The LEGO Batman Movie Robin Clock Review

If you’re been visiting over the last few weeks you may of noticed there are quite a few products being released based on The LEGO Batman Movie. One such range of products is The LEGO Batman Movie Clock and Watch range from ClicTime. They’ve released a number of great LEGO themed timepieces over the last few years and their The LEGO Batman Movie products are the most impressive yet. ClicTime have kindly sent us our very own Robin Minifigure Clock to take a closer look at.


Product Description

Be on time to serve justice with the new LEGO® Batman movie Robin minifigure clock. Keep him by your side and press down on his head to activate the snooze function. Clearly see the time with a digital display and backlight functions. A great addition to the LEGO super heroes collection.

  • 9.5 inches tall (standing)
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Backlight LCD
  • 12hr display
  • Moveable arms and legs


The minifigure has become an iconic symbol of the LEGO Brand and as the years have gone on the humble minifigure has become far more expressive thanks to great design and impressive new hair elements. If you’ve seen any of the minifigures based on characters from The LEGO Batman Movie then you’ll have noticed character design has been knocked out of the park for Batman and his gang of friends and foe. One such minifigure in particular is oozing fun and he’s the inspiration for The LEGO Batman Movie clock we’ve going to take a closer look at.


The Robin minifigure alarm clock is based on the boy wonders ‘superhero’ costume, which if you’ve seen the trailers is actually one of Batman’s lesser known alternate costumes. Considering the larger scale of the clock compared to the minifigures it’s based on the design and look is perfect, right down to the new hair element which features Robin’s wide-eyed glasses and even a cape.



Just like a minifigure, the clock minifigure has movable hands, arms and legs which allow a for a few superhero poses. Invoking the same fun as the smaller counterparts. But being a clock, it’s main function is of course telling the time. The clock display is featured with the torso of the minifigure, this LCD digital display shows time in a 12 hour AM/PM format with the time of day indicated by a small AM or PM mark in the top left-hand corner.


The Robin minifigure clock also features an alarm function, the alarm time is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner. This can be activated by the on/off button on the back of the clock. Here you’ll also find buttons to change the time and alarm times. It’s really simple to use, hold down one button then press another to scroll through the times. It can be a little fiddly but it’s much easier than some other clocks to do.


The LCD display features a backlight, which can be activated for a few seconds by pressing down the on Robin’s head, this is also how you switch off the alarm when is goes off. When the display is not lit, it can be a little difficult to see in the wrong light but apart from that the clock is great. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Robin’s cheery smile?


Robin isn’t the only character available in clock form, the range also includes Batman, Batgirl, Joker and Harley. Plus there’s also a selection of kids buildable watches based on same characters. See the full range here. The ClicTime range of The LEGO Batman Movie Clocks and Watches are available now from Amazon, LEGO Stores and other good retailers.

Get your own The LEGO Batman Movie Robin Minifigure Clock now from Amazon

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