 PiecesBuy On Amazone="US" tag="blocksfans-20"]Buy On Amazon[/easyazon_link]
LEGO City Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209Armored police transporter with opening roof

4 LEGO City minifigures

Crook’s helicopter with spinning rotors
400 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO CITY Ambulance Plane 60116Ambulance Plane features rotating propellers

Back hatch that opens to load the stretcher

3 minifigures
183 PiecesBuy On Amazon
LEGO City Space Port 60079Training Jet Transporter with detachable trailer

Training jet with opening cockpit

Fuel tank, 2 marshaling wands
448 PiecesBuy On Amazon




LEGO City Sky Police Air Base 60210

This unique City Sky Police set is centered around a fairly awesome plane, one that’s theoretically big enough to hold a few Minifigures and that features a really great design. That’s just the centerpiece, though – there’s actually a lot to recommend this set.

The three-level Control Tower also doubles as a jail, making it a perfect accessory for kids who love to play with cops and robbers. The set also includes a motorcycle, a jetpack, and a getaway car – a really fun assortment for highly imaginative builders. The set also has a working parachute, which is a fairly rare accessory in the world of LEGO. Taken together, this is really one of the coolest Police Airplane sets that have been made in years.





LEGO City Fire Plane 60217

This fire plane is one of the most action-heavy airplanes that LEGO makes today, featuring not just an awesome rescue plane but also a burning forest. It’s very much a part of the entire Fire House line, taking things to the air to help fight fires and rescue stranded Minifigures.

This plane has two propellers and a pair of pontoons, making it a great fit for playing in the air and landing. It also features a bay for dropping the water pieces over the burning fire, allowing for some cool moments with the plane.

This set also includes a ground vehicle that features a new stud-shooter, which is a piece that every builder will soon come to cherish. Finally, the set includes three firefighter figures with unique gear. If you’re looking to add to a Firehouse set, this plane is a must-have.





LEGO City Airport 60101

This cargo plane might not have all of the bells and whistles of the Sky Police set, but it’s a great addition to any airport setting. With an opening hatch and plenty of room, it’s great for keeping your Minifigures in one place as well as providing a fairly realistic little plane for any display.

This set also comes with a luggage cart and dolly, both of which are excellent little accessories for building up a larger airport set. The airplane also comes with a pilot Minifigure and a cargo worker Minifigure, helping to round out the crew. If you’re looking for a simple but fun airplane set, this one might work well for you.





LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal 60104

This is by far one of the coolest airport sets that LEGO has ever put out, combining an excellent passenger plane with a very unique passenger terminal. While the City line has had a few airports make an appearance, this one is definitely the set that feels most like a centerpiece.

If you’re looking just at the plane, you’ll still be amazed by this set. The modern-looking commuter jet even comes with its own stairs, allowing you to stage an excellent landing scene. The plane is accompanied by several Minifigures and a nice luggage cart, all of which work well with the Terminal set.

The Terminal is a combination of luggage area and control tower. The terminal features rotating doors and a working luggage terminal, making it a great play piece. This is a perfect addition to any City landscape.





LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol 60206

This Sky Police set is one of the smallest on the list, but it’s also one of the best for young builders. It eschews a lot of complicated parts and instead provides a nice, easy building experience that leads to a fun little plane.

This might not be the most realistic plane out there, but it’s still fun. With a simple bubble cockpit and landing gear, it looks futuristic but still in-line with the other Police sets. It also comes with a unique officer Minifigure who has his own special gear, as well as a robber and a small vault. It’s a nice little set for kids who want to start building bigger projects.





LEGO City Arctic Air Transport 60193

The Arctic sub-theme is one of the more recent additions to the City theme, but it has quickly become very popular because of its vibrant colors and its unique parts. This particular Arctic set is the Air Transport, which features an awesome quadcopter that has a working winch. This winch can be used to carry the ‘frozen’ sabretooth tiger figure, which is new to this set.

Of course, there’s more than just the plane here. The set also comes with an ATV and a pair of explorer Minifigures. If you want a very cool quadcopter or you’re just looking to get into the Arctic sub-theme, this is a fantastic set.





LEGO City Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208

This is another small police set that can have a really big impact, especially for those who are looking for fun planes. This one features an awesome jet that would feel right at home in some of the more sci-fi oriented themes, but that still manages to feel like part of the Sky Police subtheme.

The jet itself features an extendable hook, which can be used to latch on to a working parachute. The parachute is meant for the crook Minifigure, who also has his own ATV. Rounding out the set is another police officer Minifig with his own motorcycle, and crook with his own jetpack. This small set packs a lot of action into a small set of figures.





LEGO City Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209

The Diamond Heist set packs in some of the coolest features of the Sky Police subtheme into one package, combining one of the most futuristic-looking planes with a great land vehicle and some awesome Minifigure accessories. If you’re looking for a set that’s perfect for play, you really can’t beat this one.

The plane itself is actually a futuristic VTOL craft with spinning rotors. The police chase after it with a ground vehicle that has both a roof that opens and a brand-new light and sound brick. There’s even a jet pack here, helping to bring a little more high-flying action.

The set includes two crook Minifigs and two police Minifigs, as well as a box with a jewel inside. It’s a cool set that really shows how amazing this subtheme can be.





LEGO CITY Ambulance Plane 60116

This small rescue plane is an excellent addition to any Hospital set, but it’s also a fantastic little plane on its own. It lacks a lot of the adventure elements that are found in the other planes from the City set, but it more than makes up for that fact by being a very unique model.

This wide prop-driven plane is on the small side, but it includes a rear hatch that opens up to fit another Minifigure and a stretcher. The plane also comes with a dirtbike vehicle for your injured Minifigure, adding a nice little extra accessory to the kit. Though it’s low on accessories, this set does include three Minifigures and a stretcher, giving builders plenty to play with.





LEGO City Space Port 60079

This Space Port set is an unusual addition to LEGO’s line-up of planes, really belonging more to the Space Port than most of the other city lines. The big feature here isn’t even the plane – it’s the awesome transport truck that’s actually large enough to carry the plane around.

The plane itself is a little training plane, one that’s meant to look a bit like the shuttles used in the larger Space Port set. the wings can be put into two positions and adjusted without removing any parts, which is a great little detail for play.

This set also comes with a few different Minifigures and a fuel cart, allowing you to build up even more of your City. If you’re looking for a good connection between a Space set and a City set, this might be the best plane out there.





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