LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes The Awesome Guide Book Review

Thanks to our friends at DK Books we have an exclusive first review of their latest LEGO title, LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes: The Awesome Guide, which includes an exclusive new DC Comics Super Heroes Minifigure and is also filled with facts about the heroes and bad guys from the DC Comics universe. So ahead of the books release next month, read on to find out if it’s worth pre-ordering.


Official Synopsis

Discover everything there is to know about the LEGO® DC Super Heroes and Super-Villians.

Ever wondered where Superman™ got his powers, or how The Flash became so speedy? Or why Wonder Woman™ flies an Invisible Jet, and why Batman™ has so many cool vehicles? All the answers and more can be found in this totally awesome guide to LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes.

Discover the origins of the Justice League™ and their secret identities. Gasp at the amazing superpowers and learn all about their incredible collections of gadgets and vehicles.

Who will win the fight between good and evil?

It’s time to find out!

RRP: £12.99 |ISBN: 9781465460783 | Pages: 96 | Piece Count: 5 | Set Number: N/A


Ever wanted to learn all about the heroic super heroes and the villainous super villains of the LEGO DC Comics universe? Then the latest LEGO title from DK Books could be of interest to you. It’s very much in the same style as some of DK Book’s past LEGO Star Wars titles such as The Yoda Chronicles, The Dark Side and Chronicles of the Force books, with a very similar look and feel.


The Awesome Guide, focuses mainly on the DC Comics Minifigures offering fun facts about the characters and their DC Comics history. Each pages features various fact-filled box outs such as Stat Scan, which gives basic details about characters such as their alter-ego name, comic book allies and foes. Info Blast box-outs offer more detailed snippets of information about characters and connections to LEGO sets.


One of the most interesting features dotted throughout the book are the Brick-sized Facts, these are purely LEGO focused facts and offering interesting facts about LEGO elements, how they are reused across characters or even especially created to help give the characters their iconic looks. One of the best elements of the book is the character time lines, which show how the Minifigures of certain characters have changed across sets or which have seen variant versions. Although the focus is mainly on Minifigures, some LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes sets make brief appearances, and the book even features a basic set list, to help locate your favourite characters in the relevant sets.


The book has a bright and eye-catching layout, but does use a lot of stock imagery, although these are well presented among the various box-outs and other facts. I certainly prefer it when DK use specially shot images. Pages can seem a little ‘busy’ yet they are easy enough to read and naturally flow throughout.



Often one of the biggest draws of these type of books are the exclusive Minifigures included with them. The Awesome Guide comes complete with a Wonder Woman Minifigure. The version of the character included with the book, hasn’t featured in any LEGO set released to date, although some elements used to crate her will look familiar.


Unlike other versions of Wonder Woman, this exclusive version has Princess Diana a little more covered up, with full length outfit including trousers and sleeves. The costumes is based on Wonder Woman’s New 52 II makeover and is certainly more colourful than her last LEGO appearance in the Batman v Superman set.


The Minifigure uses the same hair piece which was used for the first ever LEGO version of the character from back in 2012. This features her yellow-coloured Amazonian crown and black hair. Another returning element of the characters is her famed golden Lasso of Truth. You’re also treated to a double-sided head, featuring both friendly smile and fierce scowl expressions. It’s a nice version of the character and different enough to her other versions.



The book will certainly interest younger LEGO fans over AFOLs, who will certainly appreciate the exclusive Minifigure book than the book. The character evolutions and Brick-sized facts are interesting and I’d of like to of seen them maybe expanded on a little more, over some of the more generic character facts. As mentioned above the biggest draw of the book is the Wonder Woman Minifigure. Having not yet appeared in this variant before, collectors of special Minifigures or DC Comics characters will certainly want to go grab a copy of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Awesome Guide, when it’s published by DK Books on May 2nd.

Pre-order LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Awesome Guide today from Amazon UK

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