A Look At LEGO…. Star Wars Snowspeeders

With the announcement that the next LEGO® Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set will be a Rebel Snowspeeder, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a look back over the years and see how the Snowspeeder has been portrayed in various LEGO forms. The tiny two-man craft has played an iconic part in the Empires downfall, quite literally. Having made its debut in the second Star Wars outing, Empire Strikes Back, the T-47 airspeeder would first appear in LEGO form as one of the first few LEGO Star Wars set to be released in 1999.

7130: Snowspeeder

The very first LEGO Snowspeeder would be a 215 piece Minifigure scale set, which included a trio of Minifigures along with the Snowspeeder craft. Although a basic version of the Snowspeeder it managed to captured the unique look of the craft.

7130a10129: Rebel Snowspeeder

The next major appearance of the Snowspeeder would be in 2003, when the first UCS scale version was released. This huge 1457 piece set, featured a highly detailed version of the craft, which included a display plate and stand. Making it the perfect display piece and part of a much loved range later dubbed the Ultimate Collectors Series.

101297666: Hoth Rebel Base

As part of the Star Wars 30th Anniversary celebration, in 2007 the Snowspeeder would make its first appearance as part of a larger playset. Along with the craft, the set also included part of the Rebel’s Hoth Base. The Snowspeeder was still Minifigure-scale but looked very different to previous versions due to the lack of orange decals.

766675009: Snowspeeder & Hoth

Along with the larger sized versions of the Snowspeeder, the craft has appeared in smaller sizes over the years. Mainly in LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars, LEGO Magazines and even in the LEGO Games range. But its most noticeable micro-scale appearance was in the LEGO Star Wars Planets line. This collectable series of sets featured a micro-scale vehicle, Minifigure and a planet, all mounted on a display stand. The Snowspeeder wouldn’t appear until the fourth series of the range.


75049: Snowspeeder

One of the best Minifigure-scale versions of the Snowspeeder would appear in 2014. Thanks to the use of newer elements and play features, the 2014 version of the Snowspeeder still remains a great set. Just like the version released in 2007, it lacked the bright orange colouring of other versions. It was also slightly larger than past versions.

7509475074: Snowspeeder MicroFighter

With the Star Wars Planets range ended after four series, the next collectable Star Wars range would debut in 2014. MicroFighters featured chibi-like version of iconic Star Wars vehicles and their relevant Minifigure pilot. The Snowspeeder would appear in the second series of MicroFighters sets and included a cute little version of the craft and a Rebel Pilot. Despite the smaller scale, it was a cool looking version of the Snowspeeder.


75098: Assault on Hoth

One of the latest versions of the Snowspeeder appeared in last years UCS set, which caused quite the uproar within the LEGO community. Previous Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars sets would feature large scale builds, more suited to being a display piece rather than a playset, just like the first USC Snowspeeder. However in 2014 LEGO decided to brand all large scale LEGO Star Wars sets as part of the UCS range, meaning sets such as 75098: Assault on Hoth would be classed as part of the UCS range. Many deemed the set a glorified playset and it garnered much criticism from the AFOLs. Ironically when the latest USC set, the upcoming Snowspeeder, was announced the main point of criticism it’s been receiving is that it could of had more than two Minifigures. The set is still available so decide for yourself.


75144: Snowspeeder

The latest UCS set will feature a large scale display version of the Snowspeeder and features 246 more pieces than the first version released back in 2003. You can learn more about the set here and it will be available from May 4th as part of this years May the 4th promotion, directly from LEGO Stores or shop.LEGO.com, with LEGO VIP Early Access from April 29th.


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