LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5 Game & Set Review

The LEGO Multiverse has expanded a little more with Wave 7.5 and with it two new franchises join the fray. These include 80’s TV classic Knight Rider and the latest LEGO big screen adventure The LEGO Batman Movie. The new release of LEGO Dimensions set also includes the general release of the Adventure Time Fun Pack, which was previously a retailer exclusive. Thanks once again to Warner Bros. UK we’ve been checking out these new packs over the last few days and this is our review of LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5 packs. As these packs are adding both new physical elements and in-game content, we’ll once again be taking a look at both.


Wave 7.5 introduces a few new features, some are a variation of existing abilities but can only be accessed by the new characters. New abilities include:

  • Detective Mode – Allows Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie) and Batgirl to use their detective skills to track footprints, smells and and sound.
  • High Security – Allows Batgirl to access a special terminal and interact with it by matching three circle patterns to unlock doorway or solve puzzles.
  • Suit Rip – Allows Robin to change into his Nightwing costume to access different abilities.
  • Vent Access – Allows only Robin to access special vent passageway and navigate through it.
  • Master Builds Allows Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie) to construct new builds from a trio of existing parts.

The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack

The last of the known Story Packs centres around The LEGO Batman Movie, and promises to let you ‘Play The Complete Movie’ with development duties handled by TT Fusion. They were the team who handled The LEGO Movie: The Videogame so were considered best suited to re-imagine the entirely brick-built world of The LEGO Batman Movie for LEGO Dimensions. As with previous LEGO Dimensions Story Packs, along with a six level campaign, access to a new Adventure World and Battle Arena, the pack also includes a brand new buildable Gateway, along with a new vehicle and unlike other Story Packs, not one but two minifigures. The Gateway is themed around the Batcomputer and when compared to other Gateways, it’s the smallest of four, both in terms of size and piece count. Interestingly all elements included with the set are printed, unlike those included with the Batcomputer in the Batcave playset. Admittedly all the printed screens are the same image but it’s nice to have them sticker free. The Batwing vehicle is quite cool and uses wheels in an interesting way to represent exhaust ports, as with all LEGO Dimensions minibuilds the original build and be rebuild into two additional sets, namely The Black Thunder and Bat-tank, but the original build is by far the best.


As mentioned above The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack treats us to two new minifigures. Both Batgirl and Robin are included and although they’ve both appeared in various LEGO playsets, from what I can tell both feature exclusive print. Robin has a unique hair/glasses element, with Batgirl having an exclusive head element. You’ll need to add the original Starter Pack Batman to the mix in order to start The LEGO Batman Movie story. Once Batman enters The LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World, he’s transformed into his Movie variant, complete with new Batsuit, new abilities and the gruff tones of Will Arnett. It’s an interesting way to get Batman into the set, without having to include him as a new minifigure. It’s expected that both Cyborg and Robin will also be able appear in their Teen Titans forms in the same way, once the Teen Titans Go pack arrives later this year.

Both Batgirl and Robin, along with the new version of Batman bring a handful of new abilities to LEGO Dimensions. Batgirl can access special High Security panels, where three circular disc need to be aligned to unlock them. She can also enter Detective Mode along with Batman. Placing either minifigure on a certain part of the LEGO Toy Pad, allows you to follow one of three trails – footprints on the red section, smell on the green section and sound on the blue section. It’s very much like the tracker ability but causes the screen to be changed by various funky filters. Batman can also make use of his Master Builder skills, where he can rebuild a trio of objects into another useful builds. Robin also has his own unique skills, he can access special vents, where he can flip flop his way through to access new areas. He can also don his Nightwing costume, which gives him different abilities to his Robin suit.


For those who have already seen the movie, you’ll notice a number of differences between the Story Pack and the movie. Although the basis of the stories are the same, there is an awful lot which has been changed between the two, more so than the previous two Story Packs. Some aspects of the story are completely passed over where as others are expanded on, mainly to allow for a better play experience. For example The Phantom Zone and Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, both benefit from extended screen time over the movie. Although Will Arnett and Rosario Dawson, return to reprise their roles, Robin is not voiced by Michael Cera, and whomever voices him instead, doesn’t do a great job. So much so it makes the character’s personality feel completely different. In the movie Robin is an innocent yet over-excited orphan, in the game he comes across as an annoyingly dimwitted sidekick. It’s a shame as Robin is featured heavily across the Story Pack. It would of been better is audio was merely lifted from the movie.

As well as introducing new character abilities, The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack also brings a new Keystone function to the LEGO Toy Pad. PHASE allows you to place a minifigure on one of the Toy Pad’s three sections. This transports areas of other LEGO Dimensions worlds in to the level to be used at various points of the play. Only the minifigures placed on the corresponding coloured section of the Toy Pad can interact with the area that’s appeared.

The LEGO Batman Movie Fun Pack: Excalibur Batman

Along with the Story Pack, The LEGO Batman Movie is also represented by a Fun Pack, which includes yet another Batsuit variant. So for those trying to collect them all you may need to grab this particular Fun Pack in order to add the Excalibur Batman Batsuit to your collection. It’s a great minifigure with a knight-themed Batsuit, adorned with a silver batcowl and shoulder pads, along with a huge swords, from the NEXO KNIGHTS line. Excalibur Batman gives you access to The LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World and a new Battle Arena. He’s joined by a interesting gadget minibuild dubbed the Bionic Steed. It uses elements in quite an interesting way in particular the guns for the steeds hooves. It can be rebuilt into the Bat-Raptor or the Ultrabat.


Knight Rider Fun Pack

As we’ve already seen with much of Year Two’s releases, TT Games have taken a trip back to the 80’s where an number of iconic IPs have been brought into the LEGO Multiverse. For the younger gamers out there they will offer nothing more than a fun addition to their playtime, but their inclusion is purely for the older fans. Wave 7.5’s 80’s icon is Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. from the classic TV show Knight Rider. The Fun Pack includes a Micheal Knight minifigure and a brick-built version of K.I.T.T., Knight Industries cool talking car. It’s another LEGO Dimensions set which will appeal to those who don’t play the game thanks to the exclusive minifigure.


Mini Hoff can access the Knight Rider Adventure World, which is filled with lots of fun references to the show, it’s characters and of course The Hoff. Who unfortunately doesn’t voice the character, it’s a shame it’s a soundalike but it’s a little more convincing than Mr T is in The A-Team Fun Pack and not nearly as grating as Robin.

Adventure Time Fun Pack: Marceline

The previous Retailer Exclusive set is now available on general release. The Adventure Time Fun Pack includes a Marceline the Vampire Queen minifigure which is exclusive to LEGO Dimensions along with her Lunatic Amp. This is quite a funky little build and one of the better Adventure Time mini builds. Marceline can access the Adventure Time Adventure World and adds a brand new Battle Arena. If for some reason you didn’t pick it up back when Wave 7 was released you’ll now find Marceline at all good retailers.



Although not the best wave of sets released as part of Year Two, it’s certainly worth added them to your collection. The additional content offered across the Story Packs levels, new Adventure Worlds and Battle Arenas each offer plenty of hours of gameplay. Where as the LEGO elements include a couple of great new and exclusive minifigures, which will appear to both fans of the game and those who prefer to stick to LEGO sets. The voice over issues are annoying but don’t take away from the gameplay too much. We can’t wait to see what Wave 8 will introduce to LEGO Dimensions when the sets are released this May.

You can order the new LEGO Dimensions sets now from Amazon and they will be added to soon.

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