Best Christmas LEGO Sets 2020 Reviews

As one of the most recognizable toys in the world, LEGO have a place in everyone’s home. Lego has been around since the middle of the 20th century and continues to captivate people of all ages. While many associate these plastic building bricks with creative kids, Lego hold a lot of sentimental value to adults as well. As such, there’s no better way to add some quirky fun to the holiday season than with a festive Christmas Lego set.

For decades, Lego has released themed sets that coincide with the holidays. They even have a Halloween LEGO Set range! These kits include limited-edition blocks, iconic Christmas figures, and plenty of jolly colors. Whether you’re shopping for a child or a child at heart, a Christmas Lego set makes a wonderful collector’s gift.

The great thing about LEGO is that they can be used in a variety of ways. You can gather your family around the living room and make an event out of assembling the kits. Then, you can scatter the figures around your home to use as personal decor. Or, you can add the pieces to your growing Lego collection and make even more intricate builds. The possibilities are endless.

There’s no shortage of great Christmas sets on the market. We’ve rounded up some of the best options available for the Lego fan on your Christmas list.


New to 2020 – Limited Edition LEGO Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to make an investment with LEGO sets, then this is the ideal purchase. The Limited Edition Christmas Tree is selling fast and is a decent buy for collectors alike.

Made under the LEGO Creator brand, the Christmas tree set comes with 392 pieces and once built is 8.66 inches high. A nice festive decoration that you can add to your home. It does revolve but it’s not mechanical or musical.


LEGO Snowglobe

This limited edition Lego set is meant to be on full display. It features a large clear dome to create that signature snowglobe look. Inside the dome, you can build and decorate a block tree. A Santa figurine is included as well. To add even more realism, Lego has included some small white pegs to simulate the appearance of snow.

The base of the globe offers a bit more detail. Textured blocks are used to create faux brick walls. Unique window pieces and detailed trim are added to create an intricate base that you’ll want to show off. While this isn’t a real snowglobe, it’s a quirky representation of one that will fit right in with your collection. Place it on your mantle for some festive decor. The great thing about this set is that it was made in limited quantities. So, it’s a must-have for diehard Lego lovers.

Key Features:
215 pieces
Limited edition
Includes bricks not found in other sets



LEGO Nutcracker

Popularized by “The Nutcracker” ballet, nutcracker figures are a popular Christmas icon. With this Lego set, you and your family can create your very own nutcracker. The kit includes 230 colorful pieces. When all the blocks are put together, the finished product is a smooth statue with all of the signature details. Unlike other Lego sets, the finished build doesn’t have any exposed pegs. At a distance, some might not even realize it’s made from the toy blocks. However, it still holds that distinct Lego style.

While you can’t crack real nuts, the finished build does have moving parts. A lever on the back operates the nutcracker’s mouth to give the toy an authentic look.

Key Features:
230 pieces
Limited edition
Moving pieces
Stands roughly 7 inches tall



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station

Complete your winter Lego village with this fire station set. It includes blocks to build a large station with two levels. Small rooms inside the station are perfect for creating custom scenes. There’s even a light-up brick to add some unique dimension to your build. Thanks to the variety of accessory blocks, you can personalize the fire station how you want.

The kit also includes a buildable fire truck. It features rolling wheels and a telescoping ladder. Lego has also included a few accessory builds. These include a snowy park bench, a festive ice rink, and decorated Christmas tree.

Key Features:
1166 pieces
Multiple builds
Includes 6 Lego figures
Buildable firetruck
Scenic accessory blocks



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Market

No Lego village is complete without a festive market. The Winter Village Market set has enough pieces to create many different elements. The biggest is a beautifully designed carousel. It’s about 7 inches high and 10 inches wide. Several of the blocks used on this build are unique to the set. The best part is that it moves. Attached to the carousel is a buildable crank mechanism. Just turn the handle to watch the horses go around and around.

To complement the centerpiece, Lego has included blocks to build three different market stalls. Each stall is different and has many accessory blocks. You’ll find food pieces, Lego candy, and much more.

Key Features:
1261 pieces
Includes 9 Lego figures
Several separate builds
Tallest build measures 7 inches high
Several themed decorative blocks



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Station

The Winter Village Station set from Lego offers plenty of opportunities to expand your Lego world. It’s meant to be used with other larger sets to create a massive build filled with fun details. Of course, you don’t need to have every set to have fun.

The heart of this set is the large train station. It has many small details for roleplaying. You can create a barista station, ticket booth, and platform. To get your Lego figures to the station, the set includes a buildable bus. A sizable roof rack filled with Christmas presents adds a touch of realism. Other elements include a moving train crossing rail and a small portion of train tracks.

Key Features:
902 pieces
Includes 5 Lego figures
Can be used with other sets
Buildable bus
Moving train rails



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train

This set is a great add-on to the previous one. It includes the full train as well as several track pieces. The train itself is a challenging build. Four separate carts feature fun festive details. Leading the train is the locomotive cart, which has room to house the included conductor figure. Following that is a coal cart and a transport cart. Finally, the last component is the passenger cart.

The set comes with many curved track pieces. You can use these to create a unique path for your home. Make your train circle your Christmas tree or add it to your larger Lego village build. Additional accessory blocks, such as lamp posts and a platform bench, are included to make your build as true-to-life as possible.

Key Features:
734 pieces
Includes 5 Lego figures
Train has 4 carts and measures 20 inches long
Customizable track
Complements other sets



LEGO Christmas Carousel

Keep things simple with this limited edition carousel set. It only has 251 pieces. So, it’s great for younger kids who are looking for a quick build. You can also add this to your limited edition collection and make it a part of your yearly decor. Despite its simplicity, this set is still a challenging build.

It’s not just a stationary carousel. There’s also a hidden rotation mechanism in the base that you have to build. Once it’s assembled, you can turn the crank to spin the carousel and see the decorative elements. It has a festive Christmas tree and small train, among other things.

Key Features:
251 pieces
Limited edition set
Rotating build



LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop

You can’t have a Christmas set without Jolly Saint Nick himself. The Santa’s workshop set lets you create a whimsical Christmas scene. Not only does the kit have a Santa figurine, but you’ll also find a depiction of Mrs. Claus and several helpful elves. There are also pieces to build Santa’s sleigh and four reindeers.

The workshop features two levels. Intricate blocks, such as stained glass windows and textured doors, make the build come to life. Plus, there are many different accessory blocks. The set has everything from a tray of cookies to individual presents.

Key Features:
883 pieces
Includes 6 Lego figures
Measures 6 inches high and 9 inches wide
Multiple rooms and accessories



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Toy Shop

The Winter Toy Shop set is filled to the brim with fine details. The star of the set is a large shop building. The shop has a decorative facade and many windows that you can peer through. Inside the building, there’s plenty of room to add tools and workers. There’s even display windows and small buildable toys that you can show off.

The details don’t stop there. The kit is all about creating a festive scene, so Lego included several smaller builds and accessories. There are blocks to create a park bench and a large Christmas tree. Small Lego figures of carolers, families, and even skiers are added to the mix, too.

Key Features:
898 pieces
Includes 8 Lego figures
Many scene-building components
Measures 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide



LEGO Christmas Town Square

Looking for a quick build? This Christmas Town Square set has you covered. It only has 179 pieces. However, these are enough pieces to create many distinct builds. You can create a large Christmas tree centerpiece, mailbox area, and shop stall, and more. The set also has a few figures.

It doesn’t take long to complete this set. In only a few minutes, you can have several decorations that you can use around your home. Or, you can use the set to spice up a large Winter Village Lego set.

Key Features:
179 pieces
Includes 3 Lego figures
Multiple small builds
Can be used with other sets



LEGO Santa’s Visit

This quirky little set from Lego is a great stocking stuffer. With less than 200 pieces, it doesn’t take long to set up. When completed, it doesn’t take up much room either. However, the humorous depiction of Santa’s visit makes it a great addition to your Christmas decor.

The set comes with a Santa figurine. The rest of the pieces are used to create a small living room setting. It has a large fireplace and chimney, small sofa, and a Christmas tree. Of course, there’s also a tray of Santa’s cookies waiting for him as well.

Key Features:
167 pieces
Includes Santa figure and cat
Depicts a festive living room



LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

This book is a unique alternative to pre-packaged sets. It’s great for families or collectors with a large reserve of bricks already. Instead of using those bricks for standard builds, you can use this book to come up with creative ornament ideas. In total, the book has instructions for 16 different ornaments.

Colored photos and detailed graphics make building the ornaments a breeze. All of the instructions come with drawings of the blocks you’ll need. There are also step-by-step guides so that even young kids won’t have any issues. Some of the ornaments include familiar favorites like gingerbread men and baubles. You’ll also find some more whimsical options, like french fries and an old-school computer.

Key Features:
Instructions for 16 ornaments
Color photos
Builds use common blocks




Lego have a knack for capturing the attention of kids and adults alike. Kids love them because they offer a blank canvas for creative adventures. Adults enjoy them because they provide a sense of nostalgia and child-like wonder. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas set for someone close to you or you’re looking to buy some fun toys for yourself, all of the sets on this list are great buys. They manage to capture the Christmas spirit while maintaining all the features that made Lego so loved in the first place.



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