LEGO Ninjago Kai Time Twins Watch Review

With the LEGO® Ninjago movie set to hit the big screen later this year, the small screen adventures will continue much sooner, as the seventh season of the animated Ninjago show, dubbed the Hands of Time, will see the Ninja of Ninjago faced with the return of the mysterious Time Twins. To coincide with the latest adventures of the masters of Spinjitzu, ClicTime has released a new range of clocks and watches based on Hands of Time characters. Last month we took a look at the amazing Adult LEGO watches and we also took an exclusive first look at one of the LEGO Minifigure clocks based on The LEGO Batman Movie. Now thanks to ClicTime we have a look at one of the new LEGO Ninjago buildable kids watches. So it’s TIME to take a closer look at the Kai version.


Product Description

The newest addition to our Ninjago collection! Spend your daily adventures with a Spinjitzu warrior, fighting bad guys with your allies in tow! With multicoloured, interchangeable links, this Ninjago™ Kai minifigure link watch offers plenty of design possibilities to build a unique watch, along with an easy-to read watch face making it not only impressive but also comfortable and durable so youʼll always be one step ahead of your enemies.

  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant acrylic lens – Extra watch links included – Water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet) Battery included
  • Made from super durable poly carbonate
  • 2 Year EU Guarantee/2 Year US Guarantee


Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to build your own watch, just like LEGO, the official LEGO watches have their own build system. This includes a watch face, connectable links, two clasp links and a special minifigure link. With the colour scheme themed around Kai, the elemental master of fire. The main watch face is bright red and there is a selection of different coloured links which can be connected together is anyway you like.


The clasp link is very easy to connect and is also very secure, perfect for kids who may have a habit of losing things. No matter how much they spinjitzu about, the watch won’t be going anyway. It simply slips together and clicks into place, it may be a little tricky for smaller hands at first but as least that way it won’t be taken off when out and about. The casing, links and clasp are all made from a durable poly carbonate material making it very sturdy and the watch face is also scratch resistant.


The watch face is nice and clear, perfect for those just starting out on telling the time. Along with the clock numbers and Ninjago logo, the watch face also features a cartoony image of Kai, in his new style Ninja outfit. This is set against muted green background which makes the watch face standout against the fiery colours of the rest of the watch.


Unlike the adult LEGO watches, the kids versions include a special minifigure link. This is a slightly smaller version of a standard minifigure and is roughly the same size as six standard links. It’s split into three connected sections so once part of the watch, it still sits nicely on your wrist. Despite not being an actual minifigure, this special link is just as detailed as its LEGO counterpart. Just like the watch face, Kai is kitted out in the same outfit he wears in the new Hands of Time sub-theme of the Ninjago sets, minus the shoulder element.


When compared to Adult LEGO watch you can see it’s a lot smaller, making it the perfect size for kids. Although there’s nothing to say adult can’t wear it as well. Although the watch face is much smaller, the additional links can be used to make the strap much longer. You can also use links from any other LEGO kids watch to make your own unique watch. It would make a great first watch for young LEGO fans, with an easy to read watch face and fairly simple but secure clasp. Little hands may need some help unclipping the links, but who wouldn’t want to have a minifigure on their watch! We’ll be back soon with a review of the Kai Minifigure Alarm Clock.


You can get the LEGO Ninjago Kai Time Twins Kids Watch now from Amazon along with the rest of the LEGO Ninjago Watch Collection here.

The content expressed within this review represents our own opinion and not that of ClicTime or The LEGO Group

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