LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 Game & Set Reviews

After sixth wave of LEGO Dimensions sets kicked Year Two off in September, Wave 7 continues to bring even more impressive new characters and worlds to the LEGO Multiverse. The seventh wave includes five different sets, including a Story Pack, a Team Pack, a Level Pack and two Fun Packs. There’s also a retailer exclusive Adventure Time Fun Pack, which will be on general release as part of Wave 7.5 in February. Thanks to Warner Bros. UK we’ve been checking out these new packs over the last few days and this is our review of the seventh wave of LEGO Dimensions packs. As these packs are adding both new physical elements and in-game content, we’ll once again be taking a look at both.


With four new franchises introduced to LEGO Dimensions, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gremlins and E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, plus another Adventure Time Fun Pack thrown in for good measure, Wave 7 is a pretty strong line-up. Just like the last collection of sets, Wave 7 also introduces a number of new abilities along with it’s new characters, gadgets and vehicles. New abilities include:

  • Fantastical Briefcase – Newt can access new areas by stepping into his case.
  • Apparate Access – Magically teleport from one area to another.
  • Lock Pick – Send a Bowtuckle into locks to picks them.
  • Rail Grind – Grind along rails.
  • Target Jump – Use Sonic’s double jump to target things.
  • Gremlin Transformation – Have a nibble after midnight and change into a Gremlin.
  • Red Lantern Builds – Use Supergirls Red Lantern transformation to builds LEGO items.

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Story Pack

The second of the new Story Packs is based on the Harry Potter spin-off prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. So along with a new Fantastic Beasts themed LEGO Toy Pad portal based on MACUSA, a Newt minifigure and Niffler mini build, you also get to play through a six level LEGO retelling of the movie and gain access to the the Fantastic Beasts Adventure World and Battle Arena. Eddie Redmayne and some of the other cast members all provide new voice overs for their characters with other audio lifted from the movie. It’s a fun adventure to play through with plenty of funny moments and a few kid friendly changes which are blatantly obvious but that makes them even funnier.


Just like the Ghostbusters Story Pack introduced a new Toy Pad ability in the form of RIP, so does the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack with CREATION. It’s a little like the Master Builder ability, you come across a three piles of elements which can be combined to create a bigger structure. The piles glow different colours, which are related to each area of the Toy Pad. Another new ability is Lock Pick, where Newt sends a Bowtuckle into a lock, then move the Newt around the Toy Pad to pick three barrels of a lock. Newt also has quite a few useful abilities including Red Brick cut, water cannon, plus a number of other magic casting spells that can destroy silver bricks, generate shields along with others. Making Newt a really useful character to have in your collection. He can also be switched so you can play as Jacob Kowalski.


The new LEGO brick-built portal for the Toy Pad is based on the Magical Congress of the United States of America. Just like the Ghostbuster portal, there’s a set of doors in the center of the pad which can be opened and there are two levitating platforms either side of the doors which can be lifted up by pushing a lever. It’s a fun addition to the build and something previous portals haven’t had. It’s also the first portal not to have any stickers. The MACUSE crest is printed onto a 2×2 flat round tile. Newt is a decent minifigure and quite the likeness of Eddie Redmayne. It’s a shame he only has a wand and not his case, especially considering how important it is to the storyline of the movie and in turn the game. The brick-built Niffler creature is basically a oversized mole and unlike other vehicles or gadgets, it acts more like an additional character, as it can be controlled independently to another character. Niffler can be rebuilt into two other alternate builds.

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack

The Sonic Level Pack has been one of the most anticipated LEGO Dimensions sets to date. With the gaming icon celebrating his 25th Anniversary this year, the LEGO Dimensions pack is the only real celebration of Sonic’s milestone and it does a great job of combining many of the blue blurs adventures. The Sonic Level Pack begins in the same style as Sonic’s first outing so from a side on perspective, this soon opens up into more of a Sonic Adventures type of play. There’s plenty of nods to Sonic’s past and it also manages to incorporate elements of the main story from year one, with the keystone being used by Dr Eggman along with Chaos Emeralds to control the LEGO Multiverse. It’s not the continuation of the main story many of hoping for but it’s nice to see it’s not been completely forgotten.

TT Games previously worked with SEGA on a couple of Sonic titles in particular the Sonic-themed racer Sonic R. Most will remember the games catchy song but unfortunately it doesn’t get featured in the game or the Sonic Adventure World, which I found very disappointing. But the rest of the Adventure World is a mix of the various Zones commonly found in Sonic games and there are more than a few tongue-in-cheek jokes only true Sonic games will get including the ‘sage advice’ of Omochao, Mean Bean Machine and the old Eggman/Robonik affair. Sonic’s target jump takes some getting use to and can make the races a little tricky to complete.


Physical elements include an exclusive Sonic minifigure, with a new moulded head piece along with Sonic’s blue Speedster car and Tails’ Tornado plane. Both vehicles can be rebuilt into two additional models, instructions of which can be found within the game. The Tornado’s alternate builds are pretty decent, with one being a variant of the famed Crabmeat baddie.

Gremlins Team Pack

Unlike the Story and Level Packs, Team Packs merely add additional characters to the game as well as giving access to their relevant Adventure World and Battle Arena. The Adventure World is mainly based on the snowy town of Kingston Falls. Many of the films characters are dotted around the world offering up quests connected to both Gremlins films. It’s a nice little area to potter around with the Gremlins theme playing in the background and lot’s of Christmas decorations brightening up the town.


The biggest draw of the pack is the two exclusive minifigures which include the loveable Mowai Grizmo and the evil leader of the Gremlins Stripe. Both include unique head moulds and Stripe also uses a newly coloured version of the legs used on the Faun in Series 15 of the Collectible minifigures. These two great minifigure are joined by an RC car which Grizmo uses to take on the Gremlins in the shopping mall and a mini Polaroid-type camera, The RC Car is a little basic but the camera is quite impressive and great fun to build although it’s not that great an item to use in-game

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial Fun Pack

Another new IP introduced to the world of LEGO by a LEGO Dimensions which also means another exclusive minifigure in the form of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. This little lost alien from the classic 80’s Spielberg movie, features a new head piece to give E.T.s unique head shape. This gives you access to the E.T. themed Adventure World and Battle Arena. The Adventure World isn’t the most fun to look at compared to others but there’s a few fun quests which make use of E.T. and other characters abilities. E.T. is joined by a Phone Gadget, just like the Polaroid camera in the Gremlins set, it looks great and is fun to build but isn’t the most exciting thing to use in game.


Tina Goldstein Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Fun Pack

Joining Newt and the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack is the Tina Goldstein Fun Pack also based on the movie. Tina has many of the same abilities as Newt so is quite useful to have and she is joined by a Swooping Evil mini build, just like Niffler, this mini build also acts more like an additional character as opposed to a vehicle. Tina has a great new hat/hair piece which is very much in keeping with 1920’s fashion. Tina can also access the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Adventure World along with an additional Battle Arena, different to the one unlocked with Newt. Just like Newt, Tina can be switched to play her sister Queenie Goldstein.


Marceline Adventure Time Fun Pack (Retailer Exclusive)

In what seems like a surprise to many, possibly including Warner Bros., the Marceline Fun Pack is currently available in the UK exclusively through Argos. This new Adventure Time Fun Pack includes a cool little Marceline the Vampire Queen minifigure and her Lunatic Amp. This is quite a funky little build and one of the better Adventure Time mini builds. Marceline can access the Adventure Time Adventure World and adds a brand new Battle Arena. If for some reason you can’t get to an Argos store, then the pack will be on general release in early 2017 as part of wave 7.5



I have to say this is one of the best Wave of sets released yet as it introduces so many new and exclusive characters as well as a decent array of new things to do in-game. The in-direct jokes from some of the characters are hilarious, we all know how daft it was when Spielberg replaced shotguns with radios in a re-released version of E.T. and TT Games turn it into a quest. Omochao’s annoying in-game advice for Sonic is clearly touched upon, as is the confusion over Dr Eggman actual name. Even characters idle interaction are, fun from Gizmo’s humming, to Sonic’s admiration for The Doctor’s naming of his screwdriver. These little nods and jokes to certain franchises would be lost on most younger gamers but will have us old’un grinning from ear to ear. Which is why LEGO Dimensions is so unique, kids won’t care who Mr T or The Hoff is but adults will. Where as Adventure Time might be lost on most adults but just like LEGO sets, LEGO Dimensions provides a unique way for families to unite and have fun, through iconic characters, crazy battles and engaging gameplay.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 sets are available now from Amazon, LEGO Shop@Home and other games and LEGO retailers.

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