The LEGO Ninjago Movie Trailer Breakdown

With the first trailer for The LEGO Ninjago Movie dropping yesterday, we thought we’d take a closer at look at it, to see what it could mean for future sets and new elements. Ahead of the movies September release, we’ll be treated to a number of new sets and a rumoured LEGO Minifigures series. There’s already been a large number of great LEGO Ninjago sets released over the years, but those based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie will be based in a different universe, meaning new characters, new looks, new costumes and of course great new sets. So let’s take a peek at what could be coming to stores and future LEGO sets later this year.

One of the biggest draws of the world of Ninjago is awesome array of vehicles both the Ninja and their foe get around in. The trailer shows off each of the Ninja’s modes of transportation including a couple of cool mechs, in particular Kai’s red mech.


Lloyd’s mystical green dragon has appeared in past Ninjago sets, but this new version looks epic and would make a great set. In fact each of the Ninja’s vehicles would make great sets, but they are all pretty big, so will we see them all?



The trailer shows off a cool looking Japanese-style ship docked in a moonlit bay. It has an air of the original Destiny’s Bounty about it and would make a great D2C set is the same style as Metalbeard’s Sea Cow.


It’s not just the good guys who have cools ways of getting around, Lord Garmadon’s flying mechanised shark looks great. Again to do it justice it would have to be a pretty big set, but what a set that would be.



Along with possible sets, the new look Ninja of Ninjago and other characters will also make use of some cool new LEGO elements. The Ninja have new style face masks, which are more enclosed around the neck than the ones used on current Ninja characters. From the look of Lloyd below, the bottom section could sit around the neck, much like beard elements do, with the top section fitting into and being fixed to the head like a normal hat element.


Lord Garmadon’s loyal hencepeople make use of a great new shark head element. It’s a little like the Shark Guy piece from the recent LEGO Minifigures range, but doesn’t have the tail section and look a little more menacing.


Finally the Ninja themselves look a little different to their current animated counterparts as seen in the Ninjago TV series, this is largely due to some great new hair elements. Many of which will surely find their way into other future LEGO sets.


We’ve always had a sift spot for LEGO Ninjago and it’s great to see them portrayed in such a cool way in their first big screen outing. We can’t wait to build some of the great new sets it will inspire and of course the movie itself looks just a fun as The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie. The LEGO Ninjago Movie opens in cinemas this Septmeber.



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