Huge LEGO Tree Takes Root At The LEGO House

With The LEGO® House taking shape in the centre of Billund, the final few finishes touches are being added ahead of the attractions opening this September. If the uniquely shaped building, which comprises of 21 gigantic LEGO bricks stacked together, wasn’t impressive enough, the centrepiece of The LEGO House has taken root in the middle of it all. The LEGO Tree of Creativity stands at over 15 metres tall and is built using over 6 million LEGO bricks. It was chosen as the focal point of The LEGO House, as it represents the growth of The LEGO Group, which began life by creating wooden toys. As you ascend The LEGO House you’ll see how from a tiny seed of a family run company, LEGO has grown into the worlds most iconic and powerful brand. Learn more about The LEGO House here.


The world’s most iconic LEGO® model at LEGO House

A gigantic tree will be the centrepiece of the covered square at LEGO® House when the building opens on 28 September this year.

The climbing equipment is in full use at LEGO® House in Billund right now, as one of the world’s largest LEGO models is currently being installed in the middle of LEGO Square. A tree, 15 metres high, built from more than six million LEGO bricks and packed with detail and surprises, making sure that even the most hardcore LEGO enthusiast will be impressed by its creativity. The tree is called ‘Tree of Creativity’.

Jesper Vilstrup, Vice President of LEGO House, says: “The tree is impressive in itself and is a true display of what experienced model builders can construct when asked to build with excellence.”

The model will be located on the ground floor of LEGO House, where access is free. Guests who choose to buy a ticket for the LEGO experiences throughout the rest of the house will be walking around the tree when ascending the stairs to the next floor. This means that the model can be viewed from all angles, which places great demands on its design.

Originally, the team behind the model had several ideas for the build, but the tree came out the victor because the idea was so strong.

Jesper Vilstrup says: “We have designed a tree that appeals to young and old alike, whether you appreciate building, art or play themes – the model holds something for everyone. Small play scenarios unfold on the branches, based on the classic LEGO play themes of so many years. At the same time, the tree is a metaphor for the entire LEGO Group, containing references to both wooden toys and a company in growth.”

This unique LEGO model is built from 6,316,611 standard LEGO bricks and took no less than 24,350 hours to assemble.

Facts about the Tree of Creativity

  • Height: 15.68 metres
  • LEGO bricks: 6,316,611
  • Total weight (including metal frame): 20 ton
  • Production time: 24,350 hours
  • Installation time: 1200 hours

What is LEGO House?
LEGO House is a unique experience house located at the centre of Billund – Home of the Brick. The building will allow LEGO fans of all ages to feel the magic of the LEGO universe and have the ultimate LEGO experience all year round. A number of new LEGO experiences and a sea of LEGO bricks will greet children and adults alike, inviting them to unleash their creativity.

LEGO House includes paid attractions as well as experiences open to the public. You will not need a ticket to visit LEGO Square, play on the terraces, explore the LEGO Store and treat yourself to extraordinary culinary experiences with a LEGO twist at one of the three eateries. Ticket sales open in June. The building opens on 28 September 2017


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