The 10 Best LEGO Games For Xbox One – 2023

The LEGO brand may be best known for its plastic construction toys that are beloved by children, collected by adults and passed down through the generations. But LEGO has expanded way beyond just brick sets to other media, including books, films, television and, of course, video games. The Xbox One is the current iteration of … Read more

10 of The Best LEGO Juniors Sets – 2023

When it comes to building blocks and construction toys, few brands are as well known as LEGO®. They offer interlocking bricks that snap together securely. This allows children to build a wide variety of solid structures including vehicles, buildings and play sets. Most sets contain instructions for building specific models. These can then be used … Read more

9 Of The Best LEGO Motorcycle Sets You Can Buy In 2023 – Ultimate Guide

For speed demons and automotive junkies, motorcycles are the epitome of cool! These two-wheeled vehicles have a rebellious expression and sport roaring engines that put standard cars to shame. Despite all of the potential dangers that come with riding motorcycles, they’re still a feat of engineering that many gearheads love to appreciate. Luckily, the best … Read more

LEGO Boba Fett Helmet Set – Review

For any avid brick-building enthusiast, LEGO and Star Wars go hand in hand! The LEGO Group introduced its first Star Wars-themed set back in 1999. In the decades since, around 700 different sets have come out! Not only that, but video games, television shows, and other LEGO Star Wars media has expanded the universe even … Read more

LEGO Makes Set Based on Friends the TV Show

LEGO® has become the world’s premier name in construction toys. The LEGO Group was founded by the Kristiansen family in 1932. The same family still runs the company to this day. The company headquarters is located in Billund, Denmark. LEGO manufactures interlocking bricks that allow the builder to make solid, stable constructions. LEGO offers themed … Read more

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Pirates of the Caribbean wowed Disney fans for decades as a popular amusement park ride before becoming a hit film series. Released in 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl made more than $650 million at the box office and introduced the world to the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow played … Read more

12 Best LEGO BrickHeadz Sets – 2023

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Best LEGO Disney Sets & Minifigures – 2023

When people think of building blocks, they are often thinking about the LEGO brand. LEGO has been one of the best-selling building-block manufacturers for decades. Their blocks, or bricks as the company calls them, can be solidly locked together to build just about anything a child can imagine. All LEGO sets feature pieces that are … Read more