Head On Magical New Adventures With LEGO Elves

Since Emily Jones fell through a mysterious portal and into a magical realm filled with elemental Elves and majestic Dragons, a darkness has been growing throughout the lands of Elvendale. Deep within the Goblin Forest, the Goblin King has captured Emily’s sisters and hopes to open his portal to the human world and use his Dark Magic to rule both worlds. Join Emily and the Elves of Elvendale has they travel to the Goblin Kingdom with the brand new range of LEGO Elves playsets. The five new LEGO Elves are available in stores and online now. Check out the magical new sets below.

41181: Naida’s Gondola & the Goblin Thief


Row through the streams of the unexplored goblin forest with Naida Riverheart the water elf as she searches for rare ingredients and crystals! Use the map and compass to find new places to explore on the way. But wait, Roblin the Goblin has spotted her and is firing evil seeds from the catapult, because the Goblin King wants the crystals to power his evil portal. Help Naida fight the goblin and protect the crystals!

Order Here: Amazon UK shop.LEGO.com

41182: The Capture of Sophie Jones


Slip through the magic portal with Emily Jones’ little sister, Sophie Jones, and start a new adventure! Visit Mr. Spry’s grocery store and discover all the items for sale. Be careful, a goblin is spying on Sophie. Watch out! Mistaking her for Emily, Barblin the Goblin speeds in on its capture-mobile. Will Barblin capture Sophie and take her to the Goblin King? That’s up to you!

Order Here: Amazon UK shop.LEGO.com

41183: The Goblin King’s Evil Dragon


Fly with the Goblin King on the back of his mind-controlled dragon, Ashwing, as he hunts for crystals to power his portal! Grab Blubeary the momma bear with Ashwing’s claw as she explores the empty cave with Lil’ Blu, and then have Jimblin the Goblin use the dynamite to blow up part of the cave and find the special crystal. Store the crystal in the cage on Ashwing’s back and fly back to the Goblin King’s fortress!

Order Here: Amazon UK shop.LEGO.com

41184: Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase


Fly on a daring chase and search mission in Elvendale! Dukelin the Goblin has spotted Emily Jones with her amulet on Aira’s airship and swoops in with the goblin glider. Oh no, Dukelin stolen the amulet and is getting away! Use Aira’s wind powers to transform the airship to super-fast flight mode and catch the goblin before it returns the amulet to the Goblin King!

Order Here: Amazon UK shop.LEGO.com

41185: Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village


Join Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade as they rescue the captured animals while they search for Sophie Jones! Check out the crystal and cage-making workshops, and watch goofy Fibblin try to catch Hidee the Chameleon. Help the elves deflect the evil seeds Bieblin is shooting at them from the catapult and avoid Smilin the guard and the carnivorous plants. Then free Panthara the Panther before continuing the search for Sophie!

Order Here: Amazon UK shop.LEGO.com

To learn more about Emily Jones and the Elves of Elvendale check out the LEGO Elves Microsite

Author: Adam White

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