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The world is full of heroes but sometimes being good isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Step forward The Antiheroes, they may end up doing good but to get there they can’t help but be a little bad. Minifigs.me are back with their latest custom minifigures – The Antiheroes and we’ve delighted to bring you an exclusive review of the entire range thanks to the folks at Minifigs.me.


Product Description

Fed up of all those pesky goodie-two-shoes getting all the glory? Minifigs.me have brought you a lineup of some of our favourite antiheroes.  These people aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty on the path to justice. Minifigs.me has recreated them in LEGO, using genuine minifigure parts and printing their own unique design onto them. This incredible set has been lavished with attention and is the centrepiece to any serious collection.

The Bride


Inspired by Uma Thurman’s character from Tarantio’s Kill Bill movies, Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride was once a member of the Deadly Vipers. Her custom minifigure is a little less deadly than her on-screen inspiration, but just as fashionable. The minifigure features the character in her iconic yellow jumpsuit, with print detail matching the real version extremely well. I especially like the print detail on the legs section, simply done but really adds to the overall look of the minifigure. The unique Friends-type hair is also very cool, there’s plenty of other long blond hair elements which could of been used instead of it but the one used really gives the overall design the edge. She also includes a standard LEGO ninja sword element, a little less swish than a hand-forged Hanzõ blade, but it’s the next best thing.

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The Bride is also available in a Limited Edition variant which features a different outfit and a brick-built display stand.

Mouthy Merc


Inspired by Deadpool, this isn’t the first time the Merc with a mouth has appeared in LEGO form. But this custom version has a lot more detail and is inspired by Deadpool’s outfit from the recent movie. Print detail is fairly basic has is the characters actual costume, the detail of the ammo pounces and Deadpool logo on the belt around the waist is very well done and spans the torso and legs. Accessories wise Deadpool includes a dual sword holder element which clips over the neck and two black ninja swords. It’s a great recreation of the character and different enough from the LEGO version, if not a little better.

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The Shootinator


The Shootinator is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s time traveling killer cyborg The Terminator. Thankfully Minifigs.me has printed his clothes and boots so the T-800 features a black leather biker jacket and denim blue jeans, both feature minimal detail but what’s there is true to the characters costume. The real treat is the head, it’s dual printed – on one side the Terminators stern yet human face and on the other, his battled damaged look with part of the Skynet-built exoskeleton showing through the synthetic skin.

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Guy Fawkes


Inspired by the character ‘V’ from the V for Vendetta graphic novel and movie of the same name. The vigilante freedom fighter sports the iconic Guy Fawkes mask, which makes this custom minifigure look a little different. I’m normally not a fan of minifigures which sport a different type of face print, but it works here due to the nature of the character. The torso looks quite minimal until you take a closer look and you see the textured material of his black tabard and four throwing knives. The cape may look like any other LEGO issued cape but it is in fact a custom cape which is double the thickest of standard cape material, this allows it to sit a lot better against the back of the minifigure. Finally ‘V’ has a little red element which look a cross between a rose and a wax seal. I’ve never seen this element before but it’s an obscure official element found in a few of the LEGO Friends sets.

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Guy Fawkes is also available in a Limited Edition variant which features rare elements and a brick-built display stand.

Ink Blot


Inspired by the character Rorschach from the famous graphic novel and less famous movie The Watchmen. Rorschach is a ruthless vigilante who’s moral compass swings solely between the black and white of good or evil. Named after the famous psychological ink blot test in which people see what they truly feel in the inky pictures. The character uses this notion as a mask to cover his true identity. This makes for an interesting looking minifigure, the characters grotty raincoat is nicely recreated and I love the detail of his little white cravat. In keeping which the character’s key feature, the minifigure has a double printed head, which features two different ink blots.

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Chemistry Teacher


Inspired by the character Walter White from the amazing US TV series Breaking Bad, Walt is your average American until he’s diagnosed with a life-threatening lung condition. In the US medical bills are sky high so Walt needs to make money fast in order to support his family once he’s gone. It’s not long before he’s a highly feared drug king pin. Walt appearance takes many forms in the show but the custom minifigure is based on his look from the very start of the show in which he strips down to his underpants whilst ‘cooking’. The print detail is featured on all sides of the minifigure legs, with the rear of the underpants even featuring Walt’s name sewn in them, should he misplace them. It may only be socks, underpants and a shirt but the tiny detail of each is great, although maybe the print colour of the shirt could be a little darker to match the colour of the torsos base colour.

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The Vigilante


Inspired by Marvel’s The Punisher, currently played by Jon Bernthal in the Netflix series Daredevil. Frank Castle is an ex-marine hellbent on righting those who have wronged him. In the comics he wears the symbol of a white skull, although this is portrayed a little differently in the Netflix series, it’s been sneakily included on the shirt of the minifigure and it’s even been given a LEGO twist, which is a fun little detail. This particular minifigure has a great facial expression, which has the fun of a LEGO character mixed with the battered grizzled look of the Punisher. A custom sniper rifle element is also included, which really helps to finish the character off nicely.

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Magic Teacher


The last of the Antiheroes is based on the late Alan Rickman’s beloved character from the Harry Potter movies, Professor Snape. A master of potions, Snape oozes evil but his actions aren’t all what they seem. This minifigure recreates the character well, with Rickman’s stern expression captured perfectly and his long flowing robes recreated with the same shaped material piece seen on the Judge and Graduate CMFs, although here it uses the same thicker material as ‘V’ minifigure cape. Due to that thickness, it causes the back and front of the material to not sit against the minifigures body so you may need to pop it under a book for a few hours to fold it into place. Although it’s a little hard to see in the image above, the torso and legs has nice dark purple colouring which goes great with the cape and there’s a ‘potion’ themed printed tile included, should you need to brush up on your wizarding ways.

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Overall Opinion

The Antiheroes range features a great selection of characters, although some have appeared in actual LEGO sets before they are different enough to warrant being recreated in custom form. Each custom minifigure has its charms and the attention to detail is what I really like about them. Also the use of custom elements or pieces more suited to the character such has The Brides hair is also a great touch. There are a few little niggles like the lighter colouring of the shirt on the Chemistry Teacher minifigure but to be fair the brightness of the photo lightbox makes it a little more washed out than it actually is. If you’re fan of a certain character they look great on their own but the collection together would make a great display piece.

Thanks to Minifigs.me for supplying us with a complete set of Antiheroes Custom Minifigures for us to take a look at. None of the opinions expressed here are that of Minifigs.me. BricksFans.com will not benefit in any way from purchases made via links included within this review.

Author: Adam White

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