LEGO Dimensions Battle Arenas Review

Following our in-depth look at the new range of LEGO Dimensions sets released in September, we felt that the new Battle Arenas deserved than a mere paragraph, so we’ve been battling it out with this years brand new feature, so let the battle commence. LEGO Games have always offered a fantastic 2-player experience since their humble beginnings in a galaxy far, far away, but the name of the game has always been cooperation, until now! As Year Two kicks into life, with it comes a new collection of characters and worlds, each of which add a Battle Arena. Wave 6 opens up the first six arenas, with more being added as new waves of sets are released. battlegroup There are four different battle modes to tackle:

  • Capture The Flag

Each player’s base holds a their own coloured flag, you must sneak into their base, then try to grab others players flags and hot foot it back to your base to bag the points.

  • Tick, Tag, Boom!

The bomb is ticking and you just happen to be on top of it. Roll it around and try to tag another player to pass it on before it explodes. If you get blasted you lose out on the points

  • Objectives

You’ll be given a selection of different objectives to complete before the timer runs out, these range from collecting studs, battling bad guys or outrunning tornadoes. The more you complete, the points you gets.

  • Base Bash!

Whack the weapon ball into your rivals base, three hits and it’s destroyed for good. Last minifigure standing will be crowned champion. battletypesThese can be played by up to four players as a single battle or part of a tournament which can have up to five rounds. You can select any of the battle arenas or mix thing up by hitting random. If you haven’t got any friends on hand to fight against, then the other three players will be AI controlled. You can play as any of the LEGO Dimensions characters currently available, these include the entire range of Year One characters and all of the new gang. At the start of the game you’ll select your character by placing it on the LEGO Toy Pad, but the neat thing is you can switch characters in an instant by popping on a new character on the Toy Pad at any time. You can also use any of the games minibuilds, although vehicles work best. LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20161009220401 Battle Arenas are all littered with various traps, turrets and power-ups. These will all help give you the edge over your rivals. Some elements can be purchased with studs to boost your bases defenses, these will automatically attack rivals should they venture into your territories. Other collectables give your characters additional powers, these range from faster movement, being able to jump higher and becoming invisible. Whilst other power-ups affect other players, from making their controls get mixed up, giving sticky feet or suspending them midair for a few seconds. LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20161009215933 You can add more power-ups by buying them in the Battle Shop, these each cost 7 Gold Bricks and include Return, which transports you back to your base. Leader Fire Ball, which shoots fireballs at your rivals. Bubble Bounce surrounds you in a protective bubble and Rivive allows you to rejoin the action after being eliminated. They all add even more fun to the games frantic nature. Of course playing against AI characters is OK but the game really gets fun when you add a few mates. With the advent of online gaming, playing against real folk in the same room has become a thing of the past, but I still has fond memories of spending hours playing GoldenEye 007, Mario Kart 64 and Smash Bros. with my buddies on the sofa. Playing the LEGO Dimensions Battle Arenas has the same feel to it, pure family fun gaming which can easily get a little heated, but all in a nice way. LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20161009214737 The whole thing is narrated by the one and only Brian Blessed, who’s booming voice announces battles and keeps you informed about whats kicking off mid-fight. It’s little touches like this which make LEGO Games so much fun and Battle Arenas are a fresh take on the familiar LEGO gameplay. wave6sets Battle Arenas can be accessed with any Year Two character with a golden toy tag (excluding Supergirl and Green Arrow) additional Battle Arenas will become available with future LEGO Dimensions sets. Wave 6 sets are available now and Wave 7 sets are available to pre-order ahead of their release on November 18th.

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