About me


Hey! Welcome to BricksFans.com

My name is Toby Woolcock. This is me

I live in Cornwall in a small village called Mousehole. It’s quiet in the winter and mega busy in the summer, as its a popular holiday destination to visit.  I’ve lived here all my life. It’s full of creatives such as artists, potters, sculptures and poets. It’s probably why I got into LEGO so much. I wasn’t very good at drawing or painting but was very creative with LEGO. It certainly was my creative outlet when I was young.

As a kid, I was head over heals in love with LEGO. Fortunately, I never did grew up as my love for LEGO continues to this very day.

Not only do I spend an awful lot of money on LEGO and build with LEGO every single day of my life, I also blog about it now!

I’m a newbie blogger to be fair. I needed to start another chapter of my creative life away from LEGO, but still involving LEGO…hahaha that doesn’t make much sense does it.

I think what I’m trying to say is I need to not build and buy LEGO so much and maybe channel my knowledge and creativity into writing decent reviews on all things to do with LEGO.

I want this site to be the place where people find out the ins and outs, pros and cons to all LEGO products out there on the market today.