Geeky LEGO Crafts Book Review

Now we’ve pretty geeky here at BrickFans HQ and you could say we we have a passing admiration for a certain little brick. So imagine our delight when the latest LEGO book from No Starch Press arrived. Geeky LEGO Crafts is filled with a number of unique and quirky LEGO builds by David Scarfe. So let take a closer inside this latest LEGO offering.


Official Synopsis

Indulge your love for LEGO® by making the challenging, quirky, and occasionally practical designs in Geeky LEGO Crafts.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to build handy bookends, geeky coasters, a stylish wine rack, adorable pencil holders, and much more!

RRP: £14.50 |ISBN: 9781593277666| Pages: 220


Ever wanted to make a toast rack out of LEGO or adorn your walls with a brick-built deer’s head? Well now you can thanks to Geeky LEGO Crafts by David Scarfe. The book is filled with 21 rather unique LEGO builds and the instructions you need to build them. Each chapter focuses on a single build, all with varying levels of difficulty. Some builds provide useful services such as holding keys or storing stationery, where as others are more ornamental.


Each project begins with a breakdown of the bricks and elements you’ll need to create your LEGO craft. Most builds use parts easy enough to source, be it from your own collections or places like Bricklink. But even if you can’t track down the right colours, the joy of LEGO means you can make it your own. There’s nothing wrong with added a little of your own artistic flare to any of the builds included in the book.


Each step of the build is shown via a series a illustrated sections, these are a little reminiscent of the ones used by LEGO but different enough to take a little getting used to. A few builds also require a few additional non-LEGO pieces to finish them off, such as hooks or magnets, these are limited to just a couple of builds and are detailed towards the back of the book. Although it’s easy enough to work out which bricks you’ll need from the breakdown images, I did find inclusion of the element numbers included in Chris Mcveigh’s Christmas Ornaments book quite useful, so it’s a shame they are also included here too.


As you flick through the book you’ll notice a bit of an retro theme going on, from cassette tapes to Space Invaders, the book is a love letter to 80’s. Making it the perfect gift for most of us AFOLs out there. Younger LEGO fans will probably look upon some of builds in confusion, but I’d say the book is more aimed at the older LEGO builder anyway. David Scarfe has curated a eclectic mix of LEGO projects, which will challenge some and inspire others to delve into their LEGO bricks and build something a little out of the norm.


Geeky LEGO Crafts is another unique title from No Starch Press, which is filled with genuinely quirky build ideas. As we’ve said in previous reviews of their books. No Starch’s ability to give LEGO builders a platform to share their ideas has resulted in a number of unique and interesting books. This particular title provides a number of great ideas which would make great gifts or impressive pieces to decorate your home. With the book itself also making an equally cool gift the LEGO fan in your life this Christmas.

Geeky LEGO Crafts is published by No Strach Press and is available to pre-order now from Amazon and other book retailers.



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