LEGO Daily Mail October 2016 Sets Mini Review

With the first two free LEGO toys available this weekend, we take a look at each of the sets being given away. Most of them have been available elsewhere but mainly with threshold spends or as priced set. So even if you don’t normally buy the Daily Mail, it’s worth picking up the paper and getting a set for just a £1 or £1.60. As previously mentioned there’s two sets being given away this weekend, followed by another two next weekend.

30278 LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-wing Fighter

Pieces: 64 Previous Availability: LEGO Brand Stores, Shop@Home & LEGO Star Wars: TFA Video Game


The micro versions of Star Wars vehicles are sometimes a mixed bag and despite many of them getting multiple versions they all end up being quite different in terms of build. This version is based on Poe’s uniquely coloured X-Wing from The Force Awakens. It’s wings can be moved so locking s-foils can be locked into attack position without a problem. It’s a great little set and a fun little build, the rod sections along the body of the ship, which hold the wings are it’s best feature especially with their pinkish exhaust lights.

30374 LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS The Lava Slinger

Pieces: 40 Previous Availability: N/A


The LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS have become a popular addition to the world and this is the first time this set has made its appearance during a promotion. It’s also the first of the free sets to include a minifigure. You get one of Jestro’s Lava solider minions, great for building monstrous armies. The Lava Slinger kart is quite basic but does have to LEGO flinging catapults should you wish to rain studded vengeance on your enemies. The only bit that looks a bit iffy is the antenna used for the steering stick, it’s should of been a different colour as the red looks a little odd. It’s not as fun to build as the X-Wing but the minifigure is quite cool.

30422 LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Mini Dragon

Pieces: 39 Previous Availability: LEGO Brand Store, Shop@Home & Toys R Us


The best of the bunch in my opinion, the dragon is quite simple but looks cool thanks to its flamed wings and tail. I also like the dragon’s head, simple but effective. The grey elements may seem a little out of place but as they are used on the head, neck, legs and tails it looks more it’s part of the dragons skin. Kai appears in his Sky Pirate outfit and has been include in the same outfit in another retail set. I love this set and it will no doubt be popular due to being a Ninjago set and thanks to its great parts.

30397 LEGO Disney Princess Olaf’s Summertime Fun

Pieces: 48 Previous Availability: LEGO Brand Stores, Shop@Home & Toys R Us


Olaf finally gets to find out what it’s like In Summer in LEGO form. In terms of parts this is certainly the most useful of the free sets, but I’m not a fan of LEGO Olaf, sure the head is great but the brick built body makes it look odd. Although without creating a completely new mould for the body, what’s been used does an OK job. I love the overall concept of the set but Olaf just creeps me out a little too much.

Find out how to get each of these LEGO minibuild sets right here

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