12 Best LEGO BrickHeadz Sets – 2020

Nothing rules the world quite like Lego. From building massive LEGO star wars kits like the infamous Death Star or LEGO Harry Potter Kits like Hogwarts or simply dumping out the entire bucket and trying to create something, Lego has inspired and continues to inspire creators of all ages to make something. While often Lego fanatics like the challenge of using random bricks to create something new, the kits, particularly the pop-culture ones, continue to grow in popularity year after year.

Some of the most popular pop-culture sets are the BrickHeadz sets that allow builders to craft their own sculpture of cultural icons such as Harry Potter characters, Marvel characters, DC characters, and Star Wars characters. These kits focus on the character itself, rather than creating the world in which he or she lives. Due to the complex nature of building a head and body, these BrickHeadz kits offer many specialized pieces that are hard to find when scavenging through the bin.

BrickHeadz are a new type of Lego kit that merges cultural icons with the world’s favorite toy. Together, BrickHeadz are a not only a creative toy for the modern child but also a true collector’s item worthy of any desk or bookshelf. So with so many BrickHeadz kits on the market what are some of the best? We offer the comprehensive scoop on which are best and exactly why they win that title.


1.) LEGO BrickHeadz Tactical Batman and Superman 41610 Building Kit

This BrickHeadz kit offers a fun spin on the Batman and Superman rivalry. Both characters are in their Justice League of America suits, complete with capes, utility belt, and Lego six packs. These BrickHeadz have minimalistic facial features and overall design which makes them feel cool and modern.

This kit comes with two hundred and nine pieces and is recommended for builders ten and up. Both characters are two inches tall and come with a baseplate that allows for builders to mount them for display and gives the kit a bit more stature.

Just like with every BrickHeadz kit, even with the minimalistic design this Lego BrickHeadz Tactical Batman and Superman kit focuses on making the characters authentic. From small details on Batman’s face to the detail in Superman’s suit, BrickHeadz offer a truly stunning kit with this one.
While two hundred and nine pieces may seem like a lot, this kit is relatively simple to put together and doesn’t require tremendous skill unlike some of the other pop-culture Lego kits.



2.) Limited Edition LEGO 41621 BrickHeadz Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore Building Kit

While Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley may seem like an odd combo to be paired up together, this BrickHeadz kit is anything but weird. Harry Potter lovers can rejoice that the quality of these beloved characters is nothing but completely perfect. Albus Dumbledore has his deep red robes on with a detailed red and black hat, making him look exactly like his character from the first movie. Ron Weasley has his quintessential red hair and black robes with a red and yellow Gryffindor scarf. Both Albus and Ron come with their personal wizard wands which come in different shades of brown for each.

Despite the difference in age between the two, in the BrickHeadz world both Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley are the same height: two inches tall. They come with their own black baseplates for storing and displaying. This kit is two hundred and forty-five pieces and is ideal for builders ten years of age and older.



3.)LEGO BrickHeadz Iron Man MK50 41604 Building Kit

No pop-culture collection is complete without the man, the myth, the legend: Iron Man. This BrickHeadz Iron Man kit has the crazy and techie personality of Tony Stark himself. Complete in the Iron Man MK50 suit, this character stands above the rest, especially in the cool factor. He has powerful thrusters and armor that are straight out of the Avengers Infinity Wars movie. The vivid colors and amazing design in this kit make it great for not just any Iron Man fan, but also any Lego fan in general.

This kit comes with one hundred and one pieces and is suitable for builders age ten and up. Iron Man is two inches tall and comes with a removable baseplate that allows for him to be displayed alongside any other collectables.



4.) LEGO BrickHeadz The Hulk 41592 Building Kit

Perhaps one of the strongest characters in the BrickHeadz collection, The Hulk character is a fun and colorful set that gives off vintage Hulk vibes. While this is not The Hulk from the newest Avengers movies, this set has a more comic book feel with a bright green shirtless Hulk in bright purple pants that are ripped right above the knee.

While The Hulk may be rough and tough, this kit isn’t too hard to put together. Coming in at ninety-three pieces, the Hulk is actually one of the smaller kits in the BrickHeadz collection. It is recommended for builders ten years of age or older. Despite The Hulk’s size in the Marvel Universe being significantly larger than his Avenger counterparts, in the BrickHeadz collection Hulk is only two inches tall just like the rest of his friends. He also comes with a removable baseplate that allows for storage or display.



5.) LEGO BrickHeadz Darth Vader 41619 Building Kit

It is tempting to head over to the dark side after getting a good look at the BrickHeadz Darth Vader kit. This all-black character comes complete with all sorts of fun buttons and a red lightsaber that he holds at his side, just like in the Star Wars films. His all-black bricks make him a challenging build, but the results are definitely worth it especially for Star Wars fans.

Darth Vader has one hundred and four pieces, and comes with a baseplate for display and storage. This kit is suitable for builders ten and older but is perhaps more challenging than many of the other BrickHeadz counterparts. Darth Vader is two inches tall and commands any room he occupies. This kit is a fun one, and all serious Star Wars or Lego fans should consider picking one up.



6.) LEGO BrickHeadz Captain America 41589 Building Kit

Perhaps the most adorable of any of the superhero BrickHeadz sets, Captain America is downright huggable. With a set of big puppy dog eyes and a half-masked face, despite the lack of a smile this kit seems to be downright happy. Captain America is a fan favorite among BrickHeadz fans, and it is easy to see why. Clocking in at seventy-nine pieces, he has a very detailed suit that boasts a kind of fun and light-hearted Americana that attracts fans of all ages. This kit feels more like a comic book or early movie Cap, complete with red and white stripes and blue bottoms, as well as his iconic shield.

Just like with all of the other BrickHeadz sets, Captain America is two inches tall and is suitable for builders ten and older. He also comes with a baseplate that allows for him to be placed securely on any surface without fear of him toppling over. While Captain America is one of the earlier BrickHeadz designs he lacks nothing in terms of attention to detail to his iconic look.



7.) LEGO BrickHeadz Beast 41596 Building Kit

Disney fans can rejoice with this stunning Beast kit from Beauty and the Beast. BrickHeadz may have set the bar for all future kits with this adorable Beast, complete with chin hair, horns, blue coat and pants, yellow waistcoat, and white ascot. The features on this character not only maintain the minimalistic look that BrickHeadz has made their signature, but also offer fans many details that make the Beast feels familiar and adorable.

This kit comes with one hundred and sixteen pieces and is recommended for builders ten and up. The Beast clocks in at a whole two inches tall and comes with a baseplate that makes display easier. The baseplate adds less than one inch to the height of the character.

While this kit only comes with the Beast himself, there are many other kits such as Belle and other Disney characters that can keep the Beast company on any bookshelf or in any toy bin. His fun design and colors give him a unique personality and vibrancy.



8.)Brickheadz Lego 40350 Easter Chick Building Set

While most BrickHeadz kits focus on characters from famous pop-culture circles, Easter Chick instead focuses on the Easter holiday and spring season. While the Easter Chick may not be in any movie or book series, he is perhaps one of the more charming kits with an all-yellow body and fluffy feathers on his belly and chest. With an adorable orange-colored beak and matching feather on his head, any builder will be ready to ring in spring after putting this together.

Easter Chick is two inches tall and has one hundred and twenty pieces. He is suitable for builders ten and over and comes with a baseplate for display and storage purposes.



9.) LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter & Hedwig Building Kit, Multicolor

No pop-culture set is complete without the boy who lived. Harry Potter is one of the most iconic pop-culture characters of all time and this BrickHeadz set lives up to his reputation. With adorable black round glasses that take up most of his face, quintessential lightning bolt scar, Gryffindor robes and scarf, and of course his constant companion Hedwig. Both the Harry Potter and Hedwig characters have wonderful attention to detail and look amazing from all angles.

The Harry Potter and Hedwig kit comes with one hundred and eighty pieces and is suitable for builders over the age of ten. They both come with their own baseplate that makes them a great collectors item in addition to being a fun toy. No matter as a toy or desktop buddy, Harry and Hedwig are perfectly suited for both. Unlike their book and movie counterparts, both Harry and Hedwig are only two inches tall. But in the same way that their book and movie counterparts captured the hearts of the general public, these kits are sure to capture any builder’s heart.



10.) LEGO BrickHeadz Hermione Granger Building Kit, Multicolor

Just like in the wizarding world, Hermione Granger may be the most important BrickHeadz character. This kit has the style of a young Hermione Granger, in a grey Gryffindor uniform with crazy unruly curls and a book in one hand and a wand in another. The kit is so adorable and it looks like she is ready to cast Leviosa at any given moment. While the kit is traditional BrickHeadz style with minimalistic features and little-to-no facial expressions, this Hermione Granger kit still manages to be adorable and incredibly detailed.

Hermione is a one hundred and twenty-seven piece set and is suitable for builders ten years of age or older. It comes with a baseplate that allows for Hermione to always be ready to head off to another class or to simply display or store away. She is two inches tall but becomes a bit taller when she is placed on her baseplate. She is the perfect Lego kit to turn any Muggle into a wizard.



11.) LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson & Krusty The Clown 41632 Building Kit

The king of TV himself has been forever immortalized in BrickHeadz form. Homer Simpson comes in traditional Simpson yellow, complete with a white tee shirt, jeans, and a beer belly. He has his classic six o’clock shadow and even has a donut in hand in case of a snacking emergency. To make this kit even more iconic it has a Krusty the Clown character as well. Krusty is complete with clown nose, creepy green hair, and white face. It has a truly classic TV look and is perfect for any Simpson lover.

This kit is two hundred and fifteen pieces and is fairly easy to put together. It is for builders ten and over and comes with two different baseplates for separate display or storage.



12.) LEGO 6225330 Brickheadz Mickey Mouse 41624 Building Kit

Leaving the most iconic for last, the BlockHeadz Mickey Mouse kit is nothing short of fantastic. Mickey Mouse has his iconic red and white shorts, black ears, and cute button nose. He is not only a great Lego kit to build, but a perfect collectable for Disney lovers of all ages. Complete with yellow shoes and white gloves, Mickey has the look of an old school Mickey rather than a modern one. It is a fun and unique kit.

Clocking in at one hundred and nine pieces, this kit is kind of complex due to the large amounts of the same colors over and over again. It is suitable for builders ten years of age or older and comes with a dark black baseplate. His cute friendly body type makes him great for play or display alike.

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