The Best LEGO Back To The Future Sets & Minifigures – 2022

Back to the Future is a film series that almost everyone knows and has seen at least once or twice. It tells the story of Marty McFly and his friend Doc Brown. The first film sends Marty to the past where he encounters his parents as teenagers and helps them come together. In the second film, the duo heads to the future and see what happens to their characters. The third film in the series goes even further back in time as Doc Brown finds love in the old west. All three films grossed millions at the box office and became classics.

With LEGO Back to the Future sets and minifigs, you can add a touch of retro 80s fun to your home. While you might want a few minifigs of Doc and other characters to display in your game room, you’ll also find full sets that let you build a DeLorean just like the one that the characters used as a time machine. There are also sets that work with LEGO Dimensions systems to bring Marty and other characters into different levels. No matter what you love about these films, you’ll find a few LEGO toys from the series that you’ll love just as much.


Best LEGO Back To The Future Sets January, 2023 –  Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesNo. of Pieces
LEGO The DeLorean Time Machine Building Set
Opening doors, fold-up wheels

Flux capacitor, time travel display

2 license plates, Marty's skateboard
401 Pieces
LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack
3 figures from the films

Including Marty, his hoverboard

DeLorean time machine
94 Pieces
LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack
Includes: Doc Brown and Train

Minifig of the train from that film
69 Pieces
LEGO Brick Headz Marty McFly and Doc Brown
Figures that look exactly the same

Brick Headz of both Marty McFly and Doc Brown

LEGO includes two stands
240 Pieces
LEGO Back to the Future Marty McFly Minifig
Compatible with all bricks

Dressed in his icon BTTF costume
1 Piece
LEGO Minifig Doc Brown
Same size as any other minifigs

Classic costumes from the films

Gadgets around his neck
4 Pieces




LEGO The DeLorean Time Machine Building Set

Any fan of BTTF knows that Doc and Marty use a DeLorean as a time machine. LEGO now lets you build a time machine of your own from small bricks. Suitable for BTTF fans 10 and up, this set includes 401 parts. You get both Marty ad Doc minifigs that are exclusive to this set, and both come dressed in costumes from a popular moment in the first film. Marty also comes with a LEGO skateboard that you can set him on and roll across the room.

The DeLorean that you build has doors that open from the sides, tires that fold up along the body and space inside for the minifigs. It also has a time travel dashboard inside and two license plates as well a second engine. The only thing missing from this set is Einstein the dog.





LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack

As long as you have a LEGO Dimensions set and the included LEGO pad, you can unlock a brand new BTTF adventure with this pack. It comes with three figures from the films, including Marty, his hoverboard and the DeLorean time machine. Once added to the pad, it lets you unlock A Hill Valley Time Adventure. This level asks that you use Marty to get around town and complete a mission. You also have the chance to explore Hill Valley and the surrounding BTTF world. Other things that you can do in the game include building Marty and other characters from LEGO bricks and sending Marty into the other levels that you unlocked.





LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack

What good is a Marty adventure if he can’t bring Doc along with him? Thanks to this fun pack, you can now make Marty and Doc interact on different levels at the same time that you add a new world to explore. This set recreates some of the moments from the third film, which sees Doc trapped in the old west where he eventually meets the love of his life. Not only do you get a Doc Brown minifig, but you also get a minifig of the train from that film. Both figures come with bases that you can use to display them. You can also remove those bases to use either figure on a LEGO Dimensions pad. This lets you bring the train and Doc into the BTTF you unlocked with the other set and lets you explore other virtual worlds with Doc.





LEGO Brick Headz Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Most LEGO sets come with figures that look exactly the same. If you’re a fan of Back to the Future and want something a little different, this Brick Heads set is a fun alternative. It comes with Brick Headz of both Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Doc comes complete with his white costume and a flux capacitor that he holds in one hand. Marty wears his puffy red vest over jeans and several shirts. You’ll use 120 of the 240 included bricks to build each one. These figures stand a few inches tall and are a great addition to a BTTF collection. To keep the figures from falling over, LEGO includes two stands. These black stands let you snap the figures to the top and display them anywhere you want.

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LEGO Back to the Future Marty McFly Minifig

You can create new adventures with Marty thanks to this minifig, which gives you the option of buying your favorite character without spending lots of money on a full LEGO set. As with other minifigs, Marty has legs that help him stand on LEGO sets. He is compatible with all bricks, which lets you choose how to display him. Both hands have an open design that allows you to place accessories in each one to recreate scenes from the series. You’ll also find that both his legs and arms rotate as does his head. Marty comes dressed in his icon BTTF costume, which includes a puffy red vest over a dark blue shirt and a flannel shirt as well as blue jeans.

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LEGO Minifig Doc Brown

Though Doc Brown is one of the most popular characters from the franchise, finding his minifig is hard because it was only available in the #21103 set. As that set is discontinued, you’ll pay quite a bit to bring him home for your collection. Instead of spending money on the full set, you can choose this minifig instead. Standing around two inches in height, it is the same size as any other minifigs you own. Doc wears one of his classic costumes from the films, which includes a white outfit with some gadgets around his neck. You can display him as-is or add some gadgets and accessories to his hands. Both hands can clasp LEGO toys.





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