Wubba Lubba Dub Dub It’s Rick & Morty Time

We were going to do a whole introduction to Young Bricks type thing, but screw it, their latest creation is too awesome not to share. So in brief Young Bricks is the brain child of LEGO® fan Tom Young, he’s turned his passion for bricks into Young Bricks, which creates unique miniature custom LEGO builds. From brick-built bookends to bespoke gifts, Tom has created a handful of ace builds. In fact you may well have seen his work recently, after recreating the coffee shop from Friends to coincide with Minifigure.me’s Friends-inspired Minifigure collection. Now you’re up to speed, so here’s Young Bricks latest custom build, which I’ve been excitingly waiting for since having a lengthy chat with Tom over in Billund.


Rick & Morty has gained somewhat of a cult following in recent years. The animated adventures of über scientist Rick and his grandson Morty have aired on Adult Swim over the past few years, with fans eagerly waiting for the new season to land. Tom has turned his build skills into recreating Rick’s unique (and deadly) spaceship. It features custom printed parts from Minifigs.me and you can also add custom Rick & Morty Minifigures. Young Bricks puts it best….

“Huh. Looks like we’re made of LEGO, Morty.” “Aw jeez Rick, I’m building up some anxiety about all this.” “Don’t worry Morty, it’s fine. We can go anywhere anyone builds now, Morty, go to all kinds of different…LEGO places, in this ship I built using 100% genuine LEGO pieces. But the greatest part is that Custom Minifigs printed us, Morty. Do you know what that means?!” “Umm…” “It means our prints will last. Our prints, Morty, they’ll never come off! And we can go on all kinds of LEGO adventures, Morty. Forever Rick and Morty, in LEGO! Going to all kinds of LEGO places!” “What about the portal gun, Rick? Will it still work?” “Sure, why not, I don’t know.”

Grab a portal gun and go check out Rick’s Spaceship custom build along with a few other great custom creations from Young Bricks right here.


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Author: Adam White

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