LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Limited Edition Cards Location Guide

As promised we have full details of the highly sought after Limited Edition LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Trading Cards. If the amount of emails we still get regarding the Limited Edition LEGO NINJAGO Trading Cards, you’re definitely going to want to make a note of where you can find them all. Because once they are gone, there’s no way of getting them unless you trade with others or search ebay. You’ll find the first seven Limited Edition cards across the Starter Packs, Multi-packs and LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine issue 14. Please be aware that the four Multi-packs can only be found on Tesco Extra/Superstores/Metro, Spar, Martins/McColls and independent retailers. Plus Asda stores from April 22nd. Full details of Booster, Starter and Multi-pack availability can be found here.

There are 14 Limited Edition LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Trading Cards:

Card Number Card Name Location On Sale Date
LE1 Ultimate Aaron Starter Pack Out Now
LE2 Ultimate Clay Starter Pack Out Now
LE3 Ultimate Lance Multipack 1 Out Now
LE4 General Magmar Multipack 2 Out Now
LE5 Ultimate Macy Multipack 3 Out Now
LE6 Ultimate Axl Multipack 4 Out Now
LE7 Clay with the Fortrex LEGO Ninjago Magazine 24  April 26th
LE8 Team Beam LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine 15 May 3rd
LE9 Beast Manager LEGO Ninjago Magazine 25 TBC
LE10 Clay vs. Jestro LEGO Ninjago Magazine 26 TBC
LE11 Aaron vs. Magmar LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine 14 Out Now
LE12 Axl vs. Burnzie LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine 17 TBC
LE13 Lance vs. Sparkks MEGA Magazine 56 May 24th
LE14 Super Evil Jestro MEGA Magazine 57 June 26th

Huge thanks to Hubert Burda Publishing for kindly providing the details of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Trading Card Collection. Please be aware the magazine publication dates are subject to change, always check with you local retailer for details of when these magazines are available in stores.


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